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Escape from Tarkov - thoughts, and hopes!

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Alright boys, Escape from Tarkov...

Well i believe there is only one way to start of a discussion of this game, and that is by looking back in the past. The Stalker games are well known for their contribution to the survival fps genre. With Tarkov being developed by ex stalker devs I believe were going to be seeing a lot of similarities to the stalker games. Hopefully with Tarkov were going to be spending alot of time creating our kits for our next adventure into the city more so then just mindlessly hording basic supplies. 

Secondly I would like to see similarities to the project misery mod for Stalker. This mod brought a lot  more atmosphere and meaning behind the actions you did. The game really made you feel like it was important that your grabbed the right things and planned accordingly to your environment.

Thirdly what are the "raids" the devs have talked about? Will we have fantastical ai meat tanks to kill? I feel something like that would just break the immersion the game is striving for. Or will we see heavily guarded areas that we have to use smart planning and strategy to conquer to get the spoils.

What will the night time and day time shifts be like? Will night and day feel completely different. When it's night time will i be hiding inside a building shacked up scared to move outside from threats of snipers or other hidden foes laying in wait for me. Vice versa will it be possible to get the jump on people during the night. Aka stalking people, killing them and taking their loot and scurrying back off into the cluttered urban environment as i look for my next victim.

There is alot to think about and I hope that they do a really good job with making this game. Especially since it might be the next big thing, since day z is just a dead horse that has no hope of coming back in my opinion.

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