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3 posts in this topic

This week in the news Norwegian high school adds esports to sports curriculum, a look into the game industry of Iran, PS4 lead architect and Kojima search for the newest technology, Danganronpa is coming to Steam, Rainbow Six Siege adopts no tolerance policy for cheaters, bad news for The Division, Iron Maiden gets into mobile games, Hitman goes full episodic, the Supreme Court will hear case against Microsoft Xbox 360s, an interview with the Fallout 4 composer, the story of Gone Home's success, and more.




We’re Making A Change To Video Game Reviews At Kotaku


Kotaku has changed how their review "scoring" works.


Bayonetta 2 getting a stand-alone re-release on Feb. 19



Meet the Voice Actors of The Witness


The Witness will be narrated by popular voice actors from Metal Gear Solid and The Last of Us. The Witness was also rated for the Xbox One but the developer says that they have no plans for it, keeping it a timed console exclusive for the PS4 before it moves to the PC.


"Hours"-Long Rise of the Tomb Raider Story Expansion Release Date Announced

What the Xbox One will be getting is DLC for Tomb Raider on January 26.


Hollywood producer named co-president of Activision Blizzard Studios


Activision has named Academy Award-nominated Hollywood producer, Stacey Sher, co-president of its film and TV production studio, Activision Blizzard Studios.


Sher, who has 45 producer credits to her name and has worked on a number of critically acclaimed movies including Gattaca, Pulp Fiction, Django Unchained, Erin Brockovich, and more recently, The Hateful Eight, will co-lead the studio with former Disney exec, Nick van Dyk.


The Game Industry of Iran


Ahmad Ahmadi is something of an ambassador for the Iranian game industry being plugged back into the world economy. He’s chief business officer at the Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation, a body that supports and regulates the industry. A week before the nuclear agreement in July of 2015, the possibilities had him enthralled."


Until yesterday, Iran wasn’t really seen," Ahmadi said of the status quo that reigned before the nuclear agreement. "People would say, ‘We have no sense of Iran, so it’s best not to think about it.’ So there wouldn’t be any engagement. Now, if international engagement does occur, I’d say Iran is a treasure island that just appeared out of nowhere."


Iran has around 18 million gamers aged three to 40 years old, Ahmadi says, citing a study the Foundation — or "Bonyad" (bone-YAWD) in Persian — carried out in 2013. That makes it "the number one market in the Middle East by an insane margin," he says. "Almost one fourth of Iran’s population plays games."


That Dragon, Cancer’s Developers Are OK With Asshole Steam Discussions


When I asked the developers about everything that’s happened, about the hateful questions and accusations slung their way, they stuck to their guns.


“Our game has always been a difficult project for some people to relate to,” said the developers in a joint statement. “We understand that it is not for everyone. Throughout development, there has been a lot of discussion around the internet about what our intentions are and whether or not we are creating something that is acceptable and good.”


It doesn’t appear they’ll be changing their policy on Steam—or anywhere else. Instead, they’re going to allow That Dragon, Cancer to speak for itself.“


We knew that if we were to step in and make statements to defend our intentions it would have a dampening effect on the conversation,” they said, “and we love good conversation and debate. We love that people are talking about what games can be, what makes something Art, and how we should value each other’s work. We don’t want that conversation to stop happening, and if we have to deal with a handful of malicious forum posts in order for that conversation to continue to happen we are willing to turn the other cheek.”

Not really sure why they think offensive troll posts by people who haven't even played the game could add to the discussion about art.


Norwegian high school will include esports in its sports curriculum


It's common for American colleges to offer scholarships to esports players, but a Norway high school will be among the first secondary schools to introduce it to their core curriculum. Based in Bergen, Garnes Vidaregaande Skule will introduce esports in August 2016, but they've not quite figured out how they'll approach it yet. For one, the school hasn't decided which game it'll use, though mainstays like League of Legends, Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are on the shortlist.


For more esports news see, Professional Halo Player Alex Buck Discusses the Continuing Rise of eSports



Stasis prequel chapter is being built "from the ground up"



The Kickstarter funded game Stasis was a success and met with a lot of great reviews, the developer is now working on the prequel chapter.



Rainbow Six Siege Finally Cracks Down On Cheaters


As part of their newest updates, they have adopted a no tolerance policy towards cheating.


Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc coming to PC via Steam in February



Great news for PC players, I loved the first two games and I saw them make a lot of Game of the Year lists when they released.


A thread about this can be found here


The Division Doesn't Include Brooklyn at Launch and The Division Won't Have Player Trading System at Launch


Some bad news about The Division.


Darkest Dungeon launches this week, so here's a new trailer


Supreme Court will hear Xbox 360 disc-scratching case


A lawsuit brought nine years ago over game discs scratched by the Xbox 360 will reach the Supreme Court.


The justices decided Friday to hear an appeal from Microsoft over whether it should face a class action lawsuit in this matter. The plaintiffs allege a design defect in the Xbox 360 console led to the damage to their discs.


Hitman reboot switches to fully-episodic release schedule


Today, however, developer IO Interactive announced that the plan has changed, and that Hitman will instead be a “truly episodic triple-A game experience, with a major live component.” Under the new scheme, the game will debut with a Prologue Mission and Paris location; the next location, Italy, will be released in April, followed by Morocco in May. The game will continue to expand after that with monthly and weekly content updates, until the season concludes with the release of Japan later this year.

A thread about this can be found here


I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream is Night Dive's latest old-school revival


I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream launched on iOS and Android.


Dying Light Enhanced Edition Goes Gold, New Trailer Released


Dying Light Enhanced Edition launches February 9 across PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. As its name suggests, the Enhanced Edition comes with better graphics and enemy AI, among other things, including Bounties. Everyone who already owns Dying Light is also getting these enhancements free of charge.


Crytek aims to open 'VR First' dev labs in schools around the world


Crytek is providing students with VR hardware and software.


2015 in Games: Kittens, Zombies, and Kung Fu


Over 144.4 million was pledged to video game projects on Kickstarter, a big increase from the previous year (this is money pledged so failed projects still are included).


Project Resurgence: A New Oldschool cRPG


"An episodic single-player computer RPG inspired by the classics of the late 90s, set in a world fusing dark fantasy and dieselpunk." Has been launched on Kickstarter, one of the people working on it is Twitch streamer Cohh Carnage.


A thread about this can be found here




The team that made the first CONSORTIUM, which they recently gave away for free on Steam for a few days, is now Kickstarting the sequel.


A thread about this can be found here


The Unsung Story Kickstarter Is Still Breaking Promises




Three months after a promised update their has still been no word from Playdek.


PewDiePie and friends launching entertainment network


The YouTube superstar moves into animation, gaming, charity and more


PewDiePie, Markiplier and other major names in the YouTube scene are joining together to launch Revelmode, a new entertainment network which will house exclusive content, Variety reports.


Xbox One System Update News Coming This Week




There was also a rumor that Microsoft would be shutting down servers for the 360 this year, they have said that this is not true.


Metal Gear Online PC leaves beta, officially launches


The PC version of Metal Gear online has launched today.


Kojima and PS4 Architect Embark on World Tour Looking for "High-End" Tech




Cities: Skylines "Snowfall" Expansion Announced


  • Now is the Winter of This Content: Rain and fog for existing maps, plus a new "Winter" map theme with snow and all of its challenges
  • The Streetcars You Desire: Expanded public transportation options, including easier management of existing lines – and Trams, a new system demanded by fans
  • World Warmth, Too: Cold weather increases demands for electricity, unless new water-based heat systems are in place
  • Plowers to the People: Build a snowplow depot to keep traffic flowing during winter weather, and employ new road maintenance systems to keep your streets in shape
  • New Chirps: #yeahthereare


Iron Maiden is releasing a free-to-play mobile RPG


The heavy metal band is getting into the mobile game business with a free to play game releasing for the iOS and Android in the Summer.


That's all for the news, in other articles I found interesting.


My love for Falcom Games, or How Falcom Shaped My Experience with JRPGs




Keeping It Human: The Story of Fullbright’s ‘Gone Home’ Success


"In some ways it was hard to tell what people were going to think about it," says Karla Zimonja, who along with Steve Gaynor and Johnnemann Nordhagen, co-founded Gone Home's developer, Fullbright, in 2012. "I personally just wanted to make our money back and pay off the credit card debt I'd incurred while making it. I didn't really know what the scale was going to be. Steve maintains that he knew it was going to do okay. But I thought it was surprising. It was like, 'that's a lot of people buying our game, our weird little game'."


Composer Inon Zur on Building the Acoustic World of ‘Fallout 4’


I started by looking for the thematic material that would be the basis of the soundscape. My job is to build an organic, acoustic world. The Fallout story is reminiscent of the past, but it's also a world that has evolved and developed in ways that are really hard to imagine. So, the music needs to help sort of by describing what's going on there. At the same time, it has to be organic. It has to grow from the background noises and enhance them as well.


Arkham Knight’s Best DLC Moment Gives Batman an Impossible Choice


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More added

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I haven't been following the division but player trading is something I actually hate to see in online games. I mean just look at how fucked up diablo 3 was with player trading, getting rid of it was the right call. Not just diablo 3, but any online mmo. Loot becomes almost meaningless, and instead it becomes farm for some kind of currency, and camp the damn in game trade center 24/7 to get anything worthwhile... oh and you have to camp it like a real life stock broker in order to actually make a profit. Every one of these games turns into some online marketing sim. I mean if people like that, cool, but I don't like how those tastes screw with the economy for everyone else in every game that enables it to happen.


As for the Falcom blurb, I'm happy there are more people who appreciate that kiseki and/or Falcom... But I really wanna bash skulls every time some goomba comes along saying stuff like 'what's the point of an  RPG if the story isn't good?'.  Like ok cool, some people play them for the story, I get that...however these people always make it sound like they always were and always will be for the story only and any game that isn't about the story is doing it wrong. Final Fantasy 1 was a very successful game in both the west AND Japan, and I can assure you nobody was enthralled about the story of 4 unknown 4-letter named heroes who somehow have these 4 magical crystals that can somehow save the world. Similarly, modern RPG games can be pretty high profile and successful whilst having a half-assed story as well. Take the Etrian Odyssey series for example, I don't know anyone who doesn't say the story in those games benefits it somehow, but it has a pretty dedicated fanbase who love eating the series up.

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