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Darkest Dungeon Name Game

211 posts in this topic



"Once the AJSA was a symbol of unity, it was a community of gamers. But now corruption and destruction has infested it.

In truth, i cannot tell you how long it has been since it started.

Our forum name once so well-regarded is now barely whispered aloud by decent folk 

There is a great horror infested in the forum, a crawling chaos that must be stopped."


Darkest Dungeon has just released and i have the ability to name heroes in the game and i thought it was a fun idea to make a game where the members of the AJSA were the unfortunate Heroes and Adventurers that has to stop the horrors. 


This is very similar name game style to the last i did http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/29413-need-peoples-name-in-my-xcom-game/


However, the probability of death is quite certain and some of you (or all of you) will loose their life. 


The game is played as an explorative turn based combat game with a group of up to 4 heroes that each have their own advantages and disadvantages. 

There are 15 different heroes you can choose from

There is a max limit of 25 heroes (at the start the limit is 9), but whenever someone dies i will take whoever might be next

The heroes will appear randomly in the stage coach, so you will not join the game in the order of posts. 

There can be multiple people having the same class. 


Each week there will be another batch of heroes, where i have the chance of finding the exact hero you guys are playing. 

In order to proceed to the next week i will have to complete quests, these will be minor uninteresting quests.

And i will not post anything about them until at least 1 of you guys are in the group.

And if nothing really interesting happens i wont post much about that quest, even if you guys were in it. 

Boss fights will be more "detailed" with more screenshots


The name game can end in 2 ways

If everyone dies and no one new steps forward, the forum game ends 

If you manage to survive until the last boss and defeating it.


"More arrive.... foolishly seeking fortune and glory, in the domain of the damned"


*spoilers are pictures of the different heroes*


The Abomination: Faily high damage class, can shapeshift into an abomination. Can't be in a group with Vestal, Cruader or the Leper. Also causes stress to the other heroes in the group when being an abomination. 




The Arabalest: She is a ranged sniper and a healing class that usually is positioned in the back of the group




The Bounty hunter: Crowd control and damage dealer and can be placed anywhere in the group formation




The Crusader: Frontline tank with supporting skills, cannot be grouped together with the Abomination




The Graverobber: Mix of range and melee, can be placed anywhere in the group formation 




The Hellion: Tanky DPS class that also can crowd control




The Highwayman: Ranged character with limited melee ability, not a tank 




The Houndmaster: mix between offensive and supportive skills, not a frontline class




The Jester:A mix of AOE bleed damage and buffs/debuffs, not suited for frontline 




The Leper: High damage dealing tank, can't be in a group with the Abomination




The Man-At-Arms: Mix of damage and defence for his allies




The occultist:Supportive class with debuffs and healing spells




The plauge doctor: supportive character that uses skills that deals damage over time, has a limited healing skill




The Vestal: Most effective healing support class, can't be in a group with the Abomination



The Antiquarian: Not a combat role, but increases the amount of loot the group can carry and are able to indentify value places other would see garbage




Current Hero limit: 28

Current known heroes alive: 4

Deceased known heroes: 12


Screenshots of the Deceased has the weapon and armor reset to lvl 1 for some reason


Bosses not defeated by any known Heroes

The Swine King

The Inchoate flesh

The Sonorous prophet

The Sodden Crew

The Siren


Scohui: Man-At-Arms

Status: Deceased 

Died to the Hag

Level: 4




Status: deceased

Bled out

Level: 0



Chumbry42: Crusader


Died to the Hag

Level: 4



ichig1vsnarut0:bounty hunter

status: Deceased

Died at the hands of a Pelagic Piranha 

Level: 5



Legolas_Katarn: Occultist

Status: Alive

level: 4



AveragePegasus: Graverobber

status: Deceased


Slew the Wizened Hag 

Died to a heart attack



2and900: Vestal





IcedAjack: Arabalest 



Slew the Apprentice Necromancer

Died to the Hag



MadDemon64: Abomination



Slew the Brigand 8 pounder

Slew Wilbur




status: Deceased

Killed by the shriek of pigs




lxnatifual: Houndmaster


Killed by the shriek of pigs

Level: 1

Slew the Swine Prince



Kaz32: Highwayman

Status: Deceased

Succumbed to blight spitter




Demonbane775: Bountyhunter 

status: Lost to the sea

Level: 2



Wvilvern: Plague Doctor 

Status: Deceased

Stabbed herself

Level: 1



Lazilot:Bounty Hunter

Status: Deceased

Level: 1

Died to the shamblers remains




status: Alive




I will try to keep this thread as frequently updated as possible 

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I'll go down fighting (or just go mad) as a Hellion.

Alexander452 likes this

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"Welcome home, such as it is. This squalid hamlet, these curropted threads. They are ours now, and we are bound to them. 

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Unkown heroes seek out for fortune and glory, wonders and youth in their eyes, yet they all end up the same place.


The myths brings more known heroes along 

Scohui the Man-At-Arms !



The raw strength of youth may be spent, but his eye holds the secrets of a hundred campaigns

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I'll be the most bitchin Crusader to ever bash skulls please (I just love 2H swords lol)

Alexander452 likes this

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Amidst the unkown heroes that venture out in the Wealds, scohui has joined 3 companions which names long have been forgotten.


Everyone knew these paths once, now they are as twisted as your own ambitions


Combat was inevitable, corruption has soaked the soil, sapping all good life from these groves.


Death waits for the slightest lapse in concentration


Remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer

Calmness is a virtue, yet in these times calmness is not practical

(By adventuring Scohui gained the negative quirk "calm" which makes him do -15% damage on the first round)

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With every unknown hero that perishes, another takes his place. 

Sometimes by someone recognizable


Chumbry42 The Crusader !


A mighty sword arm anchored by holy purpose. A zealos warrior

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Would like to be the bounty hunter or plauge docter

Alexander452 likes this

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With the rise in crime bounties were bound to appear 

How persuasive a bag of gold can be to the right person


ichig1vsnarut0 The Bounty Hunter !


The thrill of the hunt, the promis of payment

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Alone they are powerful, together they are unstoppable

Scohui, Chumbry42 and ichig1vsnarut0 formed a party to venture out once again to the Wealds


Our threads are remote and unneighbored. Every lost resource must be recovered. 


Carelessness will find no clemency in this place 

The inability to strike the enemy before he strikes you is a deadly outcome

(scohui gained the negative quirk "slow reflexes" giving him -1 in speed modifier)


By their forces combined they were able to eradicate the enemies in their vicinity


Obsession of yourself can quickly become your demise

(upon exploring the wealds ichig1vsnarut0 gained the negative quirk "Egomania" which means he is obsessed with self-worship while Scohui gained the positive quirk "Resilient" +10% stress heals recieved)

By the terrors they had seen in the Wealds ichig1vsnarut0 went to the chapel to pray to the elder gods even if it's just for a brief moment

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More and more heroes arrive for their own chance to earn honor and glory 

Myth and legends even reach the northern tribes


Mr_E_Meatshield The Hellion !


Barbaric rage and unrelenting savagery make for a powerful ally

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I'll be an Occultist

Alexander452 likes this

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The recent stress left Scohui and ichig1vsnarut0 unavailable to join in the next expedition.

Thus Chumbry42 and Mr_E_Meatshield ventured onwards on the expedition to the Warrens.


To prosecute our war against the swine, we must first scout their squalid homes

for good atmosphere


Encounters at every courner that seems to persisting on ending your lives



As life ebbs, terrible vistas of emptiness reveal themselves.


Teamwork is essential 

Some secrets best left hidden



It is unknown what lurks in those halls, waiting for the perfect opportunity



No chance for escape.....yet


When most people would see nothing but hopelessness, Mr_E_Meatshield sees opportunity and hope

And now the true test: Hold fast or expire


A hand's breadth from dying


Time and time again she rises up to face the enemies 




Another life wasted in the pursuit of glory and gold


The skirmish may be lost, but the war may yet be won

Chumbry42 went to ease his mind of the stress by meditating and Scohui went to the tavern to drown his worries in ale. 

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We weren't the only ones that was tempted by the dark arts of magic

Knowledgeable people are drawn here for their own reasons


Legolas_Katarn The Occultist !


To fight the abyss, one must know it

Before venturing out to the dungeons, Legolas_Katarn went to say a prayer to ease himself of his stress


(That's all for now, im going to bed. So i won't be active for a while)

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Died fightin, can't complain bout that.

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Myths and legends of the horrors eventually had to reach the cloisters

Aspiring ones on the crusade for the gods 


2and900 The Vestal !


A sister of battler, pious and unrelenting

Legolas_Katarn and 2and900 like this

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Hmhihihihahahahahaa! Look at all these brave warriors, fighting for fame and riches, and eventually die piece by piece! 


I will join in the battle later when the opportunity strikes, not now. I want to see what fate comes next for these folks.

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I will die for my sins. My sins being wearing an eyepatch while having 2 functional eyes.

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