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The AJSA needs YOU!!!

7 posts in this topic

Are you interested in World of Tanks but don't think you're good enough to join a clan? Did you set your eyes on a sweet top tier tank like the MAUS but don't think you can handle the grind? Have you looked around the premium shop and wished you could have some of those sexy tanks? Well you can! If you're new to tanks it's okay we will take you in and train you up and turn you into the next MASTER of DISASTER!!! Grind what grind? There is no grind when you're having fun and you will HAVE FUN! But what about all those sexy premium tanks you say? Well that's easy you can win them. What? Thats right you can win them in one of our clan competitions. We do our best to give our members ways to compete for in game gold, premium time, and tanks. If this sound like something you would like to take part in request an invite down below. Go on post your IGN so we can invite you. You know you want to

Ozzyman314, DoctorEvil and RuneX like this

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first off, "Sweet top tier tank like the Maus"? bias much. i only do soviet bias tyvm.

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Love the Ninja sex party profile pic. Yes this is for the clan.

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Sure i've been waiting for a reason to keep playing this game 

Griever likes this

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Invite sent.

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Howdy would really love an invite, my gamertag on WoT is shaithan1990 hoping to win many games with you guys

Edited by shaithan

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