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DUAL GEAR -Mecha Turn Based x Action Game-

4 posts in this topic

Indiegogo : Link
Steam Greenlight : Link


There's also some pre-alpha build demo in it's indiegogo page, if you want to try.


In short version :
Turn-based mecha, just imagine Front Mission combine together with Valkryia Chronicles. Also comes with lots of mechs customization.

As a mech game lover, I really want THIS!!!

So please support or at least share this to your friends. So this game can be more recognized and come to live when it's finished.


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I just had a go of the demo and it looks pretty promising but it does need allot more work, especially with the AI and hit detection.  If the Mechs are very close together some of the bigger weapons will shoot straight past or even straight through with the AI really struggling to find the right distance.  Another thing is (unless I missed it) there doesn't seem to be any indication of how many ability points each Merc has left which is quite annoying.


I'm also not sure if the Valkyria Chronicles style of gameplay is going to necessarily land with fans of the more common action based style of most other mech games, but it's definitely got potential though.

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I have seen the gameplay vids and my complaint so far are :

Why the cool big ass cannon have really short range...
Why when you attack using melee weapon it's still miss even on stationary enemies like turret...
Why the laser cannon not really statisfying...

Aside that my nitpick, I think it's really have potential but for now just wait for full release.

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I've seen the videos of this game and love it!There's potential for it to be a epic game so I'm going to back it.

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