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Warframe installation

4 posts in this topic

So I've played this game on xbox one and figured I'd try the PC version seeing as I could actually join a clan.... I did not like this game on xbox one and I do not like this game, probably even less so. I've seen people say that this game is pay to win, and maybe it is and maybe it isn't, but without a doubt there is a pay to progress mechanic that honest to god makes me feel like I'm playing Clash of Clans again. So yes, right now I don't like this game. Right now, this game for me sucks... Ass. This game is sucking ass and also seems to be enjoying it. Perhaps the reason I want to play is that its actually a relatively good game that's just been smothered by a microtransaction bussiness model (seriously, wasn't the angry army against this kinda crap once upon a time?)


Anyway, I've tried installing this thing and its continued to try my patience. I couldn't download it via steam which may or may not have been because of the file size (which is literally unbelievably stupid, to the point where I feel its worth mentioning), so I ended up directing downloading. Now its downloaded, and I can click the play button. And I'm then greeted with a white window (or transparent I can't remember what the piece fluff software decided on) which is then followed by a good old fashioned "(Not Responding)" appearing at the top of the window.


So if anyone can help with this, I'd appreciate it. Oh, and by the way I'm not going to contact their customer support or tech assistance or whatever the hell their called. As far I'm concerned this game has been out long enough that I should be able to download and play without a problem. I want a local fix and if I can't get something like that then screw this game. 

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Was it the actual game that was open, or did the patcher come up and you just started wildly clicking on it while it loaded the image? That's not me being a jerk, I'm totally serious. Windows like to report crashes on items that are still doing their startup routine if the user clicks around.

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Off topic is there an AJSA clan for Warframe?

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Man can't even remember posting this, hey hadrefort I dunno if there is a clan I can't find mention of one but if you want to start one I'm game, doesn't need to be ajsa though just something so others can connect. This is for Xbox one though need new gpu before I can play PC though.

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