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Mount & Blade (2016) Re-support Thread

5 posts in this topic

I HAD TO DO IT,I JUST HAD TO! But also because i want it and many others peoples too. But the title is too obvious to guess what i want so yea cant say much more.


We had the game Officially Support in 2015 and at a certain point we decide to make a break for everyone for a few months,well that break is over. Let me briefly explain, firstly the main reason why i wanna bring back M&B to life is because its Sequel-Prequel, Bannerlord , is underway this year along a public beta testing (TBD). So it will be a perfect time to do so.

Link to the older post--------­/ http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/26120-mount-and-blade-napoleonic-wars/

Link to the Steam Group ---------/ [http://steamcommunity.com/groups/AJSAMountBlade


Although since its will be a support across all of the franchise (Warband,Bannerlord and its DLC's) i will have to remind you what are the strong points and dark ones that define what this franchise is all about.

 Strong Points:

- Limitless mods support  ( I kid you not! Since the devs is mainly focusing on that.) 

- Spot-on Dedicated Server support.With up to 200 players

- Community still going strong after 6-7 years even when Bannerlord has not released yet.(Prepare your Wallets)

- Playable on an Elder's computer (Although Bannerlord will required a more beefy pc.)

- The DLC are totally worth it and add almost an infinite playtime (It like a game within a game!)

- Its on sale regularly and its affordable. For the price its a steal for what your getting in return

- In-game editor mode,so you can create maps,mods,textures, ect...) Link to a tutorial ----------/

Darky Points (Not necessary bad)

- Graphics are a joke,unless you turned up the setting to max, then it will look ok, but as i mentioned its really easy to run this game. (Bannerlord will kind of fix this with it new engine.)

- Melee Combat is easy to learn but once you go into a real melee fight you will get reckt, that obviously not everyone but its hard to master.

Events Ideas:

- As i mentioned the franchise support countless mods that we can host events on,we just need a server and i know the exact man for that. Here a post showing couple examples: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/26951-mod-support-potential-event/

-Some mods has a multiplayer support with some sort of progression system in it,keeping the players playing daily if they so choose.


List of peoples that wanna be part of this soo far... (I do hate calling members like that)

- QwiK (myself,Event Leader and PoC)

- The Colonel

- Ludium

- Ancient

- BlackOpsElf

- Everyone Else...that have M&B in their library and would come eventually. 

As i mentioned a lot of peoples is excited to see this game or the franchise as a whole being revived after those months of break. Now i want to make this dream come true so here come the obvious meme that you expected. 


If you wish to assist me give me a head up and ill talk. Although 1 person running the events is enough unless im absent.

Finally keep in mind im not the only PoC here, you can also talk to Balthazar,Conan and/or potentially Eiousx.

Lets the fun Rebegin and most important its all about the game and us. - QwiK

Edited by EVILQwiK
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Hey i'll join whatever event you pull, if the day and time is right, and the server is not located in ******* eastern Europe or something :P

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Hey i'll join whatever event you pull, if the day and time is right, and the server is not located in ******* eastern Europe or something :P

Im pretty sure that i wanna do events on a Saturday, im still debating the time between 1-3 PM or 5-6 est.For the server,it will BE hosted in NYC to have a great compromise between EU and west coast peoples for ping wise. Although its not confirmed yet.

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There hasn't been any traffic here since February so I will proceed to close this thread and move it to completed. If at a future date you would like to resubmit this game feel free to do so as a new thread.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.