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What if Youtube Red expands globally?

4 posts in this topic

While Youtube Red is going to roll out the original series by February 10, I have to talk about this when Youtube Red begin to expand globally around the world. After Youtube Red launched in the USA and took out J-Pop and K-Pop videos to be viewed in the US, what will happen to those communities if Youtube Red goes worldwide around this year?

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In my opinion this new "OMG LET'S BE NETFLIX AND HULU AND AMAZON PRIME AND GOOGLE PLAY" bandwagon that Youtube is on is set to go off course and crash into a tree. They've been baby-stepping their way over towards this for some time now, but all this is gonna do is divide the youtube community. It cuts ad revenue severely for even big-name users (which can be crippling to everyone who's not Markiplier or Pewdiepie) and can lead to a strange "survival of the fittest" competitive element between our beloved internet celebrities.

I can easily see how things can fall apart from here, and I don't necessarily trust Google to be anything less than the money-grubbing "oh let's delete this guy's channel because one of his ten million videos has 2 seconds of a something something he allegedly has no fair use over" cooperates they've always been. If anything, they'll get worse with that now that they have more copyright to protect.


To be honest, I don't think Pewdie's allowed to say anything, but if asked personally in a quiet room, even he'd probably express some uncertainty for the future of YT. 

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Youtube Red was dead on arrival. Nobody is going to watch it because why bother?

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