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Master of Orion: Best cast EVER!

4 posts in this topic

An old 4X Strategy game is getting a reboot, Master of Orion.  I've been interested in trying a 4x strategy game of some kind, and this is one title that I am VERY interested in.  What is especially interesting is its voice acting cast!

Mark Hamill, John De Lancie, Robert Englund, and more! 

Now, I don't know anything about 4x but the basics so I can't say much but I am highly interested in playing this game when it becomes available for early access on the 26th. 11 alien races, fully animated and voiced conversations and diplomatic scenes, neat designs, etc.  

One thing I am concerned about is that so far I haven't seen any videos of more then 6 players on a map.  I haven't heard or seen anything to confirm if you can have more then six players but I hope that there would be AT LEAST enough slots for one of each race.

Also the fact that the Terrans are collectors edition ONLY and also appear to be just reskins of humans when you compare 2 of their ships. Fortunately it seems the collectors edition is $50.00 so at least its pretty cheap compared to the usual CE price. 

So what do you all think? Want to see Joe stream this game?

Also, what are your thoughts on Galactic Civilizations 3? Another game I am looking into.

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Interesting cast, but to be honest not at all a factor for me. I enjoyed playing MOO2 back in the day a lot, so I hope the new game will be great. Newer space 4x games haven't really managed to catch my attention like MOO2 did. Will definitely not get the Early Access version, though.

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Stellaris could also turn out quite interesting. Will hopefully be available this year.

GalCiv3 I've been looking at a few times but reception seems somewhat mixed, so I never picked it up.

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I will get a shitton of hate now.... but I really loved MOO3 .... Yes I can understand that fans of MOO & MOO2 hated the third installment of the series... and yes I understand that it was fucking buggy and fucked up at release...

Probably the worst point of MOO3 is the name of the game. As its so very different from its predecessors. But is it a bad game? NOPE! Hell no, its not!

Its a very decent 4x game with a steep learning curve, and yes you have very indirect control of your empire. But thats what makes you feel like really running an Empire! No direct research? Yes you do it in "levels" but feels right for the game. As one new technology level gives you lot of new stuff. Also the game gives you plenty of options. Specialise your planets, or make them all average? Your call! Research or production? You choose! 

War is great, but also very indirect. You design ships with a simple "space" system. As a corvette gives you 99 space, and every component needs some space.Sounds simple in the first place, but as there are so many parts to unlock, you have tons of options. Build cheap and simple glass canons? Or do you prefer heavy and well protected carriers? Outclass or outprduce your opponents! (or do both if you have the most powerfull industry of all)

What falls really short are the "RTS space battles" .... they are crap.

So if you LOVE micromanagement, the large scale and the idea of being an emperor instead of a commander than MOO3 will be epic for you!You can get it on GoG, runs perfect without any bugs.

P.S. I never got into the first two MOO´s and I´m not a fan of Galactic Civilizations either.... so the new MOO doesnt attract me. Share Your thoughts :)

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