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the real untrue stories of me. Hatman

3 posts in this topic

Hmm, interesting story. I'll try to sum up what I find from your story:

This Hat Man was like a Boogeyman sort of thing based on an asshole teacher that turned to a cannibal and a kidnapper because he's a cunt, and he died falling down a cellar

You are queer and married, that's ok, no one here will judge you for that

This Hat Man always tried to kill you when you were a child, but there's a boogeyman rule that a boogeyman can only try to scare a kid once, but this hat man kept tormenting you even now...... That doesn't make sense.

The Hat Man managed to grab you and turn you upside down, backed off when he's attacked by your sister, and then your dog, and then you.... So this ghost can manifest itself physically??

The Hat Man always left a green slime when he's driven back.

English is probably your second language, and you're from a foreign country. A bit of punctuation error and grammar error here and there but that's ok.

So here's my question...

Is that thing really the ghost of Robert Holmes?

Why is he still tormenting you till now?

Did you take the slime and keep it or take a photo of it to remind you that it's all real?

Is this whole thing a fictional story or a true story?? Cause real untrue stories just sound.... Odd.

Nice story. I hope if this is a real story, that Hat Man doesn't torment you and your family.

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