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Hello Diehard here bringing you a small Smite update post. In short not much has changed. But there have been some quite major announcements on Hirez's end. One example being in particular being that Smite is coming to Playstation4. So expect that very soon. Then to sum up the introduction. I just want to thank you guys for coming online during the events. Thanks to you we have had a number of players coming on on Sundays. I have not seen numbers like this for months. So thank you for that. Makes me feel like I'm doing something right. Now I'll leave you with the other news that is as follows. 

<Current Events>

The current smite version is called the Victory Lap click to be linked to the patch notes

Little late but the SWC (Smite World Championships) is now over. Epsilon esports the EU 20 wins to 1 loss in the Fall Split. Defeated the infamous team, Cloud 9 G2A, in the semi-finals. This then lead to them ripping apart Enemy in the finals. Winning the game 3:0.  

<Upcoming Events>

With season three's release we finally Xbox getting the patch. Very soon Xbox will also be able to experience the fun that is the death of supports. Just kidding. But they've nerfed support items again, because solo is too strong.

Also coming soon. PS4 Smite is in early Alpha. With the success of Xbox Smite. I expect the game to do well there. I'm also sure that the AJSA will be getting involved on that platform as well. If you are interested in PS4 Alpha keys click here.

<Final Words>

Right thanks for reading this to finish I'm just going to give you some last dates and updates. Smite AJSA Events will still be held on Sundays at 7pm GMT, 2pm EST. some join me on the AJSA Teamspeak for the events. I want to see you guys there thanks and I'll see you soon.

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