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Info about BDO

1 post in this topic

i saw a few people asking about this so hey figured id at least post once in a blue moon right?


Key Points: Large Sandbox with few limits, Crazy combat, Unique Crafting, Worker system, PVP Focus(u dont have to)


Low Points: Cash shop(NOT P2W), PKing(Player killing), Guilds are confusing(not really low but there unoptimized), PVP/GVG. Heavy Grind.


What is BDO (Black Desert Online) well its basically a massive sandbox MMO But with a few things different then any other MMO,

First and most noticeable is the Combat system its the most fluid system you will ever see in a MMO (To date) think a Hack' N slash with a touch of old school combat,  every skill you learn with the exception of a few can be done in a combo fashion. nothing to Extreme just enof to make PVP/PVE fun.


Speaking of PVP that is the main Foucas of this game dont get me wrong if you enjoy crafting, exploring, building,Trading you may still come to love and enjoy BDO.


Moving to next point is Workers now if you have played Archage then you have a Idea of what Workers are but the system is done MUCH better then Archages,  But for those that dont ill keep it short Workers gather resources well you get to travel and lv but they also build things for you, the only limit on these guys is how well feed they are and were you Hire them at, and this is were it gets a bit complicated since your workers use these things called Nodes witch are basically the Citys themselves.


Nodes are to keep it simple the Citys you will travels thu in this game you unlock them by visiting a npc and Spending contribution Exp (earned thu quests mainly) and unlocking the node. Nodes are also used for Trading items and connecting citys so u can more easly mange ur workers.items,banks etc.


Crafting isnt the same as ur run of the mill Craft system its a lot more simple u still need to lv it but its more around ur Energy (can be improved thu Quests) and if u have the Recipe for said item along with its required components.


theres a few more Systems i could cover but there more into the Endgame zone so ill stop here. 


forgot to mention this game is very Grind heavy to lv ur class up u mainly have to grind.(Few quests will help u lv in other words)

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