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Smite Season 3

1 post in this topic



Hello Gods, Deities, and Mythical Creatures!


This topic is to organize our more competitive SMITE players on Xbox One and provide an easy way to que up and bring great glory to the Angry Army Xbox Division!  With Season 3 of Ranked Play now upon us, the time is ripe for us to make our presence known!


To be eligible for Ranked Play, you must meet a few in-game criteria:

1) Profile level is at 30 - Simply get enough XP to reach level 30.

2) God Mastery:

->Conquest Ranked: you must have mastery level 1 or higher on 18 or more owned gods (Rented and free weekly gods do not count).

->Joust Ranked: you must have mastery level 1 or higher on 16 or more owned gods (Rented and free weekly gods do not count).

->Duel Ranked: see Joust rules above.


There are 5 Tiers that players are assigned to:

Qualifying - Bronze - Silver - Gold - Platinum - Diamond - Grandmaster

Each tier has 5 sub-ranks within them.  You move up sub-ranks and eventually move on to higher tiers as you play well and win, but losing matches may drop you down a sub-rank.  (Note: I don't think you can actually drop down a tier by losing).



-In Ranked Play, you may only play as the gods you have gotten to at least mastery level 1.

-You may que up as an individual, or in parties of 2 or 3 only.

-Players queuing up together must be within 1 tier of each other (ex. a Silver Player may play with Bronze and Gold players, but not higher)

-Players still in the qualifying stage may que up with players that are ranked as Bronze, Silver, or Gold.


Rewards (Apart from glory):

For playing Ranked games, players can earn free exclusive character skins, in game currency, and other customization options!


If you would like to find other members to play Ranked with, please leave a comment in this form:


Xbox Gamertag

Conquest - (Tier, Sub-rank)

Joust - (Tier, Sub-rank)

Duel - (Tier, Sub-rank)




Conquest - Qualifying

Joust - Qualifying

Duel - Qualifying



Conquest - Qualifying

Joust - Qualifying

Duel - Qualifying



Conquest - Qualifying

Joust - Qualifying

Duel - Qualifying

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