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The Division Song- Miracle of Sound.

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This has gotta be one of his best works yet...makes me glad I bought the game. I may listen to this ingame now....


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Cool, actually makes the game look playable. Too bad it isn't :P

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>Overhyped as fuck game

>Generic armor

>Overworld with fucking nothing to do

>Shitty unbalanced PvP

>Shitty unbalanced PvE

>Literally nonexistent story

I don't know about you guys but Destiny was a huge disappointment. 

Pic unrelated. 

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This song is awesome and works very well with the music video. Unfortunately, the game doesn't give the sense of hopelessness it implies like this. I stand with Angry Joe when I ask, "Where are the infected," as well as so much more. The games promotional trailers always attempted to make you feel like you were one of the last best hopes for humanity and one of the only ones who could put things together again. The actual game revolved around collecting and looting and while I was aware of this and it was pretty obvious that it wouldn't take as much of a serious tone as the trailers. I can't really say much for the story since I didn't purchase the full game. I just wished that there was a brutal sense or a setting which could be used to add new survival factors and more people to help besides giving them an item.

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