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Jayson's Rage


4 posts in this topic

"I'm Jayson, and I'm gonna fuckin' rage."


Hello everyone! I used to be ArisingFlame on here, but that was before I had the branding of Jayson's Rage. It's also an excuse to reintroduce myself, as well as whore in some of that attention that I so desperately crave.


For those of you who don't know me already or what I do, I review and bitch about video games (and movies) on my YouTube as well as streaming on Twitch, ranting on Twitter, and running the AJSA Community YouTube.


What do I do here at the AJSA? A few things. As I mentioned before I run the AJSA Community YouTube and if you have any ideas or work for the channel, let me know! It's a community thing! On top of that, I'm on the AJSA Twitch Stream Team, help with the AJSA Gaming Twitter, on the Expeditionary Force Leadership, PS4 Leadership, and many other odds and ends. 


If there's ever anything you need help with or a project you would like me to help with/take on, get in touch with me in a PM on here, Twitter, Discord (Jayson's Rage #1782), Steam, or email at: Jayson@jaysonsrage.com 


Y'all stay sexy out there



(PS. I have a shitload of these transparent stills from my videos. This is the kind of thing Photoshop was made for.)

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Hay your back those creative faces scare the shit out of me

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2 minutes ago, Killzone said:

Hay your back those creative faces scare the shit out of me

What's funny is those are all natural. Just ripped straight from my videos. lol

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I played the beta was not blown should i get it?

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