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A must read

3 posts in this topic

Some common mistakes many players in normal/high skill do. This list is surely not complete, just some points that I notice really often. I don't want to give a list of DOs and DONTs because dota often doesn't work that way. Instead I want to encourage players to be aware of certain situations and just to think about my suggestions.

  • Fighting without their highest networth hero. Sometimes a significant amount of the team's networth is concentrated in one hero (usually that's the carry role); A tean 5vs5 team wipes the enemies and 2 minutes later they fight 4vs5 without their highest networth hero because they misinterpret their momentum (without knowing what momentum is). The only reason for the team wipe was probably this very high networth hero and without him (he is dead, farming, whatever) they suddenly all die 4vs5. So don't blindly remember that you team wiped the enemies 2 minutes ago and think that you could also do that being 4 only.

  • Solo offlaners demanding help/farm all the time and tilting. If you go offlane solo it can be hard sometimes. If you think you're losing your lane or you don't get much, just ask yourself some questions: Do you play against 2 or more heroes? Then you (hopefully) either have a tri-safelane which will do well or a stable dual lane and a jungler which is free farming. You're not always supposed to win your lane, it's ok to just get exp. Don't panic and make sure to read the next point in this list.

  • Safelane and offlane demanding mid to gank. Mid players used to gank some patches ago when you had heroes mid that could gank well. Currently, typical mid heroes are carries too and the mid lane is just another lane for another hero to get farm and exp. If you don't do well on side lanes and your mid doesn't get a good rune for a gank, ask yourself if you want a gank because you're just frustrated or because there is an actual chance you can kill at least 1 core enemy hero. If the chance is not realistic, it might be better for your mid to just keep farming mid. If the enemy mid hero is ganking you and you complain, don't hate your mid player but encourage him to push the tower. Often, when you have an enemy pudge mid, he will start ganking around minute 6-8 when he is level 6 and can get a rune. Be aware of something like that, play carefully on the sidelanes and let your mid player get the tower. However if you're a mid player, be sure you use every space to push the mid tower as soon as possible. If the enemies tower dive your side lanes, you shouldn't ignore that and think about if TPing is worth it (e.g. you can save your carry from dying or get 1 or more kills without risking your own life)

  • Carries farming jungle near their safelane although 4-5 enemy heroes are visible on the other side of the map. This happens so often. Enemies gather and push your offlane tower or mid tower. Instead of a) TP to def or B) go lane and push + get tower, the carry stays and farms in jungle. Ask yourself if this is really necessary (blink/invis heroes that could kill you with a quick TP, so jungle is actually better) or if pushing a lane is a viable option, e.g. when you can escape in time when you see TPs incoming.

  • Force-defending a tower when you're under-number. Sometimes your carries are farming somewhere and don't have a TP, so you're left with 0-3 other team mates against the whole enemy team. Don't force anything, just consider the situation and realize that you probably can't fight them, even not in tower range. I often observe that supports stay 200-300 range behind the tower, but the enemies won't be afraid of this support and probably use some of their initiation to kill this support. So you not only lost a tower but you also fed unnecessary kills. If you know your team won't help you defending, use the time for something else, for example farming/pushing other lane, safely warding/dewarding somewhere else (since 5 enemies are psuhing, nobody will kill u doing that).

  • Supports and underfarmed cores rushing >4k gold items as 1st item after boots. I often see people going brown boots or arcanes into aghs scepter on heroes like earth shaker, ogre, crystal maiden. Or crystal maidens rushing dagger after brown boots and not buying wards. Just ask yourself what these items will do for you and your team. CM dagger first but no wards or other items? You will have mana problems and due to the lack of vision, you won't find good dagger initiations. ES brown boots + aghanims? Good luck placing a good ult without dagger. Just ask yourself if it's really that good in your game, what could go wrong with this build and how you could do it better. Forcestaff for example will give you a similar way of chasing/initiating/disengaging, it gives you more mana, more attack damage (helps you getting some last hits on creeps) and it's easier to get. People trying to rush these expensive items so early often don't finish them before minute 40-50 (if at all) and meanwhile they lack utility for fights/farming.

  • Still having free item slots after 35+ minutes. Whatever role you are, having free item slots after the game has progressed some time is not good. The only valid reason for this is having less than 50 gold (iron branch, clarity). If you have more, be sure to carry stuff like TPs, wards (if support), dusts (if there are invis heroes, even cores should buy dust), magic stick/wand. If you're support, consider small items like a bracer. Try different stuff, but make sure you use these item slots

  • Following around heroes like ember spirit or furion who split push permanently. Sometimes you have a time window in which you should finish the game because if this time is over, heroes like ember spirit and furion will split push very hard. Think about if it makes sense to follow them everytime with a TP and leave your team alone when you could've just pushed a lane of rax. I observed this multiple time when one team is dominating the other team, they push rax with maybe 1-2 enemies death, but the enemies have a furion/ember/anti mage who is just pushing another tower on a nother lane. If you think about it, it's his only option since he can't defend 3vs5 so he will naturally try to get at least a tower. If you or other people from your team TP to that tower and try to def instead of taking rax, there is something dangerous that could happen: dead enemies respawn, the pushing ember/furion/AM TPs back to base and suddenly the enemies can fight your team 5vs4, win the fight in their own base and achieve a huge gold exchange. Stuff like this can lose games. Ask yourself if defending is really necessary or if staying with your team and pushing is better. For example, you have pushed mid rax, you're about to get bottom rax but 1 enemy hero is pushing your top rax. Should you bother? Once you got the bottom rax, you either finish or you get the top rax next anyway so you don't have to worry about mega creeps on your top lane.

  • Last tip Follow DESP

  • D-on't

  • E-ver

  • S-ingle

  • P-ull


Alright that's it so far, sorry for wall of bad englando. I'm sure some points are debatable or you could write multiple pages about them. Feel free to ask questions or discuss these points, or even add/discuss new things that come to your mind. Some of these points might also apply to 3k-4k bracket, I don't know this bracket very well. In 4k+, most of this stuff is known from what I've experienced, but mistakes still happen of course.



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Everything but the DESP was pretty accurate.

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Some times, all times the highest net worth hero is the one that do not walk with his team and collects net worth from the map. So is it his team falt fighting without him or his falt not fighting with his team. Dota is such a subjective game and  

Game is hard!

Sorry ma chat will is turned on. Nice post.

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