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Blujay Alpha

Are you looking for a great free to play fps

5 posts in this topic

Are you looking for a good fps to play with Friends? well I've got the perfect game for you to play.

Unreal tournament 4 is a fast paced first person shooter that will have you wanting to play more every time you finish a multiplayer match. 

Pros - 1 the game is 100% free. no garbage pay $2 and get this gun/boost/exp (yes you can pay for cosmetics but they don't do anything and also no in your face cash shop)

2 modding there are going to be a TON of mods, maps, and game modes for this game (not a lot right now but soon there are going to be a lot more) there is a free editor that you can download if you want when you get the game.

3 multiplayer is stable for a game in alpha (you may lag for 5 seconds at the start of a game if your ping is higher than 175 but after that your going to be fine)

4 lots of maps and game modes available right now.

5 the game is updated A LOT 1-2 updates a month but those updates add a lot of content to the game.

Cons- 1 the game is in alpha so there isn't much to do other than multiplayer but what is there is good.

2 85% of the maps are not 100% finished (don't get me wrong they are all playable and there are not any missing textures or anything too noticeable but some of the little things aren't there. all maps are subject to change.) 

3 the epic games launcher is known to act up every now and then.

overall I would say it is a good game and you all should give it a go. hey if you don't like it its everyone is different and you can't complain because its free so no risk if you don't like the game.

Here is a link to the epic games website https://www.epicgames.com/unrealtournament/#splash click download UT to get started and I hope this helped you find a new game you really like :).

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I have to register for this?

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7 hours ago, Glaice said:

I have to register for this?

its in open alpha so anyone who wants can play but you do have to make an epic games account but don't worry making an epic games account is 100% free.

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Open alpha eh? I wonder when open beta comes around. I'm already too busy with other games. :(

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I haven't played UT since UT2, i would like to see how far its come, so ill download it and give it a go again.

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