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Battlefield 4 Re-support

2 posts in this topic

Now its has been requested that i do this thread but because some issues came not too soon ago, ill have to redo it for the sake of well,getting the game supported again since its gainning popularity again and we have alot interested peoples that wanna support this game again.

Due to the game being massively better than during its launch why not?

Ill start with the pros and cons of this first , should be qwik. (get it? na.)


- Much Much better than its launch.

- Tons of Guns and fully customize to your liking.

- You can get the game + all of its DLC for a fairly low price now.

-  Free Contents updates has make the game better with much more guns,camo and maps

-  Clans/Platoon System on Battlelog make grouping soo much better (that then up to the game to decide to put each person in which teams/squad which could be a negative thing in its way)

- No microtransactions (beside Battlepacks but even those you can earn those fast)


- Well there isnt many but just a few small things, that really wont make you get away from playing. If we were in 2013 this list would be much bigger.

- Meh Singleplayer


That all i can say for that.


Peoples that are interested in playing with Me. (this could be a long list)

- QwiK

- Jayson's Rage

- BeatmasterAC

- BrokenSteel119

- kyokitsune

- AngryAlexTV

- Alexander4552

And much more honestly just look at our platoon members list on Battlelog, and you will know what im talking about!



AS FOR EVENTS IT IS GONNA BE THOUGHT OUT THROUGHT PLANNING. BUT I KNOW THERE IS A TONS OF IDEAS WE COULD DO! So do not fear we will always have something different for each events,at least that what i think.

One last thing are you interested in taking a Sergeant position within BF4 (Recruiting or helping out with other things?) Well if that the case plz dont hesitate in pm'ing me through the forum and i will get back to you ASAP! Remember first come,first serve but you must meet the requirements.



Got some suggestions,ideas then go to our Battlefield 4 Sub forum(We also have all our informations regarding the platoon and other stuffs): http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/forum/18-battlefield-4/

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This game is currently in the process for unofficial at this time. I will be moving this thread to completed.

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