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What Happens with Blizzard, a WoW Private Server, and BDO Meet...

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It was a way better game. Sure, there are quality of life things now but, this game is dead. When I'm on I literally see like 5 other players and most of the time they're on different servers. Everything is handed to you in this game now, there's nothing you really feel accomplished doing...and no, farming mounts and transmog is not my idea of end game in an mmo. I raided heroic high maul on launch and never went back to raiding in this game. Hell, WOTLK was pretty easy but I'll be damned if there wasn't an insane amount of content @ end game. The world feels disconnected and pointless now as well.



What do you mean disconnected?!

I'll have you know I leveled 5 of my lvl 100s strictly on the XP my followers brought back to me to absorb.

Yep...game never felt more connected. Why just the other day I left the town hall! I was so amazed at how big the world is.

...I ventured out and into the mine. Gathered some ore; was jumped by a gremlin creature! Luckily, he was no match for my i650 character that had gotten epics just by sending out an NPC. I did have to repair, but that was okay because of the coin I had gotten by sending out an NPC.

Then I went to a dungeon, by way of Dungeon Finder. Rolled through that...I think I had a group of other players. Couldn't really tell, they didn't say much....maybe they were more of my followers?! :o

Feeling daring, I went to PVP. It was rather fun. The Horde kept stealing our flag! :(

After the event, even though we lost, I was given a loot chest! It contained some honor.

Having worn myself out with all that adventuring. I returned to my table to collect yet more supplies. I think I torqued my back leaning over to look at the Naval Command Table... q_q

I decided to relax by the fire...what a day I had had.

....all 1 hour 34 minutes of it.


((And then the BDO happens...I had way too much fun typing this! :P))

Then I went to adventure elsewhere.

And boy lemme tell you. I had to ride my horse all the way across the damn map, and along the way these freaking Imps cased me. Having none of that I dismounted and proceeded to combo attacks together for devastating results.

There was this other guy fighting the imps too, he didn't look to be doing so well. So I charged in and picked up the Imp and slammed him on the ground; what a @!!*!@!# for attacking a player!

Having helped a fellow warrior I mounted up and continued my long ride. Along the way it started to rain; my skin was sexy shiny and my armor glimmered.

Upon reaching my destination an NPC asked if I would clear out some 'waragons'. Having no clue what those were and figuring it'd be a learning experience. I accepted and rode of to slay these foul beasts!

I fell down a hole. :(

Not to be detoured, I pressed on after consuming some grain juice I had made myself.

When suddenly! I was was attacked by this vicious creature that looked like the Graboids from Tremors only with legs!

His tail wiped around and instinctively, I raised my shield to block the attack!

I followed through with a quick jab that sent the creature reeling backwards and empowered me by draining some of it's life.

...the creature charged forth to exact revenge. But I was ready! I brought my sword, screaming as it dragged along the stone floor, right into the creatures jaw; sending him flying into the air. As he landed I spun an followed with another slash!

To my horror, the creature seemed to have suffered little damage. His health bar had not depleted!

...I quickly remembered that I had no knowledge of such a beast. And would have to learn, by sight, how much health he had.

Lost in thought, I missed blocking the creature's next attack. I staggered, having felt as though a carriage had just hit me....I could feel the blood running down my face and my arms grew heavy; my legs buckling.

I had to think fast! I reached for the healing flask, that I had prepared myself, and quickly drank it in one gulp. I could feel my strength return...the blood seeping slowed. -- The creature attacked once more!

I blocked it and slammed my shield into its face, knocking it off balance.

...I could feel the blackened rage bubbling out of me...so dense it was visible around me.

I. Had. Had. Enough!

I looked down at the sword in my hand...and I knew. I knew I wanted this thing dead.

-- The creature made another run at me....it's mistake.

I swung my blade, with such hatred, that the rage flowed out of me like a river and washed over my sword. The air blackened as the power with in me swelled and surged into the attack.

...the attack itself felt slow...as if time were shocked; horrified at what was transpiring.

The hit was swift. There was no mercy. The rage made manifest poured over the creature...it howled in pain as it was quite literally vaporized. But the power...it knew no limit, and spilled unto the ground like a tidal wave it washed over the surroundings...killing everything in sight.

I stood there, grinning.

....this was the adventure I sought.

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