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Fallout PnP

2 posts in this topic

So once upon a time Interplay was developing a pen and paper RPG set in the Fallout universe, called Fallout d20. This was meant to be based on the Special system, but Bethesda forced them to cancel it. If anyone is interested, I want to do a Fallout D&D game for 4 players in Tabletop Simulator. Please leave a comment below if you want to join.




The game will take place in the Lonestar Commonwealth, which contained Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma and is set in 2280. The players will begin as survivors staying as guests in the trader outpost of Vault 163, located in the ruins of Dallas. An assault by raiders will force the players to abandon the Vault and escape into the Lonestar Wasteland with nothing but a few small weapons and a day worth of food. Along the way you will encounter other survivors, settlements, new enemies, old faces, and every horrible monster roaming the irradiated desert while you struggle to survive.




Each player will be allowed 21 SPECIAL points and 1 "perk" point to define their character's stats. Each SPECIAL stat starts at a base of 1 and can be increased up to 10, or decreased to -5. If points are taken from a stat, those points can be added to another stat.

The "perks" available at the start will include;

  • Caps Rule Everything: Spend a Karma point to improve a barter price by 75%
  • Dogmeat: Gain an animal companion.
  • Educated: Add 1 point to Intelligence and automatically pass reading checks.
  • Four Eyes: Gain +2 Perception when wearing glasses, but lose -4 when not wearing them. (Picking this perk will start your character with glasses.)
  • Quick Draw: If you are first to attack in combat, gain +1 to hit.
  • Wild Wasteland: Roll a die, see what happens.
  • Finesse: Spend a Karma point to reroll missed attacks.
  • Escaped Synth: When not wearing armor, gain +10 AP and +5 DR. You may also roll to resist Poison, Chem Addiction, and any mind altering powers.
  • SPECIAL Training: Spend a "perk" point to increase a SPECIAL stat by 1.
  • Lockpicking: Able to pick Tier 1 locks on a d6 roll. This "perk" can be upgraded.
  • Hacking: Able to hack into Tier 1 terminals on a d6 roll. This "perk" can be upgraded.

If a "perk" isn't chosen, it can be earned later through leveling or special events.


Each player will also start with a set of basic equipment, listed below.

Leather Armor; adds +1 DR and +1 Endurance

Caravan Shotgun; Costs 3 AP to shoot from the hip, and deals 2 damage. Can only fire once before reloading.




For every scenario, players will use Action Points (AP). A player's AP will be equal to their Agility stat plus any bonus effects from chems, perks, or status effects. AP is also used for interacting with characters, other players, and the environment. When all of a players AP is used up, they must end their turn, or eat some food that restores AP. In combat, AP is used for movement and shooting. Each tile moved costs 1 AP, while shooting is based on the weapon's cost. Shooting from the hip confers a -1 "to hit" penalty, while aiming costs +1 AP. "To hit" rolls are based on a player's Perception stat and are tested with a 2d6 roll. Reloading a weapon will also cost 1 AP.

Damage dealt will be based on the currently equipped weapon, or by the Strength stat of  unarmed players. Damage can be reduced by armor with Damage Resistance (DR). If an armor has a DR that is greater than the damage stat of  weapon, the damage will be equal to 0. If weapon damage is greater than DR, the attacking player rolls to determine how much damage is dealt successfully, which is determined by the weapon minus the value of a d3. If the defender is taking melee damage, their Toughness stat will replace DR for this calculation. Health damage is calculated by multiplying the weapon's Damage stat by 10, then subtracting the target's DR.

When a character's health reaches 0, they are dead. Health is determined by the Endurance stat times 10, plus perks and status effects. Players whose health reaches 0 are rendered unconscious and will be afflicted with a major wound which can only be healed by a wasteland doctor for 100 caps. If a player receives 3 major wounds they will be permanently dead.




Players will start with a choice of one weapon. Other weapons can be found in the wasteland through "looting" rolls, which are based on the Perception and Luck stats. Each player will have a carry weight limit based on Strength and any perks, and if the player has power armor. The ability to wield heavy weapons and melee weapons is also based on the Strength stat. If the player fails to find a weapon, they will be allowed to roll to find ammo, food, chems, or on a critical failure; a trap.




Throughout the story, players will meet and interact with other non-player characters. Interactions will be dictated by the situation. Players can ask to trade with any NPC, gather information about events or locations, and get quests. Some interactions will require a player to make a Charisma roll, or will require the player to have a certain "perk," which will be determined based on the scenario.




Players can spend an AP to rest and consume food. Food is required each day for the player to survive. If a player does not eat, they will suffer d3 damage. If a player does not eat for 5 days, they will instantly die. Dehydration is tied into Hunger, so drinks will also restore Hunger. Each day lasts for 4 rounds, which end when each player has completed their actions. If a player does not sleep they will suffer Fatigue, which reduces AP by -2.




When players want to leave and explore the wasteland, they can choose a destination on the map and will begin moving there one tile at a time. At this point, each day is equal to a single round rather than 4. When the group enters a new tile, the Game Master will roll d6 to determine if a random encounter occurs.




Players are awarded positive and negative karma points through different events. As players gain karma they will gain either the good, evil, or feral karma alignments, which will impact rolls and dialogue with NPCs.


Any other rules will be contextual, and will be determined by the scenario as the need for rules is presented. (Meaning I haven't come up with them and will absolutely be winging it.)

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I don't know if it's much good but that scrapped Fallout PnP game was later renamed and released as "Exodus" I don't know if after all your custom rules you'd want to bother but there certainly could be some very interesting stuff in there to work with if nothing else.

The main changes brought in it were simply stylistic as far (or more accurately as little) as I've heard, and I'd think it would be easy to re-convert it to the 50's Retro-Sci-fi feel and styling of Fallout

Even though I've never used Tabletop Simulator I would love to play!

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