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SMITE Patch Notes History - Xbox One Console *Mega-Thread*

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The much-anticipated Rising Dawn patch has arrived for the Xbox One version of SMITE bringing with it a new character, the season ticket, balance changes (Ah Puch takes another deserved hit), and more.


I'll have to try out this new character sometime this week and maybe try him out during our next training event.

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Ah Puch still needs a couple hits to the head with the nerf stick, but its a step in the right direction at least.

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Something about playing as a dung beetle just makes me feel "unclean"

Then again something about playing a lot of these incestuous gods is "unclean" lol 

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The most recent update to SMITE on Xbox (December 11th) has made some balancing changes, added some new achievements, and of course added the new God/mythical being Chiron, The Great Teacher. It also added the beta to a new creative game mode called Clash.


You can see a short summary of the biggest changes in the video below



If your interested in all the little changes here is the article


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It is a new month for Smite, so therefore there is a new update. The highlights of this update are the remodeling of  Ne Zha, new skins, and the game mode Clash coming out of Beta.


You can see a short summary of the update in the video below


If you want to know all the little details, here are the patch notes.



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Don't forget the release date is possibly Tuesday! As said I think by hirez lancelot on Twitter.

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Don't forget the release date is possibly Tuesday! As said I think by hirez lancelot on Twitter.

Yeah I noticed that it definitely did not come out on the 15th lol I think the 15th was just the day they decided to post the details

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Don't believe this trailer is associated with the patch but by the Gods this SMITE promotional video is awesome:


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New month = New update, and boy is there a lot. The highlights for this update are the introduction of the Japanese pantheon with the new god Amaterasu, the Rising Dawn event, where you can get Japanese themed skins, and as expected, there are also a few more achievements added into the mix, along with a few bug fixes.


You can see a short summary in the video below


If you would like to know all the little details, here are the patch notes.





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The new God and the skins look epic. I will definitely try out Amaterasu today.


The update is about 7.4 GB it looks like (from my understanding every update requires you to re-install the game so that is why it looks a bit on the high side with 7gb).

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The new God and the skins look epic. I will definitely try out Amaterasu today.


The update is about 7.4 GB it looks like (from my understanding every update requires you to re-install the game so that is why it looks a bit on the high side with 7gb).

I've always had the auto update system on, so I have not really noticed just how big the updates are. That's probably the most reasonable conclusion though.

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I figured the update notes would be really useful to players old and new, so I'm gonna post them up here for everyone to review. Bonus: The God Changes are direct from the site post (with minor changes) so they have pictures. Hope everyone has some fun this update!

New Achievements:


  • Face Me

As Athena Taunt three or more enemies with one confound.

  • Defend Olympus

As Athena get a kill with the damage from Defender of Olympus.



  • The Slow Dance

As Chaac slow three or more enemy gods with Rain Dance


  • Hello, is this Storm?

As Chaac hit three or more enemy gods in a match with Storm Call.



  • Who let Kaldr Out

As Skadi kill 3 or more enemy gods in a match with Kaldr.


  • Ice Isn’t Nice

As Skadi catch 3 or more enemy gods on Permafrost.


Miscellaneous Changes

  • Fixed an issue where the Japanese Flag would load behind Japanese gods spawn points.
  • Fixed an issue where the Joust Tiger Monsters would lock up and fail to animate.
  • Fixed an exploit where players could use consumables and undo their purchase.


Item Changes

  • Bluestone Pendant

Fixed Bluestone showing up under MP5 in the store.

  • Bulwark of Hope

Fixed a tooltip issue on the buff icon for the shield.

  • Sovereignty

" Sovereignty fell off for a lot of support players who felt like they needed to buy more ‘selfish’ items to remain tanky enough to compete. A more potent aura should help to make this item more appealing for support players and their allies. "
Increase Physical Protection Aura from 20 →30.


  • Throwing Dagger

" Throwing Dagger and Golden Bow have had an interesting life cycle, and with this change, we are moving the pair into a more defined role. By increasing the damage the passive does to minions and jungle monsters, these items are now increasingly defined by their ability to assist gods with clear. "

New PASSIVE – All basic attacks will also hit enemies within a 15 unit radius of the target for 25% of the damage to gods and 50% damage to Minions and Jungle Camps.

  • Golden Bow

New PASSIVE – All basic attacks will also hit enemies within a 15 unit radius of the target for 50% of the damage to gods and 75% to Minions and Jungle Camps.

  • Wind Demon

Fixed Wind Demon from preventing all healing.


God Changes

Ah Muzen Cab

"We’ve come a bit full circle with this change, but it helps our favorite bee excel earlier and should make enemies a bit more wary."



  • Slow changed from 5/10/15/20/25 → 20% at all ranks.

"Artemis has always been one of the premier in-hand focused characters in SMITE, with her significant attack speed buff, crit enhancement, and ability to stun or root enemies in place to better land her hits. As we look to adjust her, we want to focus on these strengths, and on her ability to make exceptional use of basic attack proc items. While we may make additional adjustments in a future patch, we want to use a light touch as Artemis has a lot of potential to quickly be devastating."

Vengeful Assault 

Vengeful Assault

  • Vengeful Assault increased from 35/45/55/65/75% → 40/50/60/70/80%.


  • Fixed Rank 1 of this ability dealing Magical Damage.


  • Fixed an issue where Torrent’s teleportation could be cancelled early.


  • Now suffers a 40% slow while firing.

"One of the goals for Season 3 was to more clearly define gods as early, mid, or late game gods. After looking at Isis closely we like her early game strengths and playstyle, but felt her late game slightly too potent. With scaling lowered on Wing Gust her late game damage should be more manageable. Keep in mind, that is 10% less per hit. "

Wing Gust 

Wing Gust

  • Scaling reduced from 40% → 30% per hit.

"We love to see such a support oriented character excel so well, but once again we have to make an adjustment to the Hug Bug. Khepri offers a large amount of control during the laning phase from his ability to help clear, defend his ally, and be aggressive with his pull. By lowering his base health choosing when to be aggressive will be more meaningful. While a large nerf from a numbers perspective he still has a shield to assist him which should allow him to still be aggressive; just not as often and with some additional risk."


  • Base Health reduced from 510 → 460.
  • Fixed an issue where he could pull the Fire Elementals out of the Fire Giant Pit.

"Serqet was placed into a rough spot after the Season 3 changes. She was nerfed not only from direct changes to her mobility, but her build path of Crit and CDR was made less effective and more expensive. Combined, the changes were too much. This patch we bring some of the mobility back through Deathbane, and shift some of her power away from needing Crit to be effective. With increased scaling damage from Cobra’s Kiss, her build paths should now be slightly more open."



  • Cooldown reduced from 12s → 10s.
Cobra's Kiss 

Cobra's Kiss

  • Damage increased from 50/70/90/110/130 → 50/75/100/125/150.
  • Scaling increased from 40% → 50%.
  • Madness damage increased from 50/60/70/80/90 → 50/75/100/125/150.
  • Madness scaling increased from 40% → 50%.
  • Updated the tooltip to be less confusing.

"Kaldr was a little eager to join the Battleground of the Gods and as such was dashing all over the place. We have increased his Dash cooldown to allow for more consistent counterplay through creating distance with Kaldr. Additionally Winter’s Grasp is seeing a duration reduction, lowering the time Kaldr is immune to damage and also reducing how long the aura damage is applied! Both of these changes are focused around letting players have more room to deal with Kaldr more effectively. Down boy!"

Kaldr, The Winter Wolf 

Kaldr, The Winter Wolf

  • Increased cooldown on dash from 2s → 5s.
Winter's Grasp 

Winter's Grasp

  • Duration reduced from 5s → 4s.
Sun Wukong

"Sun Wukong was struggling to box efficiently in the very early stages of the game. By bring his base health up slightly we should see him more capable of standing toe to toe with his lane opponents."

  • Base Health increased from 450 → 470.

"Earthshaker is seeing some love this patch in terms of better usability. More damage when used close, and less travel time (thus more accuracy) when used far."



  • Increased point blank damage from 50% → 60%.
  • Reduced the travel time at max range.
Aegis Assault 

Aegis Assault

  • No longer knocks minions back.

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Since this post SMITE has released their 3.7 patch: Grim Weaver. I'll post the important notes from there as well.


  • Reported Player Notifications
    • Players will now receive a notification when someone they have reported had action taken against their account.
  • Fixed an issue where owners of the Ultimate God Pack would see many gods appear in their acquisition notifications.
  • Engima Chest:
    • This chest will no longer award boosters unless the player owns everything in the chest.
  • Fixed an issue where the Fire Elementals where showing on the minimap when they were not on the map.


Ao Kuang
AoKuang_WaterIllustionist-150x150.png Water Illusionist


As Ao Kuang kill an enemy with your water illusion.

AoKuang_AMightySword-150x150.png A Mighty Sword


As Ao Kuang execute an enemy God who’s been ulted by Khepri.

Cupid_ThePoweroftheHeart-150x150.png The Power of the Heart


As Cupid Kill three or more gods with the damage from Heart Bomb.

Cupid_SpreadTheLove-150x150.png Spread the Love


As Cupid heal each of your teammates by using Share the Love.

Jing Wei
JingWei_WaveDash-150x150.png Wave Dash


As Jing Wei use agility after being knocked into the air by an enemy god.

JingWei_HeadsUp-150x150.png Heads up!


As Jing Wei kill an enemy god within 5 seconds after using your passive.


Item Changes


Mail of Renewal


  • Fixed an issue where the passive would not proc when destroying a tower.

Throwing Dagger
  • Increased physical power from 22 → 25.
  • Increased cost from 1300 → 1350.
  • This item no longer provides a 10% Critical Chance.

  • This item no longer provides a 10% Critical Chance.
  • Increased Physical Power from +10 → +15.

Golden Bow
  • Increased Physical Power from +35 → +40.
  • This item no longer provides a 10% Critical Chance.
  • Increased Movement Speed bonus from +5% → +8%.

God Changes


Icons_Chiron_PassiveHerbal Medicine

Updated his passive icon.


Jing Wei

“Since Jing Wei’s release she’s been underperforming, and so in her first post-release patch she’ll be getting several upward adjustments! Jing Wei focuses on mobility and basic attack damage to succeed in her role, and we want to improve that. Her ability to farm and move around the map is great, but her ability to directly box and be effective in teamfights is more limited. Increasing her base power as well as the buffs she receives, should highlight her great late game scaling and give her more room to box effectively.”


Base Physical Power per level increased from 2.5 → 2.7.

Fixed an issue where her passive would not activate when leaving the fountain in Assault.

Icons_JingWei_A01.pngPersistent Gust

Increased attack speed buff from 25%→ 20/25/30/35/40% per rank.

Increased duration of attack speed buff from 5s→ 7s.

Icons_JingWei_A02Explosive Bolts

Fixed an issue with this ability providing ammo without going on cooldown.



Using Agility from the ground now removes basic attack movement penalty for 3s.

Increased buff duration from 5s→ 6s when Agility is used from the air.

Icons_JingWei_A04.pngAir Strike

Increased damage from 200/280/360/420/500→ 220/310/400/490/580.

Increased landing range from 40→ 55.



“Nox is getting a cooldown reduction on her primary damage and clear, Siphon Darkness. Additionally, we’re adjusting her potency into the mid and late game. Shadow Step now has increased scaling, rewarding Nox players for choosing to use this skill aggressively instead of just passively. While difficult to coordinate, dashing through an enemy into an ally, then popping out, has a lot more punch!”

Ability - Siphon DarknessSiphon Darkness

Decreased cooldown from 15s → 13s.

Icons_Nox_A03Shadow Step

Increased magic power scaling from +40% → +70%.

Icons_Nox_A04Night Terror

Damage Reduction increased from 30% → 40%.

Increased magical power scaling from +60% → +75%.


Ah Puch

With this update we look to simplify Fleeting Breath. It now will damage and stun users who are healed during its effect for a flat amount, instead of trying to calculate the number of heals that happening. We are also letting the God of Decay summon a second Corpse a level earlier on Undead Surge, which should provide him additional sustain and burst power at a crucial stage in the game.”

Ability - Undead SurgeUndead Surge

Increased number of corpses dropped from 1/1/1/2/2 → 1/1/2/2/2.

Ability - Fleeting BreathFleeting Breath

Decreased duration from 5s → 4s.

Increased damage per second from 25/28/31/34/37 → 30/35/40/45/50.

Increased magical power scaling from 15% → 20% per tick.

This ability no longer scales off of number of times healed.

Increased additional damage on targets that healed from 20/30/40/50/60 + 10% per stack → 50/100/150/200/250 + 50% flat.

Increased stun on targets that healed from 1s + .5s per stack → 1.5s flat.


He Bo

“Now, water can flow or it can crash.”

Ability - Atlas of the Yellow RiverAtlas of the Yellow River

Increased slow debuff from 20/25/30/35/40% → 30/35/40/45/50%.

Increased speed buff from 20/25/30/35/40% → 30/35/40/45/50%.

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Thank you for posting this Kiwi!

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So tomorrow in the morning of May 18th (5/18) we will be receiving a patch that brings in a whole new playable character: Susano the God of Summer Storms. Along with that are some really cool changes, lots of buffs and some new achievements. Perfect timing for a storm since the event is tomorrow night as well. Good fighting everyone!

Console Changes

  • Restricted Camera Pitch Toggle
    • Options → Gameplay → Restricted Camera Pitch
  • Trophies have been added on PS4


God Of The Summer Storm


image-1.pngPassive: Swift as the Summer Storm

For each trained Ability that is on Cooldown, Susano gains bonus Movement Speed.
Speed Per Stack : 4%

s1.pngStorm Kata

Susano moves thrice in quick succession; after each attack he has up to 3s to fire the next one.
First Attack : Attacks all Enemies in a cone dealing 70,105,140,175,210 (+90% of your Physical Power).
Second Attack : Attacks all Enemies in a circle dealing 70,105,140,175,210 (+90% of your Physical Power).
Third Attack : Dashes Forward.
Cost: 60/65/70/75/80. Cooldown: 16/15/14/13/12s.


Wind Siphon

Susano commands the winds to blow, dealing 60,75,90,105,120 (+25% of your Physical Power) damage in a cone in front of him. Enemies in the center of the attack are pulled towards him.
Cost: 80/75/70/65/60. Cooldown: 18s.

s3.pngJet Stream

Susano throws forward a gust of air which creates a whirlwind, dealing 20,35,50,65,80 (+30% of your Physical Power) damage every .75s for 3s. He may activate this ability again to teleport to the whirlwind. If the initial gust hits an Enemy, the whirlwind surrounds and travels with them, and teleporting to the Enemy reduces this cooldown to 6s.
Cost: 45/50/55/60/65. Cooldown: 17/16/15/14/13s.


Susano summons a hurricane at his location that pulls Enemies towards the center while growing to up to twice its size. Susano may activate this ability again to launch the storm in the direction he is facing, knocking up opponents in its path and dealing 160,210,260,310,360 (+140% of your Physical Power).
Cost: 80/85/90/95/100. Cooldown: 100s.


New Avatar

#AlliedStrong icon

With the 3.8 patch, enter code: #AlliedStrong to show your support and receive this Avatar Icon.

2016 Season Ticket Update

We are doing our first update to the 2016 Season Ticket to include new content unlocks! We will continue to do updates to the 2016 Season Ticket throughout the year, with the next one happening after the Masters at Dreamhack.

  • Enigma Chest Roll (8000 FP)
  • Vicious Apollo (8500 FP)
  • Undying Chest Roll (9000 FP)

Conquest Map change

“We’re making a number of changes to Conquest this patch, based on feedback we’ve received since the start of Season 3. While overall the Season 3 meta changes have been very successful, Conquest in particular has lost some enjoyment, especially in the jungling role. We want to empower Junglers once more, and let them spend more time roaming the Jungle.

The biggest change is the return of the Speed buff from Season 2. The return of speed buff will allow junglers to roam more easily and disrupt multiple lanes. We took a lot of feedback on this issue before making the decision to bring it back, but at the end of the day we think the game will be more enjoyable with Junglers having a dedicated buff again, and that was mirrored in the responses we received from the community.

The relocation of back Harpies will help to solve some issues with the jungle being too accessible at all times. The map will also see some improvements to quality of life with changes to the Boars and Fire Elementals.

Overall these changes should lead to Junglers being able to make more interesting decisions, feel more relevant in all lanes, and have more dedicated sources of farm for them to stay relevant as an individual role.”

The Conquest Jungle is seeing a few adjustments in this patch.

  • Added Speed Camp back to the Jungle.
    • This buff has been placed at the current Mana Camp Location.
  • Removed short lane Boar Camp.
  • Moved Mana Camp to the short lane Boar Camp location.
  • Increased Boar XP from 83 to 105
  • Increased Boar Gold from 29 to 50
  • Fire Elementals give 45 XP and 30 Gold each and are now a single camp.
  • Moved the Back Harpy camp back to it’s original Season 2 location.
  • Back Harpy respawn timer adjusted from 110 seconds to 80 seconds.
  • Boar respawn timer adjusted from 110 seconds to 180 seconds.


  • Consumables now appear on a tree similar to the Relics tree.
  • Increased the timeout threshold of the emote spam filter from 5 emotes every 10 seconds to 10 emotes every 10 seconds.
    • Players who spam incredibly fast will now bypass this filter on their local machine only and will continue to hear all emotes until they stop, which will then initiate the timeout period. Any players within range will only ever hear 10 emotes.
  • Adjusted the probability players receive skins from chests.
    • For the following small chests all items will now have an equal chance to receive any item in the chest.
      • Above the Law
      • Pedal to the Metal
      • Summer Chest
      • Final Frontier
      • Warriors Will
      • Cutesy Chest
      • Gentleman
      • Martial Arts
      • Halloween
      • Valentines
      • New Years
      • Holiday Chest
      • Musketeer Chest
      • Yeti Chest
      • Fortune Chest
      • Independence Chest
      • Spring Holiday
      • Colossal
      • Liberty
      • International Chest
      • Spring Festival
      • Hunter’s Chest
    • For the following large chests we have significantly increased the chance players will receive a skin, and even more significantly increased the chance players will receive the chest exclusive skin.
      • Pandamonium
      • Rascal
      • Valiant
      • Enigma
      • Sensational
      • Deep Sea
      • Ragnarok
      • Odyssey
      • Summer Event
      • Spectacular


Loki_Assassinate-150x150.png Assassinate


As Loki kill three or more enemy gods from behind.

Loki_MadeYouLook-150x150.png Made You Look


As Loki get the killing blow on an enemy with your Decoy.

Medusa_LookAtMe-150x150.png Look at Me! 


As Medusa stun three or more enemy gods using Petrify.

Medusa_SoSlippery-150x150.png So Slippery


As Medusa deliver the killing blow to an enemy using Lacerate.

Zeus_WatchItBounce-150x150.png Watch it Bounce


As Zeus kill an enemy God on the fourth bounce of Chain Lightning.

Zeus_Detonate-150x150.png Detonate


As Zeus kill three or more enemies who have three charges on them with Detonate.


Item Changes



“Bloodforge is receiving a new identity to separate it from Devourer’s Glove. The new Bloodforge will act as a mid to late game luxury items focused around Physical Assassins, offering a lot of base power in addition to a boost of speed and a shield upon getting a kill. Assassins who want to jump into a fight and pick off a single target are going to enjoy this item which allows for the potential for continued aggression or a safer exit strategy.”

  • Increase cost from 2265 → 2850.
  • Increased power from 40 → 75 Power.
  • New Passive – Killing an enemy god forges a shield from their blood with health equal to 200 + 10 per Player Level for 20s. While the Blood Shield is active you gain +20% movement speed.

Gem of Isolation

“Gem of Isolation is a fun utility item for mages that helps them bring additional control to a team, but was often too prohibitive cost wise to build.”

  • Reduced cost from 2850 → 2700.

Golden Bow
  • Increased power from 40 → 55
  • Reduced cost from 2380 → 2330

Heartward Amulet
  • Increased magical protection from 40 → 45.

Hide of the Nemean Lion
  • Fixed the tooltip incorrectly stating it reflected damage as magical damage. It reflects damage as Physical damage.

Mail of Renewal
  • Fixed an issue where all player deployables were proccing Mail of Renewal.

Rod of Asclepius

“Rod Of Asclepius is receiving two noticeable increases this patch. Rod Of Healing, the item it builds from, is receiving a weaker version of the aura and Rod of Asclepius is going to be slightly stronger at providing health and increased healing. This should make this item easier to build into and more effective once it has been purchased.”

  • Increased Health from 200 → 250.
  • Increased Aura from 20% → 25% healing.

Rod of Healing
  • New Passive: AURA – The healing and Health regeneration of allies within 70 units is increased by 10%.

Runic Shield

“This change, along with the Witchblade change below, is the continued effort to encourage players to build towards the situation and reward them for that decision with efficient buys.”

  • Reduced cost from 2250 → 2150.

Spectral Armor
  • Added an effect for when the Passive is active.

Stone of Gaia
  • Increased MP5 from 10 → 15.

Wind Demon

“Wind Demon is seeing a change of design in this patch. Anti-healing on crit was simply not enticing for players who wanted to prioritize crit, as those characters would either buy Brawler’s Beatstick or rush for more damaging options. Highlighting that second aspect, Wind Demon will now provide increased attack speed and movement speed upon critting an enemy, allowing characters to deal more damage upon critting and provide tools to give those players better positioning.”

  • New Passive – Your Critical Hits increase your attack speed and movement speed for 20% for 5s.

  • Reduced cost from 2200 → 2050.

God Changes


“Artemis traps now show a warning indicator rather than a visible trap for enemies viewing it. Once triggered, the visible trap will appear as normal. We’ve taken this approach to solve visibility issues across her various skins that have different thematic traps.”

1748_7970.jpgTransgressor’s Fate

Updated the hidden trap FX to look more consistent across all Artemis Skins.


“Chaac is receiving some additional love to help him compete more directly with other Warriors. An increase to his slow, as well as making his Ultimate more punchy, especially in the early game, should allow him to more regularly box and secure kills on his enemies.”

1966_9502.jpgRain Dance

Increased Slow from 15/20/25/30/35% → 20/25/30/35/40%.

1966_9558.jpgStorm Call

Increase base damage from 150/200/250/300/350 → 200/250/300/350/400.


“Freya is receiving a very focused change that is both a buff and a quality of life improvement. By increasing the pulse duration by 1 second we ensure that Freya will never have leftover Irradiate time.”


Increased duration of pulse from 5s  6s.


1677_7557-e1436203456102.jpgPower of the Wind Jewel

Fixed an issue where Kukulkan’s Passive would not get modified by Rod Of Tahuti’s Passive.


“Nemesis excels as a late game executor, focused on shredding assassins and tanks alike. We feel she currently does well in this role, but her early game is too punishing to allow her to reach this point of the game. Increasing her Passive as well as allowing Divine Judgement to steal 50% protections at all rank should give Nemesis more potency in the early stages of the game while still keeping her the late-game focused assassin that she currently is.”

Icons_Nemesis_Passive.pngScales of Fate

Increased Power Gain and Power Loss from 4% → 6%.

1980_9686.jpgDivine Judgement

Increased Protection stealing from 30/35/40/45/50% → 50% at all ranks.


“Raijin is seeing a mixture of quality of life improvements and small positive adjustments. We’ve fixed an issue with Percussive Storm being improperly silenced and interrupted, while also making it more usable and reliable for Raijin. Raijin will no longer be interrupted out of his Thunder Crash if hit with a hard CC after he has become invisible. Finally Taiko Drums will now allow for more time to make smart decisions, and should feel less restrictive. Raijin has been performing under the curve, and we feel these changes will put him in a better place without directly increasing his burst potential.”

Icons_Raijin_A01.pngPercussive Storm

Increased projectile speed from 100 → 115.

Fixed an issue where this ability would not stop upon being silenced.

Icons_Raijin_A03.pngThunder Crash

Removed Raijin’s collision during his pre-fire. (while invisible)

Raijin will no longer be able to be stunned/silenced/etc. once he has become invisible.

Icons_Raijin_A04.pngTaiko Drums

Time in air increased from 3s → 4.5s

Reduce movement penalty from 75% → 40%.


Mystic Rush2065_11639.jpg

Increased radius from 12 → 15.

Updated tooltip to correctly indicate it as a Leap instead of a Dash.


“Skadi and Kaldr have been performing well, with a large portion of damage and power coming from Kaldr. While we like the dynamic, we wanted to tone down Kaldr’s damage some to make him more manageable to play against.”

Icons_Skadi_A023.jpgRune of the Hunt

Decreased Kaldr’s Basic Attack Damage from 60/60/80/80/100/100% 50/50/70/70/90/90%.


“A bit of a give in take on Vamana; we’re decreasing the scaling on Armored Umbrella and increasing the scaling on Ubrellarang. Vamana has many strengths from his ability to dish out damage, control a fight, and sustain in his ultimate. This shift is to better balance his damage across all his abilities.”

1723_7721.jpgArmored Umbrella

Reduced Physical Power Scaling from 100% → 70%.


Increased Physical Power Scaling from 40% Per hit → 50% Per Hit.

Xing Tian

“Xing Tian is seeing the balance of his kit shifted around, but we overall wanted to bring him up in strength. By making his ultimate more well defined for enemy players to play around, we felt comfortable bringing back some of the strength of his main abilities. Furious Roar’s damage now happens over a longer period but will end up stronger in the end, and Hook Slam’s Root has been brought back allowing Xing Tian more control over enemy players in a fight.”


Fixed an issue where Xing Tian’s Ultimate could get stuck on the Joust Map.


Furious Roar

Increased duration from 1/2/2/3/3 → 1/2/3/4/4.

Decreased dot damage from 4% per second → 3% per second.

Increased base damage from 70/100/130/160/190 → 80/115/150/185/210.

Icons_XingTian_A02hookslam.pngHook Slam

This ability now roots instead of slows on the slam hit.

XingTian_WhirlwindOfRageAndSteel.jpgWhirlwind of Rage and Steel

Increased casting time from .72s → 1.25s.

There is a new animation for casting of the ultimate.

This ability now deals 25/45/65/85/105 + 35% per hook, rotation, and throw.

Cooldown reduced from 100s → 90s.


New God Skins


Scarlet Storm


Vicious Apollo


Riftshaker Janus
Joki Loki


Last Laugh Loki

This Limited Skin is available for free in the Jokes on you Bundle when you purchase Joki Loki. This offer ends June, 1st 2016.


Jag.Rar Xbalanque


Red Vengeance Nemesis


Raijin Masteries

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A bit late but here it is: Patch Notes 3.9. This one's a bit more bug fixes than new stuff but we get enough new stuff to make it worthwhile. They even rebuilt Ratatoskr. Happy Smiting, everyone!

Original post: https://www.smitegame.com/console-3-9-patch-notes/

New console features

  • Loading Screens
    • New match loading screens received an improved layout making them easier to read.

Ratatoskr Rework


2063_11490.jpgPassive: Acorn of Yggdrasil

Ratatoskr spawns with a powerful Magic Acorn from the World Tree in his inventory, replacing his item slot for boots. He can upgrade this acorn through the item store from anywhere on the map to increase his Power and Movement Speed. The fully upgraded acorn adds self healing (20 + 40% of your Physical Power) to his abilities.


Ratatoskr dashes forward, damaging (100/140/180/220/260) to 80% of your Physical Power) and slowing enemies (20/25/30/35/40%) for 3s. Dart pierces through minions and stops at the first god hit. Also, Dart’s cooldown is reduced by 2s for each enemy god hit by Flurry or Acorn Blast. Cost: 50/55/60/65/70. Cooldown: 12s.



Ratatoskr spins around in a flurry of attacks, damaging nearby enemies (25/40/55/70/85 + 20% of your Physical Power) and reducing their Physical Protections (2/3/4/5/6) up to 4 times. Cost: 60/65/70/75/80. Cooldown: 12s.

2063_11475.jpgAcorn Blast

Ratatoskr shoots a blast of three acorns forward in a cone, each dealing (50/65/80/95/110 + 30% of your Physical Power) damage. Enemies hit by more than one acorn will take additional damage and enemies hit by all 3 acorns are stunned for 1s. Cost: 60. Cooldown: 15s

2063_11492.jpgThrough The Cosmos

Ratatoskr charges up then leaps from the ground to a branch above his head. He may jump to 2 more branches before choosing a landing location. Upon landing he deals (200/260/320/380/440 + 70% of your Physical Power) damage and Knocks up enemies. Through the Cosmos can be canceled or timed out from any of the branches, causing Ratatoskr to strike down at the current target location. Cost: 100. Cooldown: 90s.


New God Skins


Einherjar Chaac


Storm Jarl Chaacc


Valkali Kali


Blood Jarl Kali


Sand warden anhur


Searing Sun Hou Yi


Skadi Mastery Skins

New Avatar

Cutesy Freya



Event – Viking Invasion

Viking Invasion Bundle

  • Einherjar Chaac (Required to unlock Storm Jarl Chaac)
  • Valkalli Kali (Required to unlock Blood Jarl Kali)
  • Access to embark on the Viking Invasion Questline!
  • Viking Stein Ward
  • Viking Altar Pedestal
  • Viking Invasion Loading Frame
  • Ymir Announcer Pack
  • Norse Seafarer Music Theme

Unlock all of the following throughout the Viking Invasion Questline

  • Limited Chaac Storm Jarl and Kali Blood Jarl Skins
  • Bonus Favor Rewards
  • Two Viking Chests
    • These chests will contain a guaranteed Norse God Skin.


  • Corrected an issue where some gods were being forced into Restricted Camera Pitch during their ultimates.
  • Updated the Icon for Fire Giant’s slow from Magma Blast


Janus_WatchYourStep Watch Your Step


As Janus make your opponents fall through fifteen different portals in one match.

Janus_NoScope No Scope


As Janus hit at least two enemy gods with your ultimate at max distance.

Scylla_IamaMonster Yes, I’m a Monster


As Scylla reset your Ultimate three or more times in a single use.

Scylla_GotYou Got You!


As Scylla use Sic’em to root three enemy gods.

Susano_CalmBeforeTheStorm Calm Before the Storm


As Susano Pull three or more enemies with a single use of Wind Siphon.

Susano_WeatherTheStorm Weather The Storm


As Susano Use a basic anytime while Storm Kata is activated.


Item Changes

Mystical Mail


“Mystical Mail was underwhelming for it’s cost, especially when compared to items with more direct health or protections on either end of the spectrum. By reducing the cost and providing a small bump to it’s Physical Protection we expect it fall into a better spot.”

  • Reduced cost from 2850 → 2700.
  • Increased Physical protection from 30 → 40.

Soul Eater

“Soul Eater is an item that allows for players to gain a large amount of stats, and then expend them in an emergency situation to stay alive. At a 50% health threshold to activate, and at 1% per stack; the payoff for losing your stacks often was not impactful enough and happened too early in a fight. These changes should address these issues.”

  • Reduced health threshold for passive to activate from 50% → 25%.
  • Increased health returned from passive per stack from 1% → 1.5%.

Golden Sash

“Warlock’s Sash is an item that is often used on mages who wish to be tankier, or who need to be tankier in places like the Solo lane, but needed to be rushed to be effective. By reducing the cost of Golden Sash players can build this item early more comfortably, allowing for some more diversity in items in the early game Magic users.”

  • Cost reduced from 1450 → 1350.
  • Health reduced from 200 → 175.
  • Mana reduced from 200 → 175.


Spectral Armor
  • Fixed an issue where this item’s Passive could be activated without using a Relic.

God Changes


“Flame Wave will now burn players a little bit harder, allowing Agni a bit of extra firepower in the mid and late game.”

1737_7811.jpgFlame Wave

Increased scaling from 50% → 65%.

Ao Kuang

Ability - Dragon CallFlame Wave

Fixed an issue where this ability would incorrectly hit non-highlighted targets.



“Cabrakan is seeing a few changes that are part QoL and part increased effectiveness. Shadow Zone will now affect himself, providing him a boost in survivability. Seismic Crush and Refraction Shield are also seeing their base damage scalings made consistent per level. Overall Cabrakan should see more consistent output with a small adjustment upwards in damage.”

2008_10252.jpgShadow Zone

Now affects Cabrakan Himself.

2008_10453.jpgSeismic Crush

Changed Damage from 100/125/175/225/275 (50%) → 100/145/190/235/280 (50%).

2008_10262.jpgRefraction Shield

Changed Damage from 90/160/200/260/330 (50%) → 100/160/220/280/340 (50%).


“Cupid’s ultimate should now avoid being interrupted after the cast has occurred. This will help Cupid make sure Fields of Love happens exactly when he means for it to happen, while still keeping him casting for the same duration he currently does.”

1778_8233.jpgFields of Love

Reduced casting time from .3 → 0.

Increased recovery time from .1 → .4.


“Fenrir now has more mana to leap, claw, and bite his enemies with; giving him some extra uses of his abilities in the early game.”


Base Mana increased from 200 → 230.

Base MP5 increased from 3.7 → 4.2.


1649_9484.jpgMarked for Death

Updated tooltip for clarity.  

Fixed Kali is receiving Bloodforge passive on assists if the target is her passive mark.

Fixed an issue where Kali was getting the wrong XP and Gold values on assists of her marked targets.



Increased the saturation of Joki Loki and Last Laugh Loki



The Achievement “Look at me!” will now be awarded if you “stun three or more Gods with Petrify” OR you “kill three or more Gods with Petrify”.


“Poseidon is a character that often wants to maintain high levels of his Tide to be mobile and effective around the map. By reducing both the Tidal Meter and Mana cost of Tidal Surge and Whirlpool, Poseidon players will find themselves often in a slightly better position at key points in the game.”

1881_8701.jpgTidal Surge

Reduce Mana cost from 70/80/90/100/110 → 60/70/80/90/100.

Reduced Tidal Meter Cost from 35% → 30%.


Reduce Mana cost from 70/80/90/100/110 → 60/70/80/90/100.

Reduced Tidal Meter Cost from 25% → 20%.


Icons_Raijin_A04-1.pngTaiko Drums

Fixed an issue where some circumstances caused Raijin’s ultimate to deal an incorrect amount of damage.




Corrected an issue where Kaldr’s health bar would scale properly with distance.

Fixed an issue with Kaldr’s health bar in Spectator.



Fixed an issue where Susano could get inside of Towers or Phoenixes.

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Really like the new achievements.

Thanks for posting the patch notes!


likes this

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Hey guys, with the new update we're seeing some really awesome additions including a clan system in-game! Now we can unite beyond the party system and earn rewards through everyone playing. Among that we have a new playable character, some health items seeing much-needed buffs.. this looks like a really fun update with lots of features for everyone to enjoy. That said what are you waiting for? Get out there and unleash havoc!

A little extra tidbit: Fafnir's base skin costs a single favor. Fitting for a character so greedy he'd kill before parting with a single gold shilling.

New Console Features

  • Clan System
    • Create or join clans and work together to earn honor points.
    • At Clan level 3, unlock the Clan Store and roll the treasure chests for a chance to earn the exclusive shadow skins.
    • Coming Soon – Clan Avatars and direct invites
  • Marketplace UI Overhaul
    • The SMITE Store has been expanded to be more in line with the PC version. Players will be able to search for and find all gods, skins, bundles, etc. for sale in one consolidated menu.
  • Bug Fixes
    • PS4 ONLY: An issue with the custom match menu on PS4 has been resolved and the custom match feature has been re-enabled.

Fafnir, Lord of Glittering Gold


139243471697056.HPEX2fqRHYxV1WEHURvy_heiPassive: Endless Greed

Fafnir gains 4 bonus gold from all minions, structures, kills and assists. Fafnir also gains bonus Protections based on the amount of gold he is currently holding.

139243471697046.lTbkB1q2zEnEONpJlpaD_heiCurse Strength

Fafnir hurls his hammer forward, dealing damage (100/140/180/220/260 +50% of your Magical Power) to enemies in its path. If Fafnir hits a god the hammer stops short and Stuns them for 1s. The Stunned god also radiates out a cursed pulse, Slowing (20/25/30/35/40%) them and nearby enemies for 3s. Cost: 60/65/70/75/80. Cooldown: 15s.

In dragon form, this ability deals increased damage (50/70/90/110/130 +25% of your Magical Power) that ticks every second for 3s. Also, the cursed pulse shreds Protections (20/25/30/35/40%) in addition to Slowing.



Fafnir coerces his allies into fighting harder, boosting Attack Speed (10/20/30/40/50%) for 5s and healing himself (50/80/110/140/170 +40% of your Magical Power). While Coerce is active Fafnir does additional bonus Magic Damage (5/10/15/20/25% of the target’s power.) whenever the affected ally damages an enemy. Cost: 50s. Cooldown: 13s.

In dragon form, This ability has a larger area of effect and can buff multiple allies.

139243471697052.n4D25I4bN8APkbJlQ9pl_heiUnderhanded Tactics

Fafnir leaps to a target location and executes a despicable strike, dealing damage (80/120/160/200/240 + 60% of your Magical Power) and disarming enemies in front of him for 2s. Cost: 70s. Cooldown: 18s.

In dragon form, Fafnir can leap much further. Also, this ability deals increased damage (40/60/80/100/120 + 30% of your Magical Power) that ticks every second for 3s and Fafnir Stuns the enemy closest to him for 2s in addition to Disarming.

139243471697060.vxC2PMHo3IVabYGB9Xz4_heiDragonic Corruption

Fafnir transforms into a terrifying dragon and is untargetable during the process. When he emerges in dragon form, nearby enemies are poisoned, taking damage (80/100/120/140/160 + 40% of your Magical Power) every second for 3s. He remains in this form for a duration or until the ability is activated again. As a dragon, his abilities have additional effects and his basic attack changes to a Dragon Breath that deals damage (10/15/20/25/30 + 10% of your Magical Power) 3 times per second. Dragon Breath can not proc item hit effects. Cost: 100. Cooldown: 90s.


New God Skins


Aphra Cabadra Aphrodite



Ski Patrol Skadi



Demon King Ravana



Nile Stalker Sobek



Wyrm Slayer Ullr



Covetous Fafnir



Jing Wei Mastery Skins






Aphrodite_MyLovelyLadyBirds-300x300.png My Lovely Lady Birds


As Aphrodite get the killing blow with the damage from your birds.

Aphrodite_KissMe-300x300.png Kiss Me! 


As Aphrodite apply your kiss to every God in the match. This includes allies and enemies.

Nox_WhereDidIGo-300x300.png Where Did I Go?


As Nox remain inside an ally for 8 Seconds.

Nox_EmbracetheDarkness-300x300.png Embrace the Darkness


As Nox use Siphon Dark and Shadowlock to deliver the killing blow to at least 3 enemies in one match.

Ratatoskr_GoNuts-300x300.png Got Nuts? 


As Ratatoskr stun three or more opponents at once with Acorn Blast.

Ratatoskr_LookOutBelow-300x300.png Look Out Below!


As Ratatoskr knock up three or more enemy gods at once with Through the Cosmos.





  • Fixed an issue with TP Gains/Losses when teams that were expected to win were on a certain side of the map.
    • “Due to this change, we will be doing a “Soft” reset of everyone about 100 TP in Diamond 1 and Grandmasters. This reset will be a flat % reduction that varies by the platform and the queue type. This is meant to reduce players who gained a large amount of points they should not have earned while still maintaining the current ranking. As an example, someone with 2,000 TP in Conquest Ranked on Console will be reduced by 75%, reducing that player to 350 TP.”
    • Console (To be applied in 3.10 for Console)
      • Conquest Ranked: -75%
      • Joust Ranked: -50%
      • Duel Ranked: -75%
  • Increase the weighting from +- 5 to +-8 for TP gains when teams are unevenly matched.
    • “To explain this change we want to give clarity to how TP as a whole works. Every game the amount of TP earned or lost is modified based on the expected outcome of a match was as well as how far a player’s MMR is from the division they “should” be in. All players begin at 11 TP and then lose or gain points based off these metrics and are then adjust up to +-5 based on how fair the match was (+-0 if 50/50) and +-6 if you are not in the division your MMR would suggested. In previous patches players could earn +- 5 points based on whether or not they were favored for a given match, and this has been increased to +- 8. ”
  • Fixed whispers after every game
  • Fixed Sol’s achievement “Disparate” having an incorrect description on Steam.




Item Changes


Gauntlet of Thebes


“These items aren’t seeing as much play as expected, so they are all receiving a small bonus to their primary stat: Health. Health items have high power potential, so adjustments to this tree will be small and careful.”

  • Increased Health from 350400.

Mail of Renewal
  • Increased Health from 350400.

Stone of Gaia
  • Increased Health from 350400.




God Changes

Ah Muzen Cab


“AMC players have a lot of flexibility on when and where to place Hives, and this reduction should make that process more convenient.”

Cooldown Reduced from 16s14s



Fixed an issue where Calydonian Boar would be untextured on the Recon Artemis Skin.



Fixed an issue with the duration on this ability not matching the buff timer.

He Bo


“HeBo’s low cooldowns define him as a mage. Waterspout’s reduced mana costs will allow him to better fit this specialty. ”

Mana cost reduce from 70/80/90/100/11065/70/75/80/85.



“Kukulkan excels when he is able to maintain proper spacing between himself and enemies, especially towards the late game. By reducing Slipstreams cooldown per rank Kukulkan will more often have one of his spacing tools available to him.”

Reduced Cooldown from 15s15/14/13/12/11s.


“Ratatoskr has had a fairly powerful release, so we are looking to take away some of his power throughout the game. In addition to his hotfix adjustment Dart is seeing a base damage decreased while Flurry is seeing adjustments in its cooldown and protection shred. We will continue to monitor the new Ratatoskr closely to ensure he is in a healthy balance spot.”


Base damage reduced from 100/140/180/220/26080/120/160/200/240.


Cooldown increased from 12s14s.

Protection Debuff Reduced from 2/3/4/5/62/2/3/3/4.


ThunderCrash.pngThunder Crash

“Raijin is a character who has a lot of potential to disrupt and poke out enemies, and when choosing to use his escape ability offensively with Raiju he can have some hefty burst as well. With this change we want to limit the amount of burst that comes from the easiest to confirm combo.”

Lightning Damage reduced from 20/30/40/50/6020/25/30/35/40.

Thunder Damage reduced from 40/60/80/100/12040/50/60/70/80.


StormKata.pngStorm Kata

“Storm Kata when combined with Bluestone Pendant was allowing Susano to control the pace of the early game. By removing some of the edge on Storm Kata and removing its ability to proc Bluestone Pendant (and other item effects) twice, players should find more room to play against this mobile assassin.

Scaling reduced from 90% → 80% on both hits.

No longer procs multiple item affects (like Bluestone Pendant) more than once.

Fixed an issue with this ability when ranked up mid use.

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Another update, another new addition: Coupons! Plus a well-needed Rat nerf. There's a lot more and as per usual they're right here for your ease of access. Hope everyone enjoys this update and continues having fun with SMITE! So get out there and crack some nuts!

New Console Features

  • Undo button added to the in game store.
  • In game store browsing now wraps around when scrolling left and right for each item category.
  • Minor bug fixes in the new clans menu.
  • Users can scroll through multiple quests now.




New God Skins


Expelled Hel 


Sun Wu Xing Sun wukong 



Duke Dan De Lyons Anhur



Squirrel Squad Ratatoskr 



Centurion Mercury



Susano mastery skins





Ah puch
AhPuch-RiseMyPretties-244x300.png Rise My Pretties


As Ah Puch, release 100 Zombies in one match.

AhPuch-CorpseakaLandmines-293x300.png Corpses aka Landmines 


As Ah Puch, blow up and hit an enemy with 6 corpses in one cast of Corpse Explosion.

Fafnir-TakeThat-214x300.png Take That


As Fafnir, slow or kill three or more enemy gods at a single time using Cursed Strength

Fafnir-GetToWork-257x300.png Get To Work


As Fafnir, boost all of your allies’ Power and Attack Speed in a single match using Coerce.

Fenrir-EndOfDays-272x300.png End Of Days


As Fenrir, have an ally kill an enemy God that you have grabbed using Ragnarok.

Fenrir-UnleashTheBeast-300x287.png Unleash The Beast


As Fenrir, stun or kill at least three enemies with a single use of Unchained.




CutesyAMC.png Cutesy Ah Muzen Cab





  • The “Escape” Menu has undergone a visual update.
  • Implemented a pop-up notification for when you receive a chat/friend notification while Smite is not in focus.
  • Implemented a Coupon System for purchases
    • We will be starting our Beta run of a new “Coupon” system we have been working on. Starting this patch, certain purchases will trigger a bonus coupon for users which they can immediately redeem to gain a discount or bonus on their next purchase.
      • Example: In this patch, users who buy the Infiltrator Loki skin and do not own the voice pack or Loki, will receive a 50% discount for the Voice Pack if they choose to redeem it.
    • The important things to note are that Coupons will only be rewarded for things we set up and flat (no automation), and that Coupons will have an internal cooldown so they won’t happen back to back. This is our first round of implementation and we are going to be watching it closely to see how it performs and collect any feedback on the system.
  • Update Unlock Button in God’s Page to be more visible.




Item Changes




  • Reduced Movement Speed from 20% → 10% when the Blood Shield is active.

Demonic Grip
  • Stacks now provide 12% reduction and cap at 3 stacks, changed from 8% reduction at 4 stacks.

The Executioner

“Both Executioner and Demonic Grip are seeing an increase in the amount of shred they provide per stack, at the cost of one stack. This should allow these items to provide their benefit more quickly (as well as share the shred with your team), allowing them to better compete with other pen options.”

  • Stacks now provide 12% reduction and cap at 3 stacks, changed from 8% reduction at 4 stacks.


Throwing Dagger

“Throwing Dagger (as well as Golden Bow, both directly and indirectly) are receiving a downward adjustment. Throwing Dagger has found a place in allowing more hunters to flourish and this is something that we like, but we want to ensure it remains balanced within the realm of other popular hunter starts and ensure players can choose a start that best suits their style of play.”

  • Reduced Physical Power from 25 → 15.


Golden Bow
  • Reduced Physical Power from 55 → 50.


Mark of the Vanguard

“Mark of the Vanguard is seeing a few adjustments to make it a more enticing start option. By moving the Magical Protection to raw Physical Protections and adding a small amount of sustain, this item is better equipped to deal with early game physical damage from minions and other physical characters.”

  • Removed Magical Protections
  • Physical Protection increased from 5 → 10.
  • Added 5 HP5


Soul Reaver

“With Soul Reaver we wanted to adjust two key issues. The first was readability, so the visual effect for those who get hit by it was adjusted to be easier to see. The second issue was that often players who go Soul Reaver would have to restrict themselves from dealing damage to “save” their burst. While knowing when to use this passive is key for the item, allowing it to happen more often can enable players to feel less punished on spending the proc if they find a good chance. To compensate for this, the passive damage is going down slightly for Soul Reaver.”

  • Updated Visual FX
  • Passive Damage reduced from 15% → 10%.
  • Passive Cooldown reduced from 60s → 40s.




God Changes

Ao Kuang

2034_106451.jpgWater Illusion

“Water Illusion functions as a great escape tool that can punish enemies who get close, but in many cases the offensive use of this ability in conjunction with the damage from Wild Storm was giving him a bit too much damage. The base damage and scaling for this ability is receiving a hit to both adjust the early game and late game use of this ability.”

Damage reduced from 90/140/190/240/290 → 70/120/170/220/270

Magical Power Scaling reduced from 70% → 60%

Jing Wei

ExplosiveBoltsJingWei.pngExplosive Bolts

Fixed an issue where Explosive Bolts could miss enemies at max range.


2000_9953.jpgJudgement Tether

“Judgement Tether is one of Osiris’ primary tools at engaging enemies, either forcing them to flee or reducing damage for enemies who choose to stay. We are reducing the cooldown of this skill to allow Osiris to have more opportunities to use this ability in a given engagement.”

Cooldown reduced from 18s → 15s


“The Sly Messenger is receiving an additional adjustment around his passive. We are reducing his Heal to better position it as a light sustain tool rather than a semi-potent burst heal. Additionally we are fixing a hitbox issue with Acorn Blast that will impact his performance, notably making the Acorn Blast stun more difficult to confirm at middle to far ranges.”

2063_11490.jpgAcorn  Of Yggdrasil

Healing reduced from 20 → 15

Scaling reduced from 40% → 30%

Ability - Acorn BlastAcorn  Blast

Fixed an issue where the hitbox of the acorn projectiles were too large and not matching their visual FX.


“With this patch we wanted to help make enemies who are fighting him have the tools to keep track of him in an engagement, as well as look to tone down some of the damage and cooldown reduction in Storm Kata and Jet Stream.”

StormKata-1.pngStorm Kata

Damage reduced from 70/105/140/175/210 → 55/90/125/160/195

Dash speed reduced

Fixed an issue with Susano’s targeter

JetStreamSusano.pngJet Stream

Updated the Sound FX for this ability’s teleport.

Increased cooldown of Jet Stream after Susano teleports to an enemy from 6s → 8s. This is still unaffected by cooldown reduction.


“Thanatos is receiving some love to his Soul Reap, allowing it to have more of an impact in the mid and late game where the windup for this ability can be more punishing.”

1943_9228.jpgSoul Reap

Scaling increased from 60% → 70%


“Hi! Ymir excels as a character that can bully players with his club and strong base damage abilities but he often struggled to maintain a powerful frontline presence in the mid and late game. Frostbite now decreases the damage dealt by those afflicted (in addition to what it already does) which should not only allow Ymir to survive in the front line more reliably, but give him a nice tool to help his team as the game progresses.”

 1670_7553.jpgFrost Bite

Enemies afflicted by Frost Bite now deal 10% less damage to all targets

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        And now we have an update I'm personally very excited for. They added a new character with transformations like Sun Wukong named Erlang Shen. Some relics were added, re-added from last season, and nerfed. My Shield of the Underworld is finally back! On top of that they added new items and removed the Golden Bow. That leaves so much possibility for hunters with their own lane clear to be separated from ones without on top of many other advantages. No longer will we see an Artemis clear a lane as fast as a Hou Yi everyone. But let's move on to the notes so you can read them yourself. Happy SMITE Summer Update everyone!


3.12 Hotfix Changes

  • Fixed a bug with Jing Wei where she would get stuck in a CC Immune state after using her Ultimate.
  • Lobby Music changed from Norse to Chinese.
  • Fixed an issue where players experienced FPS drops from Erlang Shen dying.
  • Updated Sprint Tooltip to reflect 3.12 change.
  • Fixed an issue where Slyvanus’ Verdant Growth was not giving MP5 as stated in the Patch Notes.
  • Fixed an issue where Vulcan’s new passive was giving too much MP5.
  • Fixed scaling on Hel’s Inspire.
  • Fixed issue with Erlang Shen’s Mana cost on Pin.

Erlang Shen : The Illustrious Sage


Icons_ErLangShen_Passive_1.jpgPassive: Howling Celestial Dog

Each time Erlang Shen hits an enemy with a Basic Attack, his dog hits as well for 15% of his Basic Attack power, which trigger items for Basic Attacks at 15% of their normal damage and can Critical Hit.

Icons_ErLangShen_A01_1.jpgSpot Weakness

Erlang Shen opens his third eye and analyzes the enemy’s strengths and weaknesses. When activated, Erlang Shen gains additional Physical Damage (+25/40/55/70/85 + 15% of your Physical Power) on each strike and ignores Basic Attack movement penalties for the duration for 5 seconds. While on Cooldown, successful Basic Attacks reduce the Cooldown of this ability. Cost : 60/65/70/75/80. Cooldown 14s.



Erlang Shen launches a spear that damages enemies (85/130/175/220/265 + 45% of your Physical Power) on impact. Enemies in the dead center of the effect when it lands are Crippled and Rooted in place for 1.15/1.3/1.45/1.6/1.75 seconds. Cost: 50/55/60/65/70. Cooldown: 12s.

Icons_ErLangShen_A03_1.jpg72 Transformations

Erlang Shen transforms into a Mink or Turtle and charges forward. Cost: 65/70/75/80/85. Cooldown: 18/17/16/15/14s.

Mink: Damages all enemies (90/150/210/270/330 + 85% of your Physical Power), stopping on the first god hit and increasing Attack Speed (+15/20/25/30/35%) for 6s.

Turtle: Knocks up all enemies in path dealing damage (75/125/175/225/275 +40% of your Physical Power) and gains a health shield (70/110/145/180/215) for 12s.

Icons_ErLangShen_A04_1.jpgUltimate : Nine Turns Blessing

Erlang Shen Taunts nearby Enemy gods, gaining Damage Mitigation (10/11.25/12.5/13.75/15%) for the next 4s. Afterward, if Erlang Shen is still alive he is healed for a flat amount (150/240/330/420/510) plus 20% of his Maximum Health. Cost: 80/85/90/95/100. Cooldown: 85s.


New God Skins



Rock-A-Bellona Bellona 


Chef’s Special Khepri 

Coming soon



Iron Maw Fenrir



Frostbound Skadi



illustrious erlang shen

New God Cards


heavy metal thor

New Avatars

 image (2) Cutesy Chef’s Special Khepri





Odin_CageFight-150x150.png Cage Match


As Odin kill four enemy Gods inside of your Ultimate, Ring of Spear.

Odin_BirdBomb-150x150.png Bird Bomb


As Odin kill fifteen enemies in a single match using Ravenshout and Lunge together.

Hercules_Ricochet-150x150.png Ricochet


As Hercules use Excavate to hit an enemy god twice, in one use, and kill them on the second hit.

Hercules_EarthBreaker-150x150.png Earthbreaker


As Hercules knock an enemy up five times in a single match using Earthbreaker.

ah muzen cab
AMC_HowSweet-150x150.png How Sweet


As AMC pick up five Stingers in a single match

AMC_Disarm Disarm


As AMC disarm an enemy God using Bees.




Summer of SMITE 2016

  • Summer of Smite is back! Over the next two months, we’ll be adding new content every week to unlock, as well as bonus rewards for unlocking a certain amount of items, plus a free Enigma Treasure Chest for every item purchased in the Summer of Smite event! The first unlock will be Rock-a-Bellona Bellona, with Chef’s Special Khepri, and the bonus loading frame coming out next week. 
  • Rock-a-Bellona Bellona
  • Chef’s Special Khepri  (coming soon)
  • Bonus Reward : New Loading Frame – Tropical Paradise  (coming soon)





  • The Item Store layout for Starter Items now matches our previous updates to Relics and Consumables.
  • Updated UI elements to make it more clear when you are in Auto Skill and Auto Buy modes.






“A variation of one of our favorite old Active Items has returned with a new name to fit the Relic scheme. The ability to reflect damage is especially effective on high HP characters vs. Hunters, Mages, and Assassins.”

  • Using this item reflects 40% of all damage you take, before mitigations, for the next 5s back to its owner as Magical Damage. Cooldown – 120s.

NEW RELIC: Phantom

“Players can now become a phantom at any time, passing through players and the obstacles they create. Phantom comes with an additional bonus that removes the movement penalty for basic attacking, allowing Hunters and Assassins to be extremely aggressive.”

  • Using this item allows you to pass through players and player made objects for 5s. It also grants a 100% reduction to Basic Attack Movement Penalty for the duration. Cooldown – 140s


“By reducing the time out of combat, Blink will now function better as an escape if distance is created, or a re-engage tool. With its increased Cooldown in Season 3, we want to ensure Blink still allows players to use it in multiple ways.”

  • Time out of combat before Blink can be used reduced from 5s3s.


“Curse has been a potent Relic, due to its powerful Slow and ability to counter healers very effectively. In combination with other Season 3 item changes, healers have been struggling to make an impact, so this aspect of Curse is being adjusted.”

  • Healing Reduction decreased from 65%50%.


  • Also applies a 20% Attack Speed increase for the duration


“Scout is meant to be a viable starting option for supports, but was often outclassed by other Relics. With Scout’s new ability, supports can use it as a gold source for warding the right spots. This should both improve the viability of the Relic as well as improve games by definitively rewarding skilled ward placement.”

  • Revealing enemy wards with Scout causes you to gain 25 gold per ward revealed.
  • Cooldown reduced from 140s120s.


  • Duration reduced from 6s5s.
  • Cooldown increased from 140s150s.


“We want Sunder to not only be a damaging ability, but reward players who hit the correct targets. Sunder will now provide an Attack Speed reduction to targets hit, as well as provide a more potent Protection shred. This allows Sunder to serve as a strong damage tool, as well as a serious debuff tool.”

  • Protection Reduction increased from 25%30%.
  • Also applies a 30% Attack Speed Reduction to the Sundered target.


“Teleport has long been a staple of the Solo Lane, creating interesting combat situations when used with wards and towers. With this change, we aim to increase the amount of counterplay so that Teleporting feels more tactical and calculated, rather than an emergency entrance or exit.”

  • Increased Channel time from 3s4s.


“Wrath is the primary Jungle control Relic, but hasn’t been picked up often by the Assassins or Guardians of SMITE. With the increased damage to jungle bosses and the added Stun, this Relic becomes much more versatile while still serving its original purpose of jungle camp clear.”

  • Using Wrath now Stuns nearby enemy gods for 1s.
  • Increased damage to Jungle bosses from 10001250.
  • Cooldown increased from 60s → 90s.
  • Updated from PTS: Cooldown increased from 90s120s.




Item Changes

image (5)NEW ITEM – Ritual Dagger

“Relic augmentation is something we are very excited to try. Ritual Dagger is launching with a set of stats that is useful to a wide array of gods, allowing for many different types of Relic based strategies. “

  • 1850 Gold
  • Updated from PTS: 1850 Gold → 2000 Gold.
  • +200 Health
  • +10% Cooldown Reduction
  • +20% Attack speed
  • +10% Movement Speed
  • NEW PASSIVE – Whenever you use a Relic, the duration of that Relic’s effects are increased by 50%

image (6)NEW ITEM – Emperor’s Armor

“The ability to strengthen and weaken towers is a new and potentially powerful effect. Emperor’s Armor will allow for Guardians, Warriors, or even some riskier tower divers to tip the odds in their favor when fighting around structures.”

  • 2200 gold
  • +250 Health
  • +30 Physical Protection
  • NEW PASSIVE – Aura – Enemy structures within 55 units have their attack speed decreased by 30%. Allied structures within 55 units have their attack speed increased by 30%.

Adventurer's Blade
  • Removed Crowd Control Reduction
  • Movement Speed increased from 7%10%.


“As an anti-Mage item for Warriors or Assassins, the additional damage from Ancile’s old Passive wasn’t proving very useful. Ancile now provides additional Magical Protection, as well as an additional form of Crowd Control. This added utility ensures that players who successfully ambush the enemy will have an extra advantage.”

  • Increased Magical Protection from 4060.
  • NEW PASSIVE – Whenever you take Magical Damage from an enemy ability you unleash a shockwave that Silences all enemies within a range of 20 units for 1s. This effect cannot trigger more than once every 60s.

Bancroft's Talon

“Bancroft’s Talon allows players who are at low Health to be a major threat, but players needed to be in extreme danger to feel the full benefits of this item. Making the Power buff max out earlier lets players use the risk and reward mechanics of this item more effectively. “

  • PASSIVE updated – The 100 Power from this item’s Passive will now be gained when at 25% HP, up from 0% HP.

“Early in Season 3 we made an adjustment to Golden Bow that shifted it from a niche item to a mainstay of Hunter builds. After review and a lot of community feedback, we don’t feel that this was a positive change for the overall balance of the game. Hunters with Throwing Dagger or Golden Bow are too good in all lanes at all points in the game. Hunters are the staple duo laner because they need help in the early game to reach their full power level in the lategame. Throwing Dagger and Golden Bow removed that progression, while also washing out the differences between each god in the Hunter class. Hunters with stronger clear potential suddenly saw their advantages nullified. Guardians with stronger clear to augment weak early game Hunters also saw less play. Moving forward without this item will allow there to be specific pros and cons to each Hunter, as well as make the class easier to balance. SMITE had many successful seasons without this item, and only a small amount of time where it dominated the meta. We feel strongly that SMITE’s core goals of pros and cons between different gods and different team comps will be much healthier without this item. We will keep a very close eye on Hunter balance going forward to ensure that there is a number of viable options.”

Golden Bow
  • Removed from the game


Throwing Dagger


  • Removed from the game


“Heartseeker’s Passive was not providing enough power to justify buying it. By allowing the +40 Power to persist for three seconds this item will provide much more of a punch to players who can land many attacks in rapid succession.”

  • NEW PASSIVE – Hitting an enemy with a Basic Attack helps you gain focus, increasing Attack Speed by +3% per stack (max 5 stacks). At 5 stacks your next ability cast consumes the stacks and provides an additional +40 Physical Power buff for 3s.

Runeforged Hammer

“Runeforged Hammer’s new passive is meant to synergize with front line Warriors. Gods that want to infiltrate the enemy formation will be able to use this item to effectively mark a target for death with a single Slow.”

  • NEW PASSIVE – Aura – Enemies who are within 20 units of you and are Slowed take 10% more damage from all sources

Genji's Guard
  • Updated Visual FX when triggered

Spectral Armor

“Ghostwalk was an interesting ability but attaching it to an expensive Physical Protection item made it very difficult to use. With the changes to Relics in this patch we kept the Relic interaction on Spectral Armor, but changed the effect to be cooldown reduction. Tanky characters can use this reduction to combo multiple abilities with the use of a Relic. “

  • NEW PASSIVE – When you activate a Relic your cooldowns are reduced by 3s. This effect can only occur once every 30 seconds.
  • Updated Visual FX when triggered




God Changes

Ah Muzen Cab

AMC is seeing an increase to his early game clear to solidify his position as a Hunter with powerful lane clear but limited mobility.”


AMC’s Basics Attacks offset distance has been reduced.


Increased damage from 8/21/34/47/6013/25/37/49/61.


“Anubis has a focused kit that relies on high damage output and pinpointed Crowd Control. With the changes to Mummify and Death Gaze these strengths are highlighted, allowing Anubis to have more control over the fights he commits to.”


Increased Base Movement Speed from 350360.



Reduced Cooldown from 18/17/16/15/14 → 16/15/14/13/12.


Death Gaze

Increased radius from 1.251.75.

Ao Kuang

“Ao Kuang can burst down gods in a variety of situations. With a full set of damaging abilities and an execute, it is important that players have some time to react to him. Dropping the damage on his easiest to confirm ability will help in that goal.”

2034_10736.jpgWild Storm

Damage decreased from 90/140/190/240/29080/125/170/215/260.


While this change to Arachne’s Web has balance implications, it’s primarily being driven around improving the feel for both Arachne and for players on the receiving end of the ability. Web provided little to no feedback for enemy players, as it is just dropped on top of them instantly hitting. It was hard to understand what happened and why it happened. This new version will allow enemies to better read Arachne’s actions, as well as provided more visceral feedback to Arachne players. This also adds a skill shot to Arachne, and with that extra difficulty the ability now always creates an initial web trail for her movement enhancement.”


Now fires as a projectile of Web and Spiders!

Arachne shoots a line of Web forward. She is Immune to Slows and moves faster on Web. If the Web reaches max range a Web trap will spawn. Enemy gods who walk through the trap or get hit by the projectile are Slowed by 25%, revealed to Arachne, leave a trail of Web behind them, and are attacked by Broodlings. Arachne can only have two Web traps active at a time and the Webs last 240s.


“Aphrodite is receiving a new Passive ability. Gods were considered for new passives based on community feedback and how the passive interacted with the kit. Her old passive only affected her Kiss ability, and has been relocated there. Her new Passive, Center of Attention, makes her increasingly harder to kill in large team fights, opening up her ability to support as a Mage. It also provides a unique bonus to her safety in that Aphrodite’s stack number can alert her to enemies looking to gank her from the jungle.”

Icons_Aphrodite_Passive.pngNew Passive – Center of Attention

Aphrodite gains 4 Physical Protections and 4 Magical Protections for each friendly and enemy god within 70 units of her. Stacks up to nine times.


Now provides 30% Mana Regeneration.


 1921_9123.jpgMoonflower Dance

Scaling on the healing portion of this ability increased from 30%40%.



“Fafnir was slightly underpowered launch, and will be getting some buffs to improve his abilities. Cursed Strength is designed to be a high risk high reward skill shot, so the Stun duration is being increased to make this worth the effort. Additionally, Dragon Breath is receiving a damage increase to make it more intimidating and help Fafnir confirm kills. Also, all of Fafnir’s DoTs in Dragon Form have had their timing changed to apply damage on the initial hit for better readability.”

139243471697050.jzUkZveJQ8QvPtLaEaGI_heiCursed Strength

Stun increased from 1s1.5s at all ranks.

Damage over Time in Dragon Form now deals damage at 0s, 1.5s, and 3s, instead of 1s, 2s, 3s.

139243471697046.lTbkB1q2zEnEONpJlpaD_heiUnderhanded Tactics

Damage over Time in Dragon Form now deals damage at 0s, 1.5s, and 3s, instead of 1s, 2s, 3s

139243471697060.vxC2PMHo3IVabYGB9Xz4_heiDragonic Corruption

Damage over Time  from dragon transformation now deals damage at 0s, 1.5s, and 3s, instead of 1s, 2s, 3s.

Dragon Breath: Increased Damage from 10/15/20/25/3020/25/30/35/40.

Guan Yu

“Guan Yu’s is gaining a new set of powerful tools to apply to different combat scenarios but his passive is being adjusted to only proc when at full stacks. Guan Yu has been locked into the role of group healer in the past but his new Passive will give him more ways to influence a team fight other than just healing.”

 1763_9150.jpgNew Passive – Painless

Each time Guan Yu deals -or receives damage he gains a stack. Stacks are gained from minions and gods. At max stacks the next ability used will have a boosted effect.

Maximum stacks increased from 2030.


Healing increased from 50/80/110/140/170100/160/210/280/340 when boosted by Painless.

1763_9147.jpgWarrior’s Will

Slow increased from 30%60% when boosted by Painless.

1763_10132.jpgTaolu Assault

Protection Steal increased from 2/4/6/8/103/6/9/12/15 when boosted by Painless.

1763_9177.jpgCavalry Charge

Slow increased from 20% to 40% and Stun increased from 1s2s when boosted by Painless.


“Hel is seeing a variety of buffs to help her compete with other Mages. Her utility and healing are her primary strengths, so those are being augmented even further to make her an attractive pick over a standard burst Mage. “

 1718_9188.jpgStance Attunement

Decreased time takes to fully charge a stance from 5 3 seconds.


Increased Slow from 10/15/20/25/30%20/25/30/35/40.


Scaling increased from 30%40%.

Movement Speed buff increased from 15/17.5/20/22.5/2525% at all ranks.

Ne Zha

“Similarly to Aphrodite, Ne Zha’s old Passive only affected one ability in a way that didn’t feel rewarding. The new Passive has a Critical Chance buff attached to it that rewards you for staying in combat. It also retains the heal from Flaming Spear but does not consume the stacks, removing the cumbersome trade-off of his old Passive.”

 Icons_NeZha_Passive.pngNew Passive – Righteous Spirit

Ne Zha gains stacks from successful Basic Attack and ability hit, and 2x stacks from Critical Hits. Each stack provides him with .5% crit chance. Stacks are lost after being out of combat for 5s.

1915_8800.jpgFlaming Spear

Now heals up to 15% of Ne Zha’s maximum HP depending on how many stacks of Righteous Spirit he has. (0.75% HP per stack).


“Odin’s new Passive fits his lore very well and gives him a unique killstreak play style. This ability triggers from the deaths of allied and enemy gods anywhere on the map, so Odin will be powering up anytime a fight is unfolding. His old Passive still exists as part of his Ultimate, rewarding players for confirming kills inside the Ring of Spears.”

 Icons_Odin_Passive.pngNew Passive – Path to Valhalla

Whenever any god dies on the battleground, Odin gains 10% movement speed and 10% power for 10s. This buff can stack up to five times.

Updated from PTS: Decreased Movement Speed, Power, and Duration from 10 to 8.

1669_10479.jpgRing of Spears

Odin gains permanent stacks of +5 Attack Power for each enemy god that dies inside the ring.



Removed Magical Protection scaling. 



Reduced HP per level from 7573

 2063_11475.jpgAcorn Blast

Reduced damage from 50/65/80/95/11040/55/70/85/100.


 2030_10571.jpgVerdant Growth

Reduce time seed take to sprout from 12s5s.

MP5 increased from 6/10/14/18/2020 at all ranks.


 1723_7746.jpgSleeping Giant

Tooltip edited to remove the descriptions related to his Ultimate.

1723_7723.jpgColossal Fury

Tooltip edited to include all functionality of this ability.


“After experimenting with a few different passives for Vulcan we found that the best feeling came from a passive that rewards what he does best, poke enemy gods. His new passive increases his mobility and provides positive feedback to players that prioritize damaging enemy gods. “

 Icons_Vulcan_Passive.pngNew Passive – Master Craftsman

Whenever Vulcan successfully hits an enemy god with an ability he gains +15 MP5 and 15% Movement Speed for 5s.


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I'm definitely going to work towards getting that Khepri "Chef" skin. Looks hilarious!!

likes this

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This update is more of a fixer-upper update. I'm a bit sad about their fix/nerf to Fafnir's ability to disarm enemies. The little damage buff potions have been removed until their reworking next update.

New Console Features

  • There are new additions to the Clan feature
    • Clan Avatars can be shared by the clan’s leader so that all members can equip the Avatar if they like.
    • Direct Clan Invites has been added so that players can directly invite other players into a clan.
    • Clans can now be restricted to invite only join types
  • The Spectate Matches features is back – (Xbox only)
  • The in game friends list UI has been updated to contain rich presence strings.
  • There are additional performance enhancements to reduce hitching in game.
  • Passwords have been added for custom matches.
  • A new controller layout has been added, “Legacy”.
    • This layout switches the left/right functionality of the left and right thumbsticks.




Freya Visual Update




Northern Light Freya


Valkyrie Freya


Freya Masteries




New God Skins


Land Shark SObek 
cHallenger Nu Wa


Vulcap’n Redbeard Vulcan 


Briar Queen Artemis


Raven’s Throne Odin


Fafnir Masteries





Awilix_PrettyKitty-150x150.png Pretty Kitty


As Awilix kill an enemy God with the damage when you jump from Suku.

Awilix_GetOverHere-150x150.png Get Over Here


As Awilix pull a knocked up enemy God to you using Gravity Surge.

Erlang Shen
EnlangShen_Tortoise-150x150.png Tortoise Power!


Knock up 3 or more enemies using the turtle form of 72 transformations.

EnlangShen_Undefeated-150x150.png Undefeated!


While using 9 turns Blessing heal yourself using your ultimate while below 10% health.

Freya_ThatWasClose-150x150.png That Was Close


As Freya kill an enemy God using Valkyries Discretion while you are at 15% health or less.

Freya_Banished-150x150.png Banished


As Freya banish three or more enemy Gods with a single Banish.




Summer of SMITE 2016

  • New content being added:
    • Land Shark Sobek
    • Challenger & Ace Nu Wa: Ace will be available in the Challenger Bundle.
    • Bonus Item: Merdusa Pedestal 





  • God Achievements now show on the specific god’s page.
  • Fixed an issue with a tower on Conquest not properly firing at enemies standing in a specific spot.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Play Again” button would not show after a match.
  • Fixed an issue with Easy AI’s having cooldown reduction.
  • Fixed an issue where some projectiles were incorrectly hitting past their intended maximum range.
  • We have made adjustments and improvements to the health bars on Players, Towers, and Objectives.
  • Minimized Chat Alert – now displays the last chat message received if the game client is minimized.
  • Fixed Emperor’s Armor passive FX are sideways on Siege Phoenixes.




Item Changes


“We want Ancile to serve as an item that allows Physical characters to have a more direct and aggressive counter to mages. By reducing the cost, this item should have an easier time being utilized in various builds.”

  • Decreased cost from 22002000 gold.

Glowing Emerald

“We are reducing the cost of items in the Glowing Emerald Tree to make them more attractive.”

  • Decreased cost from 700600 gold.  
  • This also means that all items in the Glowing Emerald Tree will cost 100 gold less.  

Mark of the Vanguard

“With our most recent adjustment, this item provided too much sustain for the amount of damage mitigated, leading to us removing the HP5 from MotV. Watcher’s Gift is now more clearly the sustain starter item for Warriors or Guardians while Mark of the Vanguard is for direct mitigation and aggressive gameplay.”

  • Removed the HP5 from this item.

Potion of Magical Might

“Over the course of Season 3, Power Potions have become a hot topic for both the community and the competitive scene. After receiving feedback at all levels we are working on an overhaul to Power Potions that will solidly focus them towards the mid and late game and no longer make them a part of starting builds. With this goal in mind, we have decided to temporarily remove the items until 3.14, when they will have a new design. We feel that removing them now will more accurately reflect the game state of 3.14, where they will be an option in the mid game instead of a requirement at the start of the game.”

  • Temporarily removed from the game as we redesign the item for 3.14.

Potion of Physical Might
  • Temporarily removed from the game as we redesign the item for 3.14.

Runeforged Hammer

“Similar to Ancile, we like Runeforge serving a specific role which is to allow players who build into or have slows to provide a powerful utility to themselves and their team. While effective the stats the item provided were not enough to justify the high cost and low stats it came with.”

  • Decreased cost from 26502400 gold.
  • Increased Physical Power from 30 → 40.

Soul Eater

“Soul Eater overall has been over performing as a sustain and healing item. We are reducing some of this effectiveness in this patch.”

  • Removed .5% Lifesteal bonus per stack.
  • Decreased Healing when stacks are consumed from 1.5%1% of max HP per stack (30% total 20% total)

Watcher's Gift

“Watcher’s Gift should enable gods in the early game to rely on sustain instead of raw survivability. We have added 5 HP5 to make the sustain more reliable and adjusted the Mana and Health returned on this item to compensate. Overall with this change Watcher’s Gift will provide more Health and Mana during the laning phase.”

  • Added 5 HP5.
  • Decreased Heal from each passive trigger from 107 Health.
  • Increased Mana Heal from each passive trigger from 57 Mana.




God Changes


Icons_Aphrodite_Passive.pngCenter of Attention

New Passive Meter.


Fixed Aphrodite Beach Babe Lobby Emote FX issue.


“Cabrakan has been smashing up the battleground after his recent adjustments. The changes made him a bit too tanky relative to his increased damage. In this patch we adjusted Refraction Shield, lowering the base damage slightly and lowering the overall protections he gains conditionally to compensate for his passive mitigation. Additionally, Tectonic Shift is now more consistent in how many hits it takes to destroy, allowing for better readability and counterplay when against Cabrakan.”

 2008_10262.jpgRefraction Shield

Decreased damage from 100/160/220/280/340100/155/210/265/320.

Decreased Protections per stack from 4/5/6/7/82/3/4/5/6.

 1779_8261.jpgTectonic Shift

Changed number of hits to destroy walls from 2/3/4/5/63 at all ranks.

Erlang Shen


Added Emotes.


139243471697046.lTbkB1q2zEnEONpJlpaD_heiUnderhanded Tactics

Fixed an issue where this ability would stun improperly.

This ability should now properly only hit the closest god.

Guan Yu

“Guan Yu had a major adjustment last patch and after watching his performance we want to make sure he is still healing for an impactful amount while allowing him to use his new passive more often.”


Decreased the number of hits to max stacks from 3020.


Increased Healing from 50/80/110/140/17065/95/125/155/185.


“Mercury is a character who excels in situations where he can get in and box his opponents or isolate them into 1 on 1 scenarios. By increasing Maximum Velocity’s duration in his early ranks as well as making Special Delivery pack more of a punch in late game scenarios, Mercury will be better equipped in these favorable scenarios.”

 1941_9269.jpgMaximum Velocity

Changed duration from 3/3.5/4/4.5/5s5s at all ranks.

1941_9270.jpgSpecial Delivery

Increased Physical Power scaling per tick from 15%20%.

Increased Physical Power scaling for minion damage from 60%80%.

Decreased mana cost from 70/75/80/85/9060/65/70/75/80.


“Rama is one of the premier basic attack hunters who was affected by the removal of Golden Bow. He is getting an upward adjustment this patch on Astral Strike to maximize his basic attack strength.”

 2002_10160.jpgAstral Strike

Increased bonus damage from 10/20/30/40/5015/25/35/45/55.

Increased Slow duration from 1s2s



New Passive Meter.

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