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Planetside 2 New Construction System

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How has no one posted about this yet.  I haven't tried it yet but...thoughts?


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Well my first thought is "Why" but i dont want to be dismissive. I think its intresting and people who take this super serously and have a team of people who are actually gonna fight defending them can succeed in building things, but sometimes the game just breaks down to sheer fire power. what i mean is like this is planetside, so you can spend 3 hours building things all you want but a group of players double the size of yours could still just stomp all of your fortifications, especially if they are good fighters. I could be wrong if these things are really that game chainging and make it really hard to attack a base with a lot of things constructed but i doubt its gonna be that much different. Overall the only thing i have to say is like begining players and people like me who neither pay for premium or play planetside 2 exclusively (meaning i dont have as many certs as i wish i did) are probably better off spending it on things like guns and sights and upgrades for vehicles. People who like support roles, which i do play often, also have better things to upgrade like the medic gun and stuff. This just seems like something for high level players who like support roles. Then again if u like being a true engineer in game this is perfect for you. 

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the update has brought back many players to the game! which i"m happy about because planetside is playing like it should with big fights in fact for the past week the server of emerald has had all 4 continents unlocked during prime time and up to 3 instances of the new player (under battle rank 15) zone of koltyr.

now the system has had minor effects on the flow on general  base to base fights such as in the area of the assent or in areas where there is only one way to go with a ground vehicles such as a bridge or a mountain road. some player made bases are placed to block roads and other ways to said basses.

(just fyi i did not watch the video above) its nice to give players options in planetside as some of us aren't very good at shooters so instead they can take the time to cert out an ant and build a base with friends. base building can be a fun thing to do on the side or it can be your main focus.

player bases that are constructed properly by a squad or platoon will take a coordinated team or a large force to remove. you cant simply take them out with just one heavy assault even tho many "elite" outfits or "pro" players will complain that they should be able to.(i dont like heavy's at all) this is a game about combined arms and large fights, the construction system reinforces that with how challenging it is to remove a player base. you cant do it alone!

this update also makes infiltrators very effective as many enemy players in there base are worrying about something else (like building or repairing) to be trying to find a infil with a knife or pistol killing them, and when they do start to look for you it may be already to late for their base.

engineer's are also very effective with this update, but any class can build or remove a structure.

if you don't want take part in the constructions system and just fight at an amp station or a normal base you can go do that but you may see some player made obstacles in the way such as walls blocking roads or turrets making a area of denial zone / air deterrent zone.

the only draw back of the construction system is the cost for a Free To Play player, as some base structures such as AA and AV turrets cost 1500 certs just to unlock which is more then most guns. you do get free starting structures such as the wall, bunker, AP turret, silo and VP generator, now if you would like to support the game and don't want to cert grind it out you can pay for the construction bundle for 2,999 Daybreak cash which is equal to 30 US dollars. 

(shameful plug) i know that the AJSA and the so called partner outfit the TRAF are currently out of commission on the PC, i know they are out of commission cause i have not killed or been killed by them in a very long time. if you a willing to give NC a try and need a group of fun but rude guy my current outfit of Lux Eterna residing on NC Emerald is very active and runs ops regularly, just hop on and join one of our squads then have fun!

(note im not recruiting for this outfit im just letting you guys know that if you want to hop on and play with us you can! also both the AJSA oufit and the TRAF outfit are nowhere to be seen whats up with that?)

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