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DOOM review. HAH, like it needed one.

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Review unnecessary. GO GET THIS GAME RIGHT NOW! NOW!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Oh you want to know why? Sigh, fine.



The story is you're Doomguy, you woke up from a sarcophagus in a UAC base in Mars and found that everything has gone to shit. People got possessed left and right and turned into zombies, demons everywhere, all because UAC screwed up big time by using Hell for their research, unleashing every single hellish monstrosity imaginable. It's up to you to put these demons back to where they belong. Armed with your weapons, your suit of armor, and your fist, ASSKICKING OF EPIC PROPORTIONS ENSUE.


Along the way you find out about certain important characters like Dr Samuel Hayden, a cyborg who's the head of UAC, and Olivia Pierce, an old lady who started this whole mess. The plot is very simple, and appropriately so, because when you play a game called DOOM, you just want to kill everyone in your path. 



So how does the gameplay fare? FUCKING BRILLIANT. This game took the original Doom's gameplay and add Wolfenstein New Order's perk mechanic, as well as Unreal Tournament's sense of movement and speed. So you bet you're going to be double jumping everywhere avoiding enemy attacks, laying waste to everything in your way with every weapon you have at your disposal. If you have played these three games I mentioned before, you'll be right at home with this game. The only thing different is that the chainsaw is a one hit killing machine, and after you kill a demon with it they will drop TONS of ammo for your other weapons. Of course you can't just use the chainsaw forever since that'll break the game, the chainsaw needs fuel. That and this game has finishers, aka "glory kills". If you hurt an enemy enough times without them getting blown to smithereens, they'll get stunned, and you can pretty much finish them off. It works with every single enemy, and if you target different limbs, you'll do different finishers. Like so:


The weapons in the game are what you pretty much expect from Doom. Pistol, shotgun, plasma rifle, rocket launcher, chaingun, chainsaw, and of course, the BFG-9000.

OHOHOHOH YEAHHHHHHHHHH BABY! This weapon is the shit! Limited ammo though so use it wisely. Each weapons can be leveled up by gaining points. After you fully upgrade a weapon, you'll have to do specific weapon challenges to unlock the weapon's full potential. Believe me, it's so damn worth it. Especially the Gauss rifle. 



Each stages has challenges that you can do to give upgrade points for your weapons. You have to do stuff like "kill 20 enemies with a finisher", or "find secrets in the stage" which are pretty simple enough. There's also these chips that you get from these red Elite Guards which will give armor upgrades. And a lot of secrets to uncover, which can be found right here as an example.

These secrets are all over the place in every stage. Hidden weapons, hidden upgrades, hidden dolls, you name it. There's one doll where Doomguy did this:


Hahaha, that finger twirl cracks me up.


My favorite secrets are the secret areas that unlocks the classic Doom levels. They require you to pull these REALLY well hidden levers, and then you go to an area that has the Doom style 2D graphics. Hate how well hidden these levers are, but the payoff is awesome. Just like Wolfenstein New Order's easter egg.



Later on in the game you'll be able to do these "rune trials" which will give you different buffs that you can equip. Stuff like "enemy drops armor", "enemy gets stunned a lot longer for your finishing blow", and my personal favorite, "UNLIMITED AMMO when you have 100 armor points". HOLY SHIET.



You get this REALLY far into the game, but it's freaking sweet. Sure you have to not get hit, but UNLIMITED AMMO man! And it gets even better after you complete the specific challenge for the perk, which gives unlimited ammo after having 75 armor points. You will feel like a God with this beastly perk.



I freaking love this game. So much so that I completed this game 100%. 


All weapons upgraded with each individual weapon challenges completed



All armor upgrades obtained



And all runes obtained.


I want to play this game all over again, but this time with my Godly power. NO ONE CAN STAND IN MY WAY NOW!


Multiplayer is actually similar to Unreal Tournament. High speed action, and deaths constantly. The great thing about it is the parts where you are able to get power ups that turns you into one of the enemies from the game and be able to wreck enemy teams up into pieces. 



And there's also a create your own level mode! Where you're able to play or create custom made maps. Gives you more satisfaction after playing the singleplayer and multiplayer.



My only complaints about the game: some of the music in this game makes my head hurt. One song in particular is just a loud guitar + drum noise. 

It sounds good on youtube, but in the game this song is all over the place.



you don't fight robots. Keep in mind that the main villain is one of the heads of UAC which means access to personal robot bodyguards. Why? There's so many cool potential robotic enemy types from the tech in this game, and THERE'S NO ROBOTS?? Well I guess I can count the Revenants and the demon machine hybrids as robots, but aw man, I want to fight a gigantic mechs. Perhaps in Doom 5, or DOOM 2.


Ah yes, and the dreaded size of this game. 50 GB. Have to wait 12 hours of downloading before I can play this game. SCREW YOU UNCOMPRESSED AUDIO FILES!



There you have it. My rating for this game "so freaking awesome that you will play this game over and over and over and over again, killing demons and making sure NOTHING stands in your way". And it earns a badass seal of approval.





Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to play the classic maps that I have unlocked and maybe play user created maps. After I try and play the Ultra Nightmare mode. Peace out!


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