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Game Jams?

9 posts in this topic

I'm interested in doing a game jam some time soon if any one wants to carry me?

This is what I've got experience in..




My C++ is really limited.

Web stuff which I don't think will help

Visual Studio

Microsoft management studio






If any one wants to work with a beginner I'd love to learn..

I've also got the Godot engine but haven't really played with it yet

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Just pick one and I will help as long as I don't have much to do during the time in which it takes place. I prefer short 1-3 day jams (weekends), but something like a 1-2 week jam is fine as well. I can/will use any programming language as long as its not javascript, php or visual basic. You can choose what the game should be but I will cut pieces out for time constraints or tell you the entire thing is too big to be done.


For the game idea I recommend thinking very very small, something like Tetris small / mobile / arcade game. One screen games can often be fun and easy to make.


As for tools I prefer git and any IDE or project system that allows me to use my own external editor.


All code must be under MIT License and all other works such as art and music must be under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

In short: open source, anyone can do anything they want with the code, art, etc. Except claim they made the original work (plagiarism), but if they modified it in even the slightest way then it is theirs.




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Weekends works good for me, I'm in finals until the 15th. My work is almost done though. My Cpp is really weak sauce right now, if you want to help me out with C though we can write it with that but as you know I'm not that great with SDL. I prefer Ruby for this but it's interpreted. C# could work but i need to buy a vs licence all I've got is educational. How do you feel about Godot? I have to learn it's Godot script, it doesn't look that hard it's like Python or Ruby.

A Tetris like game doesn't seem that bad, how do you feel about doing a game like astroids? Maybe a zombie horde version.

Edit: addition 

I'm all for open source, my favorite os is FreeBSD.

I also forgot to add I have experience with blender and audacity 

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I have been following Godot for a long time now and it seems like a good pick for this project. It allows for an external editor to be used. I have not tested how it works with git or subversion though which is very important.


Something like Asteroids or a simplified Galaga is fine as long as the asset/resource count is low. For each new game object we need to add not just code but art, animation and sound effects as well so it often ends up being more work than expected for each new game object. Ways to reduce that include pixel at or very simple vector art as well as 8/16bit sound effects made with a generator such as bfxr.


Btw my subversion experience is lacking since I only used it a bit for Garry's Mod and a few other things. I mostly use git but I can probably learn subversion in an afternoon.

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Using git externally is not a big issue as I do use git by itself a lot in the terminal. I found this: https://github.com/Calinou/godot-style-guide which contains a godot script style guide as well as what should be put in the .gitignore file which tells git which files not to add to the repository such as temporary local files used by the editor. Btw make sure to not add images or other resources to git, git is just for text/config/code. Adding images will make git take a very long time to upload and download due to it trying to compress an already compressed file. Resources should be stored somewhere else perhaps on some cloud drive such as google drive.


Edit: We could use subversion too.

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Ok sounds good, the only caveat with subVersion is that Id have to re-start my dream host so we would have a FTP(or SFTP) server. I haven't used Google drive before, is it a free host? Or how much does it charge?

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If you have a google account then you have a google drive which has 15 GB of free (as in price) space in which you can put anything. It is like dropbox if you have used that before. Maybe we could use this for hosting the subversion project: https://riouxsvn.com/ it has 50 MB free which should be enough by far.

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