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2 posts in this topic

Hello there I created this topic to talk about the mods fallout 4 has now. This time around Bethesda made official mods for the Xbox one and playstation 4. So this thread will talk about the mods you installed. Keep In mind make sure you explain the mod and in appropriate terms. Thank you. I'll start off will the unlimited build space for settlements, which can be helpful for building cool constructions and buildings. 

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I have the Xbox One version, I know you can hop through the hoops to get your mods on Xbox. I do wish I had the creation kit. I haven't seen to many super professional quality mods. If I had the time I would like to work on one. I have seen the graphics mods that require a monster system to run but look amazing. I'd say if you had the resources that would be a worthy install.

On a side note there is a Skyrim and Fallout 4 mod show case channel on you tube called MxR Mods it's worth checking out. As a word of WARNING though he can be a bit immature and shows a couple of T&A type mods quite often.

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