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4 posts in this topic

With InJustice 2's announcement I thought I'd make a topic to share opinions about the game, at this point we know very little about it -

3 Characters confirmed for the roster:

Gorilla Grodd


Supergirl  -- Source: http://www.idigitaltimes.com/injustice-2-new-characters-gear-system-and-what-we-know-so-far-539078

And the Armor System, equip your characters with different looking armors which not only change the looks but also playstyle. ( No source for that, don't remember where I read it )

Do you think InJustice even needed a sequel? From what I've gathered It's going to pick up from where the first one left us, and considering InJustice 1 had ComicBooks tell the prequel stories in which a lot of heroes/villains were killed or are MIA. Maybe It would have been better if they do a whole new story or Reboot rather than Sequel ? - Personally I loved Injustice 1 and yeah Fighter games sequels could be tricky to execute and may end up redundant, but with this Armor System I think there's enough innovation/new mechanics to justify a whole sequel rather than DLC or Expansions, also I think they could use MK X's new Engine?

Which characters would you like to see in the roster? - Due to the popularity I think all 7 from Justice League are pretty much confirmed, altho I don't see how Superman and Supergirl can differ enough to be seperate characters, but my Top 5 list ( Without very popular characters ) would be:

1. Jason Todd as Red Hood

2. John Constantine

3. Starfire

4. Poison Ivy

5. Any lantern corps member except Red cause of Atrocitus and Blue cause they aren't very interesting without other colors present(Sinestro,Star Sapphire,White,Black,Green,Larlfleeze,Indigo )

And lastly what do you think about the Armor System? - I personally like it very much, altho I'm not sure if the changes to the characters would be flat % with types of resistance and types of damage, with damage numbers included or would the changes be more mechanical, adding moves which would be more like the Specialization we saw in MK X. I'm so hyped for the game, if this installment is good and it becomes a Fighting game franchise It would be my favorite:angryjoe:.

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New trailer:


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Did they fix the fucked up netcode on PC? If not, I'll pass.

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50 minutes ago, Glaice said:

Did they fix the fucked up netcode on PC? If not, I'll pass.

I keep wondering if I can resist buying this when it comes out, then remember that I still haven't bought MKX.

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