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Advice on Stellaris, Grand Strategy Noob

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So I just got Stellaris but as a complete newcomer to grand strategy and 4x style the genre is quite daunting.  I have played other RTS and god sim type games in the past like Command & Conquer, Dungeon Keeper and a little bit of Total War but nothing quite like this.


So any advice to help me get to grips with this will be greatly appreciated.

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The tutorial bot learns you the fundamental basics. once your out of you solar system, there isn't really anything beyond comprehension.

There are Six things you need to worry about. Stellaris is not a very complicated game in my opinion, these are the basic things you should know and do to succeed.


1. Economy. Build mining stations with your construction vessel and, gather energy/credits, research labs... tho, mining stations are more important in my opinion. Energy you can easily come by, either by spamming reactors on your planets, or having found a lucky system with lots of energy. (You can build mining stations and alike, in systems that are within your empire's borders! even without colonizing a planet.) Minerals and credits are all you got to worry about. Influence points you just stockpile.

2. Military. Without a proper navy, your economy is prone attacks, and you will not have any means to defend yourself. This is where minerals come in handy! usually when you are done building mining stations or silos on planets early game, what you want to do is build around 20 corvettes with your existing fleet, just to make sure you can repel enemies and pirates. (Rush shields) (Avoid building defense stations or "military outposts" , these impact your economy, only do it when needed to net those few special systems)

3. Explore & Expand. (or E&E) If you do not research colony ships, and build one with 325 minerals early in the game, (Preferably as fast as possible, the faster the better) you will pretty much, be limited to your solar system. (Again this is why minerals are more important, early game is all about minerals) You need to expand, if you do not expand, you will have very little income, and late game, energy credits gets a bigger role, and if you don't have a means to get credits, your economy and your military will collapse eventually. So keep expanding at all costs! Other nations usually get the territory around them first, if you expand fast enough, you might be able to snatch some of those worlds which can be pretty valuable. Leaving the AI resource-less, making it so they are less of a threat to you, but, if in the future they enter alliances, they might try to take those world from you. You can stop expanding middle to late game, since then most systems will be owned. 

4. Balance. couple hours in you probably went on a E&E spree, your economy barely is on the line, due to the lack of credits, and you got tons of fleets (I assume, most likely). This is when you will micromanage your planets as much as possible, put them sub-worlds into sectors and keep around 5 strategic capital worlds for yourself. Once you form sectors, you will get less resources from those planets, due to the sector needing to sustain and develop itself, you can change this limit however, and you can command them to focus on various things, as well as pay more resources, at the cost of the sector pretty much staying as it is, which can cause trouble at wartime due to them not being able to produce anything to assist you. So keeping it at 50 or 25 % can improve that situation. Avoid war until you raise the economy bar a bit to safe levels.

5. War & diplo. Diplomacy is very limited and simple, some AI races will be hostile the moment they figure you out, some start out disliking you from the start, and others love you. Neighboring nations will most likely be hostile, and will probably try and take your territory early on. So building embassy's in the diplomacy tab early on can net you an ally, just don't fly into there system without border access, or you'll loose A LOT of influence, this also counts for research vessels and such alike. Mid to late game, Nations will usually have made alliances and have huge fleets! (1k - 4k in numbers, not counting allies) For you to reach this number alone will require a vast empire, and lots of credits to pay them. So if you had a bad start, you will be forced to make allies and maybe join a faction! This is very important, as they usually will back you up in everything in fleets. (0.5k - 2k in numbers depending on size of faction) If you had a good start and your neighbor is small and weak, try and conquer him if he has good planets, or vassilize him if he does not, this will net you an ally. (Keep vassals happy tho, you should have around 4 or 5 'small' vassals late game to support you.)

6. Avoid fallen empires! Fallen empires are VERY strong, and you will not be able to kill them without a very huge and good fleet, and allies far into the late game phase. They "out tech" you considerably, and would it be so they start hating you early or middle game, do EVERYTHING in your power to keep friendly, they will obliterate you. and do not try to gain there attention or whatnot, you will fail.

This is all really, diplomacy is pretty normal, and similar to other games like total war.

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On November 11, 2016 at 11:48 AM, Rhægar said:

Add me on Steam, we can play together. 


Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, unfortunately my PC is out of commission at the moment but I'll be sure to add you when I can.

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