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Game-Leap a way to get better

2 posts in this topic

Game-Leap a way to get better

I have to start with the reason I am promoting this website is not because I am associated with them. I am only their costumer for a while now. I believe they are doing it right and I hope they will benefit to Dota 2 by increasing its players knowledge for the game, that I love and I’ve been playing for the last 10 years now. So essentially my hidden motive is that I hope they create better Dota 2 player for me to play with or against :)

What is Game-Leap? 

An educational platform for Dota 2, where you get information and help from pros and high mmr players to advance in the game.

How does it work:

You get latest patch updated video tutorials about heroes, mechanics, and pretty much anything about Dota 2 you could think of. The Videos are kept short informative and professional.
You get the chance to ask questions to the Pros that made the tutorials, about your play and issues you had during your games on the forums (yes you actually get answers from them there)
You become a part of the Game-Leap community in which every single member has only one mindset. Improve his own skills, leave personal bad habits behind and admit no one knows everything and life for us competitive gamers is a never ending path of acquisition of knowledge and skills, by any means necessary (Ok I just made that up, but why do you play Dota 2 at all?).

For me the current must use Dota 2 platforms are the following:

Liquipedia for pure game mechanics and information.
Dotabuff \jast.. for personal game stats and review of pro and pub trends.
GameLeap for Video guides, tips and tricks.
Spectating pro and high mmr games from the game cilen, from hero perspective.
Reviewing your own replays.
Watching Pro Games with friends while drinking beer for joy and motivation.
This is my personal choice, there are many platforms about Dota 2 you can use to prove your play or just have fun.

Do you have to use all of them or even more to get better? Do you have to play the equivalent to a WoW monthly subscription to Dotabuff? Do you have to go throw Liquipedia for every hero you play or you have problems playing against, just so you can see if you missed anything (God YES)? Do you have to buy Dota 2 Hats and Compendiums?
No, but you could if you wanted to and had the time or money.

Well that was a nice Promo now let's start digging in.

The thing about Game-Leap is that it is transparent.

You can create a Free account that give you full access of their Forums and a preview versions for all the videos. There are also free videos that are always entirely accessible and are available ot Game-Leap’s YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy0-ftAwxMHzZc74OhYT3PA). So you see every one can go there and check out if the Tutorials are good enough for his exquisite taste.


Their Subscription fee is the equivalent of an Uncommon Hat in Dota 2 (5-4 $), those that you don’t want to be seen with ingame. So if you are spending money in to Dota 2, for the love of god spend some for actually getting better with the game! 

Why not YouTube for free?

Well actually I would take anything that is free and I often do. The problem is that when you get to a certain level of knowledge you start separating the bull from the possibly enlightening information. And boy oh boy, there is a lot of bull on YouTube. You need to realize that for a youtuber, it is the view count and personal popularity that matters. You have often watched through 30 minutes tutorials on YT just to get one single insite from the creator. The rest was situational, common knowledge, skill dependent, sometimes plain lie or mistake made cause lack of knowledge. All of them were set on one date/patch and you had a hard time to find an updated tutorial for the current Patch. The basic VTMs I give people from YouTube are the Hero Highlights from BeondTheSummit. But that is for beginners and they hardly update their videos. 

What is different in GL compared to free sources?

The Videos are kept short  and right to the point. The most important thing in them is the information given to you by the Pros. You won’t find the same wasted time for Personal brand advertising as in a YouTube Video. Yes depending on your knowledge for the game they will reveal a different percentage of new “News” to you. They always had at least one new mechanic or strategy that I have not heard or done before.

GameLeap is fairly new how did I sign up for it?

The first time I contacted them was more than half an year ago. I was watching a Tournament stream and I always check how sponsors my beloved Dota games. Got to pay tribute even if you don't buy their stuff. (Somehow I did end up with some seelseries stuff, but they are so Dota :). Any how I saw a link to Game-Leap and was immediately battled if this is not just another way to cash in. How could it even work, there is YouTube for free after all.
After pointing a couple of big issues to them back then, they fixed them in a couple of days… pretty impressive I thought, at least I knew they were interested in improving their creation. But the real reason I signed up was because I thought that are some of the best Video Tutorials I’ve seen so far.

What it is not, and this is important thing to understand in life.

GL claim it will increase your mmr by 500 in a month. Basically it's like University. You pay money and get to watch how a Pro\f talks to you for hours and days. After 3-5 years you become very successive at work and get money for free every day. 
Cough cough, sure that is how real life works :)
GL is sort of like school and uni. For some people it is pointless. All they have to offer is common knowledge. Their profs are no CEOs of any Major Corporation, what could you learn from them?
If the way you think is “I know it all” and you don't need anyone help to advance in Dota 2 then GL is not the place for you.
It is most certainly not the right place for you to complain that you get only shitty teammates or that you are stuck in a lower MMR and can’t get out because of you team always being worst than the enemy. That some how ended with all the good players and probably some smurfs. If you want to learn something you don't take just one book, you take all the books and see which ones are the best then read them together.

You need to grow and realise that the majority of your life and Dota 2 play depends on your own skills, knowledge and deeds, the rest is faith and you can only pray for it to get better.

Video tutorials… ah I personally never like them. I am coming from a generation that accepts information in any form. I favor written text and some drawings. And I do not fear neither know the meaning of TL; DR . But if I have to get information out of pros I will suffer with the current way for people to share information. The pointless waste of digital space for visual and audio representation of data people call Video Tutorials.

Do they really Update the Videos?

That is why I stayed for a while with them. I wanted to see if they will keep their promise of actually “Latest Patch updated Tutorials”. They do manage to update their Tutorials fairly fast after a major change on a Hero or mechanic with the latest patches.

OK so digitalblade likes game-leap what about others?

Here is a reddit discussion about “Is Game-Leap worth it?” at https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/45417e/is_dota_game_leap_worth_it/ .
You guys should know I hate Reddit, I find it as pointless as reading youtube comments. But hey I also really like Forums so who cares. Reddit is the new place for totally Legit and fair human opinion now...

What are the bads?

You must get better on your own dude! There are no shortcuts about it. Game-Leap is like a Textbook that can help you learn, but in the end it’s all up to you.
The videos hold a lot more information that you may not spot, if you don’t pay attention. There is “the best build/way” to do thing, but there are tons of situational ideas and ways suggested and explained. So the worst thing you can think is that Game-Leap videos are Linear path throw your game play in which you will not change your Skill or Item builds ever. You need to keep attention of what the Tutor is saying, what is written as Text and the item and skill builds on the Video displayed to get the full out of each Video.
Game-Leap is yet not for Teams but for individual players. While they agreed it’s a good idea, right now they are focused in helping Solo players increase their individual skills. There is yet not much content for already formed team and how they should step up their team game. There is however a lot of information about Teamplay throw every tutorial that could be useful. I just wish they would make some thing about team captains :)


If you are interested and think you can use help in improving in Dota 2 check out the Free stuff that Game-Leap has to offers. If you are ok spending 5-4 $ a month for a Dota 2 instead of buying silly hats, pay them and see if you like it or not.


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interesting to see how much i know and dont

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