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If your Mad with Umbrella Corp i may have the perfect alternative

3 posts in this topic

Man Umbrela Corp looks horrible. I just saw Angry Joe's Review and poor guy the things he has to do...

In the Spirit of the poor beaten Resident Evil Franchise i think there is a game you guys should support: Resident Evil Revelations 2.

Its a fun Silly little game. It has both an actual Story Campaign with an interresting twist for Coop where there are alwys two characters who have different abilities like Claire and Moira, where Claire is the classic Gun wielding character while Moira is more of a Melee oriented support who can only wield a crowbar and a flashlight to blind enemies, and she is Surprisingly fun to play and my god that Crowbar, dont underestimate it. On the Other Side we got Barry who is taged with a strange little girl (as in like 8-10 years old) who can se enemies through walls and throw briks and with her small size can easily escape pursue and crawl around small places.

And the Multiplayer is a sort of simulation where you are a digital avatar who can take the form of various RE characters that you unlock by doing missions, said characters also come with diffferent abilities They are mostly passives like more healing, more AoE on bombs, More ammo and reload speed, harder melee ETC but thrust me they do make a huge difference and do allow you to speciallice on a playstyle. And Yes full on Melee brawler is a posibility, sometiems even encouraged.

Its a pretty cool game the story (from hat i have seen) is actually intriuing and the campaign is rather intense and sometimes even scary. Is not RE6 or 5 is a good balance of calm moment with intense monster action an on that note the monsters can be pretty disturbing, some more than others. And the Multiplayer is kinda like Mercenaries but most of the time without a Timer and the best part is that on consoles it has Split Screen Coop on both sides! As soon as i can i wil buy the full game to see how the

The First episode is free on PS3, not sure its the same on PS4 or on the XBox side. it gives you access to the first episode campaign and the first episode characters and missions for Multiplayers. Seriously you guys should check it out it definelly deserves more attention. Hope this helps in some way and maybe the ASJA could make it an offitial game if enough people enjoy it.

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I was gonna say bleach but revelations 2 is a fairly solid COOP game.

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On 27/6/2016 at 2:35 PM, Wade D McGinnis said:

I was gonna say bleach but revelations 2 is a fairly solid COOP game.

Keyword being solid, is not really going to blow your socks off but it will surprice you how fun it actually is

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