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3 posts in this topic

This week in the news; Destructoid disbands UK team, Microsfot and Sony lose lawsuits, continuing story on G2A and TinyBuild, Twitch testing a new source of revenue for streamers, 13th annual Games for Change festival, PS4 and Vita version of 2064: Read Only Memories gets an impressive voice cast, N64 turned 20, Marvel's cancelled Daredevil game, how the history of Japan's post-war peace movements can help us understand Hideo Kojima's work, Hironobu Sakaguchi planning a new company, Jennifer Hepler creating games to foster behavioral change to help patients and students after leaving Bioware, fake screenshots, CRPGs that brought something new to the genre (free 350 page preview book about CRPGs also at the link), Overwatch's Torbjorn is being nerfed (for consoles), and more.




New Twitch 'Cheers' offer potential source of revenue for streaming devs



Video game broadcasting platform Twitch is beta-testing a new feature, "Cheering", that lets viewers post chat messages with animated emotes (or "Bits") they pay for with real money -- and streamers will get a cut.


Sony agrees to pay millions to gamers to settle PS3 Linux debacle



After six years of litigation, Sony is now agreeing to pay the price for its 2010 firmware update that removed support for the Linux operating system in the PlayStation 3.


Woman Sues Microsoft Over Unwanted Windows 10 Upgrade, Wins $10,000



Microsoft has been forcing Windows 10 upgrades for months now, an aggressive tactic that’s rubbed people the wrong way. The Seattle Times reports one woman’s computer was messed up by the update, prompting her to sue Microsoft. Not only did she win, she got $10,000.

Xbox One Slim Preorders Off to "Amazing Start," Microsoft Says


Preorders for the new Xbox One S 2 TB model are off to an "amazing start," Microsoft announced today in a blog post recapping its E3 announcements.


Why Nintendo Isn't Talking About NX Yet, According to Miyamoto



"In terms of NX, there's an idea that we're working on," he told the publication through a translator."That's why we can't share anything at this point, and I don't want to comment on the other companies. If it was just a matter of following advancements in technology, things would be coming out a lot quicker."


Oculus removes "platform integrity check" DRM



In a surprising and very quiet turnaround, Oculus VR has dropped the “platform integrity check” DRM that prevented Oculus Store apps running without an Oculus Rift headset. As noted by Motherboard, word of the change came not from Oculus, but from the maker of Revive, the hack that allows Rift-exclusive software to run on other VR platforms.


Epic's Sweeney and Microsoft still discussing monopoly concerns, 'no conclusion in sight'



Despite Microsoft's public vows, Epic Games' Tim Sweeney says he remains concerned that Microsoft's maneuvers for its Windows 10 store are a play for creating a monopoly, and ultimately bad for games.


The UK's two biggest video game magazine companies are now one



Future Publishing, which makes veteran video game industry magazine Edge, announced today it had bought Imagine Publishing, which makes GamesTM, in an all share deal valued at £14.2m.


Destructoid disbands UK team



Laura Dale, Joe Parlock and Vikki Blake will leave the site at the end of the month.

“Our team being dismantled is apparently nothing to do with content quality of viewership of content, and due to seasonal financials and our team of three being the most recent additions to the salary payroll,” Dale said on her Patreon page.


Watch Dogs 2: "There are no towers"



If you've ever played a Ubisoft open world game then you'll know the score. Assassin's Creed features towers to climb which unlock missions around you. Far Cry features towers which, again, unlock missions around you. And - guess what - Watch Dogs 1 features towers which unlock missions around you.

That news gives me a more positive outlook on the game.


Rez Infinite has a release date


Developer Enhance Games has confirmed that Rez Infinite, the upcoming HD and VR remake of the musical rail shooter Rez, will be released Oct. 13, 2016 alongside PlayStation VR.


CIVILIZATION VI - E3 2016 Walkthrough


Watch the behind-closed-doors theater presentation of Civilization VI at E3 2016. Narrated by Sean Bean.


We had a big ol' Civilization 6 interview at this year's E3 with lead designer, Ed Beach. Join us for nearly 20 minutes of detail-heavy strategy talk. Lovely.


Whore of the Orient unlikely to come out



It’s been nearly three years since we’ve heard anything about Whore of the Orient, the spiritual successor to L.A. Noire in development by a team lead by the creator of that original Rockstar title, Brendan McNamara.


Dad Quest is the dad-based action game you've been waiting for




Of course, as you have probably guessed, Antariksha Sanchar is the product of Kumar’s experimentation, the first widely available example of the story that has been blossoming for the past three years. It has grown from quick and intense sketches on his Instagram into a pursuit supported by Indian developer Quicksand GamesLab, which pursues exploratory play-related research within Quicksand’s interdisciplinary consultancy. The demo was launched and praised at Sheffield Doc/Fest 2016, and seems set on getting Greenlit. If it delivers on its promises, it will not only be a welcome addition to the point-and-click genre, but also a rare example of a game set in South India.


Telltale's Batman Game Plans to Wrap Up Season 1 This Year


Telltale's head of creative communications, Job Stauffer, has clarified the comments on Twitter. Telltale still aims to release every episode by the end of the year, but it won't sacrifice quality to meet that goal.


Sony's twin-stick shooter MOBA, Kill Strain, coming to PS4 in July


Japan's top league sheds Pro Evolution Soccer exclusive to appear in FIFA 17



FIFA 17 will, for the first time in series history, feature Japan's top professional soccer league, yet another sign that Konami has lost interest in developing console video games.

FIFA Ultimate Team may have been bugged since 09


However, a feeling has always existed that the best players on paper do not offer the best performance on the pitch. The sensation is so pervasive it has become known as 'handicapping'. Excellent players feel sluggish and slow to react, and though it could be the product of a bug or deliberate balancing, EA has never commented to confirm its existence.

EA Sports acknowledges problems degrading FIFA Ultimate Team's most valuable players


Electronic Arts has acknowledged problems with some of the rarest and most talented player cards in FIFA 16's popular Ultimate Team mode, following a weekend in which the community pried apart the mode and discovered inconsistencies that some say have been a part of the game for years.


Star Trek VR - Angry Interview E3 2016

Heard some new information I didn't see from other previews about how missions work, single player story, and possibility of other bridge layouts.


Enjoy nine minutes of System Shock gameplay


Resident Evil 7 won't have 'quick time events'


"There will be no Quick Time Events in Resident Evil 7," Kawata said with a laugh. "I know there are a lot of people who will be relieved to hear that."


New Ninja Gaiden Project on the Way, Here's When More Details Will Be Announced


Tecmo is working on a new Ninja Gaiden project, though it's not immediately clear if it's a game or something else.


2064: Read Only Memories Coming to PS4, PS Vita on August 16


With our new voices, we’ve worked super hard to find an amazingly talented and diverse cast to tell the story. Some of these characters may be more familiar than you expect, from Melissa Hutchison, voice of Clementine in The Walking Dead, to UpUpDownDown’s Austin Creed (a.k.a. WWE Superstar Xavier Woods), and even Jim Sterling, host of The Jimquisition. You will find 29 fun, scary, goofy, but most importantly very memorable voices in 2064: Read Only Memories.

2064: Read Only Memories Gameplay Trailer & Cast Announcement


2064: Read Only Memories is a ‘director’s cut’ of sorts for the original ROM. It includes new animations, new art, and voice acting from a stellar cast of voice actors. This new version of the game will breathe new life into your favorite characters and hopefully introduce you to some new ones as well!

So who is our cast of voice actors?

That's a very impressive list for an indie game in this style. Sounds like the voiced update will be free to people that own or buy the game on the PC.


How Keji Inafune and Armature Studios hit upon the vision for Recore


Speaking to reporters during a Q&A session after the demo, Inafune explained that despite the action focus, he sees Recore’s gameplay as reflecting a very specific theme he’s interested in as a designer. “I explored the post-apocalyptic setting in other games like Lost Planet, and I’m interested in how humans, or rather how mankind, can survive in such a dire setting.”


Australia denies rating to MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death for not meeting 'standards of morality'


MeiQ joins more than 200 other games, like Hotline Miami 2, among the titles that have been effectively banned, as games must have ratings to be sold at most retailers in the country. A recent uptick occurred last year, when the Australian government denied classification to 220 games in just four months.


Batman: Return to Arkham Doesn't Have a Release Date Anymore



Batman: Return to Arkham will not meet its previously announced July 26 release date, publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has revealed. A new release date has not been specified.


Stunning New Final Fantasy 15 Screenshots Show Delicious Food, Fantastical Beasts, Cool Weapons



Square Enix has released a fresh batch of screenshots for Final Fantasy 15, showing off a rather large range of weapons, the strange wild monsters players will encounter, and the game's characters in battle.




Detention is an upcoming project from Taipei-based developer Red Candle Games. Set in the 1960s in a high-school in Taiwan, the horror game was conceived because the lead designer couldn’t find any games that he felt represented his culture, or that accurately showed the world the place he grew up in. To describe the political context or the statistics is one thing, but the everyday horrors of living under Taiwanese martial law are relatively inaccessible to modern English-speakers. Only a couple of popular films have taken the topic on, and one of the most well-regarded, the four-hour 1991 film A Brighter Summer Day, was only released in the US last year.


Here's The First Berserk Musou Trailer


As previously reported, Koei Tecmo is bringing Berserk to its Musou series with Berserk Musou.


Star Ocean V's Camera Is So Bad, I Can't Play It Without Getting Sick


The fifth Star Ocean comes out today, and if you get motion sickness easily, you probably shouldn’t play it.

Here’s a video I shot walking around a field in Star Ocean V: Integrity and Faithlessness without touching the right joystick. I didn’t manually move the camera at all. Just for kicks, I also set all the sensitivity options to the lowest end of the slider. PS4 version, if you’re curious.

I can see what he means with the camera moving up and down by itself for no real reason. If you don't think the camera will bother you then a better reason to not play the game seems to be the negative reviews from websites and importers. Weird that so many series that were getting it right in the 90s or early 2000s seem to have embraced so many of the worst cliches that anime and sometimes western roleplaying games have to offer.


Battlefield 4 to get new, more multiplayer-friendly UI



As will Hardline and the upcoming Battlefield 1.


Gwent has a cool idea to combat card pack RNG


A lot of collectible card games let you buy and open card packs. It's a fun mechanic, but one of the issues with the system is its randomness. Most of the time you get a load of cards you either don't want - or already have.

Gwent, the standalone collectible card game that began life as a Witcher 3 mini-game, has a cool idea to combat this card pack RNG.


Shovel Knight dev asks, 'What game should we make next?'

I'd take the sequel, co-op game, or Mario style RPG with the Kart, Zelda, and Final Fantasy/Dragon Quest type being my least wanted.


Pac-Man: Championship Edition 2 outed by Korean ratings board



Pac-Man looks poised to make his debut on current gen consoles as a listing for Pac-Man: Championship Edition 2 has been spotted on the Korean ratings board (via lifelower on Twitter).

About time


The Last Guardian's Designer Explains How He Stayed Motivated For Nine Years



It’s been nearly 10 years since development started on The Last Guardian, designer Fumito Ueda’s long-anticipated follow-up to Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. I caught up with Ueda at E3 to talk about his lengthy journey.


Vampyr focuses on the type of bloodsuckers we know best: the scary ones


Vampyr's demo may have been combat-heavy, but it also offered a brief look at how the game's conversations will play out. As with Life is Strange, Dontnod's recent episodic game, players will have different dialogue options during conversations — a wheel of choices that will allow them to shape how Jonathan responds in specific scenarios.


Escape From Tarkov offers 15 minutes of atmospheric alpha footage


The Makers of Zelda On Why Their Games Are Usually Late



“First of all, it would be great if I didn’t have to put a release date out at all,” Nintendo’s longtime chief game designer Shigeru Miyamoto recently told me when I asked him about the tendency for Zelda games to be late. “But I have to.” We both laughed.

Zelda Multiplayer Could Be Next After Breath of the Wild


Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma says he'd like to take what he learned from Breath of the Wild and make a multiplayer game around it.




Night in the Woods, a game that’s been in development since roughly October 2013, when it was announced on Kickstarter, looks to capture some of the magical absurdities of the cartoon world. Mae, the anthropomorphic, 20-something cat that players will inhabit in the game, can walk on two legs and have a conversation, but she exists in a universe where other animals keep cats and dogs as pets in the same way we do. And, perhaps more importantly, many of the anxieties faced by 21st-century, small-town America—loss of jobs to outsourcing, an ailing local economy, and widespread unhappiness—also concern the talking animals in the world of Night in the Woods.

Been looking forward to this since playing their "name your price" title Lost Constellation.


NHL 17 Beta, First Gameplay, and Cover Star Revealed


An online beta was announced for NHL 17 tonight at the 2016 NHL Awards. Additionally, we saw the announcement of St. Louis Blues forward Vladimir Tarasenko as this year's cover star--see the box art at the bottom of this article.


You can't finish The Surge without taking the time to explore


The Surge, Deck13's sci-fi followup to Lords of the Fallen, will challenge players in more than just its one-on-one combat. According to CEO Jan Klose, players who hope to finish the game will need to spend some time poking around its world.

"This game is a lot about exploration," said CEO Jan Klose. "If you don't explore, you cannot complete this game."


Overwatch summer update: everything Blizzard are planning for the next few months



The Overwatch development team has been extremely open about what’s happening with the game going forward. So much so that we have a good idea of how things will look moving into summer and beyond. As a partner to our Overwatch patch notes and Overwatch PTR posts, which let you know how the game is now and what’s being actively tested, we’ve gathered everything Blizzard have said about what happens next.

A thread about this was created here.

Blizzard will eventually remove sudden death from Overwatch's competitive mode

Overwatch's Torbjorn Is Being Nerfed, Here's How and When


"In an upcoming patch, we will reduce the damage done by Torbjorn's turret by 30% on Xbox One and PS4. PC will remain unchanged," he explained (via Kotaku).

Report: Overwatch overtakes League of Legends as Korean net cafes' most popular game


After 46 months, there's a new king in town


'Destiny' cuts off support for PS3 and Xbox 360 in August



The 'Rise of Iron' pack and events like Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner will only be available on PS4, Xbox One.


Europa Universalis IV DLC "Fredman's Epistles" is free until July 4



Things are going pretty well for Paradox Interactive. Hearts of Iron IV sold more than 200,000 copies in two weeks, Stellaris moved 500,000 copies in just over a month, and Europa Universalis IV has now sold more than one million copies world-wide. That's not a lot compared to, say, the latest Call of Duty or Halo, but for a historical grand strategy game set in the mid-15th to early-19th century? It's enough to make a niche developer/publisher like Paradox happy—so happy that it's decided to make the new EUIV DLC Fredman's Epistles free for everyone until July 4.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 gets dragons and robots in "Descent" DLC


Specter Knight to star in Shovel Knight's third (free) campaign



Making good on its Kickstarter stretch goals, Shovel Knight's third campaign is on its way. This one will star Specter Knight, a nightmarish, scythe-wielding boss from the original game.


See Uncharted 4's First DLC in Action Right Here



Naughty Dog started off by confirming the expansion is called Lost Treasures. We also learned that patch 1.08 is introducing a ranking system.

Uncharted 4 Single-Player DLC News Not Coming Soon


Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is getting a franchise-first single-player expansion. But if you're hoping to learn more about this, you should get comfortable.


Dead By Daylight sells over 270,000 in first week



Starbreeze and Behaviour Digital's multiplayer horror effort, Dead By Daylight, has sold over 270,000 copies in its first week, recouping its development costs in just seven days, Starbreeze said today.


The Nintendo 64 Turns 20 Years Old Today


On June 23, 1996, the Nintendo 64 first went on sale in Japan. Twenty years ago! Think about that.


Hironobu Sakaguchi Planning A New Development Company, Considering The Name “Dawnwalker”



Not much was revealed about this new company, but Sakaguchi talked about how he’s considering calling it “Dawnwalker” and it’ll be located in Roppongi, Tokyo.


Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Team Talks Atlus' Localization, Regional Changes, and Pop Music Influence



Nintendo tends to be very hands-on with the projects they help out with, but what drove the decision for Atlus to handle the localization and not Treehouse?

Yamagami: The games that Atlus translates bring out the atmosphere of Atlus very well. The games that Nintendo translates bring out the atmosphere of Nintendo. With the text of this title, we wanted to bring out the atmosphere of the games that Atlus creates, as much as possible. That is why we asked Atlus to do the work of translating the text. The Development Team is convinced that fans in the English-speaking world will find the game full of expressions typical of Atlus games.

Speaking of people getting angry over localization, many of them also frequently lie about things lately or take things out of context when it comes to things like the Baldurs Gate expansion, so be on the lookout for fake images like the one below or when people are angry over a brief scene that they won't describe in context. Saw a lot of fake pictures for Fire Emblem when that came out, some that were specifically made as jokes that were then shared by people complaining about the localization, funny to see but also embarrassing when believed or shared as true and usually leads to or adds to the harassment of people.


Acer hands Starbreeze $9 million to fuel StarVR development



Computing giant Acer has agreed to invest $9 million in Starbreeze to help the studio make its VR ambitions a reality.


Activision Nearly Outbid Microsoft for GoldenEye, Banjo-Kazooie Developer Rare



Before Microsoft eventually acquired GoldenEye and Banjo-Kazooie developer Rare in 2002, the company had a number of suitors, including Call of Duty publisher Activision.


Ford dealership acknowledges it lifted Firewatch art for sales promo


The software development company Panic, which helped produce Firewatch, posted a copy of the ad on Twitter this afternoon, which identified the responsible dealer as Quirk Ford of Quincy Massachusetts.

A thread about this was made here.


Major Skyrim mod Enderal finally gets a launch trailer — and release window


Enderal, a total conversion mod for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, will launch this July, developer SureAI announced. The free overhaul for Bethesda Game Studios' massive open-world game will introduce a unique world and story along with reworked gameplay mechanics.


In esports news


Video: How Blizzard designed StarCraft II to be an eSport


The game industry's enthusiasm for eSports is clear as day, but what's less clear for many game developers is how, exactly, you design and tune a game to be played competitively at a professional level for years at a time.


Interview with Diego Buñuel, the mind behind Canal+’s new esports show



Yesterday, Canal+ revealed the arrival of a weekly show about esports. So, we reached out to Diego Buñuel, the person behind the esports push at Canal+, to find out more.


Esports Growing Pains: The Great Sponsorship Purge


Esports is growing at an almost alarming pace – year after year, reports of increased revenue come in from around the industry, viewership is growing exponentially, and it looks increasingly like esports is a cultural phenomenon that is here to stay.

But with this growth comes the want for professionalism and wholesome family entertainment to maximize this growth. This is especially true of developers who run their own tournaments. Like any industry, esports is going to go through growing pains.


Major game companies partner to lobby for esports in Germany



The BIU, one of Germany’s most important interest groups for digital entertainment, today announced its esports initiative, close-partnered with representatives from ActivisionBlizzard, EA, Microsoft, ESL, and more. Together with its members, the BIU aims to establish esports in Germany, fight for its official recognition, and make vias processes easier.


The Trials of WESA: After troubled start, standards body gains ground with esports industry



Going on two months since the founders of the World Electronic Sports Association revealed their plans to the CS:GO community, the controversy has died down, but the machinery behind WESA is still grinding away. The organization's leadership says they are hard at work trying to convince players, teams and sponsors that WESA can help bring stability to an underfunded and overworked CS:GO scene — without turning it into a corrupt and stagnant monopoly.


The All-Consuming Life Of A Competitive eSports Player



Damon Barlow is 22, he lives with his wife Holly and they have a daughter called Isabella Rose.

Talk to Damon for any length of time and it’s clear that he is just a normal 22-year-old. He’s bright, quick-witted and speaks with a conversational maturity that you would only expect from someone twice his age.


In crowdfunding news




Ikenfell is an RPG adventure about witches, wizards, the school they attend, & the trouble they get into. Explore a school of magic!

A thread about this was created here.


Wizard of Legend


A fast paced 2D dungeon crawler where you assume the role of a powerful wizard on their quest for fame and glory!

A thread about this was created here.




Stylistically, the game resembles other beautifully pixelated action adventures, like Hyper Light Drifter, the recently released action-RPG from Heart Machine. But where Hyper Light Drifter coasted on its colorful yet often desolate environments, Kologeon’s aesthetic is far more grim.


Other content I found interesting this week


As war of words between indie dev and reseller intensifies, IGDA distances itself



From G2A’s side, the clock is ticking for TinyBuild to comply with their demands for a list of fraudulent codes. What will happen if they do not comply has not been made clear.

For his part, Nichiporchik says TinyBuild is not interested in sharing any more information with G2A.

"Everybody knows their reputation," Nichiporchik told Polygon. "Why would anyone even consider giving them a list of keys to ‘verify’? I believe they'd just resell those keys and make more money off of it."

G2A Announces Game Developer Support System Worldwide

In the shadow of E3, this other festival gathers to discuss the impact of gaming



Sid Meier to keynote

E3 was a week of tech-fueled news and big games with guns, dragons, space and warfare.

This week, a different side of the industry slips into New York City to talk less about how games can make money and more about how these immersive, artistic creations can change minds.

The 13th annual Games for Change festival draws speakers from around the world to discuss, debate and weigh in on topics as varied as violence and games, video game as FDA-approved medical treatment and the future of museums.

Civilization is heading to the classroom with new educational edition


2K and GlassLab Games are partnering for CivilizationEdu, a version of the popular turn-based strategy games made directly for the high school classroom. Sid Meier, creator of the Civilization franchise, announced the news at this year's Games for Change festival during a conversation about his work on the franchise.

Life Is Strange leads this year's Games For Change award winners


That's a notable if unsurprising bit of recognition for the studio, which was nominated for three different Games For Change awards this year. It wound up winning two of them: "Game of the Year" and game with "Most Significant Impact."



Three years ago, writer Jennifer Hepler left her work at BioWare on Dragon Age amid a tumult of death threats, including threats against her family and children.

But her departure, she said at the time, wasn't because of the online bullying and harassment, it was for "family reasons."

Last week, during a talk at Games for Change Festival, Hepler talked in more detail about that decision to leave and where it led her, both in terms of her career and her view of games, gamers and gaming.

"I started wondering what it was that we were doing that was leading to the behavior we are seeing," she said.


It’s Not Easy Putting A Gay Sex Game On Steam



Steam doesn’t have many gay sex games. Plenty of anime boob games, sure, but if you’re looking for hot dudes getting it on, it’s slim pickings. Robert Yang is trying to change that.

Previously, however, Yang hadn’t released any of his games on Steam, instead preferring to put them up on places like indie mega-shop Itch.io. Radiator 2 is a compilation of games about consensual spanking, suggestive popsicle licking, and doinking your car. It might sound kinda silly, but Yang’s reason for putting his games on Steam—a platform that’s sometimes hostile to non-traditional games—is 100 percent serious. “This is one of the primary tenets of the modern gay rights movement: that we must be visible and present, or else we will be erased,” he wrote. “It’s important that there’s a gay sex game available on Steam, of all places.” I sat down to talk with him about that.


The ballistic politics of Hideo Kojima



How the history of Japan's post-war peace movements can help us understand Kojima's older games-- and maybe Death Stranding, too.

These societal changes played out in homes. Kojima’s father, who was 15 when the war ended, always regretted being too young to join the Imperial Japanese Navy. As a hobby he built plastic models of warships. He told his young son that during the war, he’d sometimes carried a Navy uniform with him.

“At the same time he was opposed to the war,” Kojima told EDGE. “He lost a lot of friends and could see all the terror and suffering the war brought down on Japan.”

Indeed, Kojima’s father, Kingo Kojima, went out of his way to impress the horrors of war on his young son. As a child, Kingo -- who regularly discussed films with his young Hideo -- forced him to watch the French documentary Night and Fog, and read its source novel. The 1955 film contains graphic footage of Nazi concentration camps, and sequences contrasting the lives of SS guards with the starvation, torture, and prostitution of the prisoners. It’s an intense film to view even today, and would’ve been even more so for a child in the early 1970s.

In other words, Kojima grew up in an environment where the postwar politics of Japan were pressed into him like the fingerprints of a sculptor on clay. An upbringing like this one -- with respect for the military, disgust for war, and a love of American film wearing away wartime antipathies -- would deeply influence him as an artist.


CRPG History Abridged IV: A few niche RPGs that brought something new to the table



As I keep exploring the history of Computer Role-Playing Games for the CRPG Book Project, more interesting titles appear that aren't well-know but are definitely worth a closer look. So here's another chapter of CRPG History Abridged, this time on some very niche titles.


Mighty No. 9’s Designer Says ‘I Own All The Problems That Came With This Game'



Inafune-san said “You know, I want to word this in a way to explain some of the issues that come with trying to make a game of this size on different platforms.” He’s like “I’m kind of loath to say this because it’s going to sound like an excuse and I don’t want to make any excuses. I own all the problems that came with this game and if you want to hurl insults at me, it’s totally my fault. I’m the key creator. I will own that responsibility.”

When you do the Kickstarter campaign, a lot of people don’t realize this, they see the big number—we’ve talked about this before—but they see a number like four million and they expect that’s the actual budget. And on every single website and every single user forum, that was the number that people would say...heck, people are having a little fun with us and mentioning it in the chat, as well. The reality is that it’s 60% of that.


Kickstarter has turned us all into crappy publishers



There is no sure thing in gaming, remember. Games are canceled all the time, even games with talented teams of veteran developers, well-known properties and plenty of funding. If the publisher doesn't have faith in the final product, if it looks like finishing the project will cost more than the potential sales upside or even due to shifting business conditions in general ... games are canceled.

Making video games is a tricky endeavor in even the best of circumstances, but we as backers have no method in which we can take a look at a project that has gone off the rails, shut it down, and get what remains of our money collectively back. Nor would we really want that power, since Kickstarter has proven how little most of us know about what it takes to make a game, or what it costs.





S.T.A.L.K.E.R (2007-2009). is a series of three games set in a fictional interpretation of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and developed in Ukraine by GSC Game World. Mark my wording: “developed in Ukraine” is not synonymous with “Ukrainian.” The latter adjective implies the embedding of the games in Ukrainian culture. This implication has led some to overemphasize the alleged cultural aspect of these games based on the mere fact of them being made and set in Ukraine. However, by talking about cultures we know little about, we may easily fall into treating them as too alien to be known, and thus, under the guise of accepting cultural differences, just reinforce myths and stereotypes.

Another common misconception about S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is that it is, as Jim Rossignol puts it, “shot through with […]Eastern pessimism.” To be honest, I  don’t know what the word “pessimism” refers to here, and wonder if it could be applied to any culture. Does it mean that all people from Eastern Europe are pessimists? Are all products developed by Eastern European culture pessimistic? Or is pessimism treated here simply as some sort of radioactive fallout hovering over Eastern Europe? As it is, none of these are true. I suppose this is simply a stereotype based on the representation of Eastern European countries in the media, with the myths of lingering Soviet traumas or Russia as a tyrannical police state vivid in our imagination. And since the game is gloomy, it reinforces this stereotype, so it is easy to commit the fallacy of treating it as an expression of a cultural trait. There are two problems, however.


The Secretive Creator Of Yandere Simulator, A Game About Murdering High School Girls



In January, I polled my audience to find out more about them. I learned that 43% of the fanbase is 11~15 years old, and 36% is 16~20. I learned that 51% percent of the fanbase is female. I also learned that 69% of the fanbase is in favor of the game’s primary focus being manipulation, deception, and social sabotage (instead of murder).

My intention was to develop a game for a mature, adult audience with an interest in anime and stealth games. I did not predict that the majority of the game’s fans would actually be girls who are under 16 years old.


Happy 20th Birthday, Quake



For this 20th I'm going to share a document created by Joost Shuur called QUAKETALK 95. This Quake FAQ was created on 10/22/1995 to keep people up to date on everything that had been posted about Quake up to that point. People wanted to know what the game was about and information was spread thin all over the place: magazine articles, IRC logs, even in hint books.


Failbetter Games: Seven Years, Ten Lessons



Last week I was the CEO of a prosperous mid-sized indie studio. This week I'm a freelancer. No-one expected this, but it was what I found I wanted. My time at Failbetter was wonderful, but there are a lot of things I wish someone had told me - things I'll bear in mind if I found another studio - things that other growing indies might find useful. Here are ten of them.


Nintendo insists that Paper Mario: Color Splash joke wasn’t about Gamergate



“As many have observed, when viewed in its entirety the Nintendo Treehouse: Live segment for Paper Mario: Color Splash from E3 includes two jokes separated by commentary and gameplay that have no relation to each other,” Nintendo noted in its statement. “One joke has to do with Watergate, while the other is a nod to the Fungi Fun Guys from Mario Party 8. It was brought to our attention today that these two jokes have been spliced together and misconstrued as a crude reference to an online hate campaign.”

This is amusing to me due to an article I saw last week while looking for news, a website that caught on around the beginning of GG and that is said to be a trustworthy site by them first wrote about this a week before someone sent the above two images to Zoe, the site creator talked about how the reference clearly was about GG and went on to describe how he believed that the in game events going on around the time of the screenshots were also all a reference to it. Now that Nintendo has called them a hate group people seem to have taken to saying that she is stupid for not assuming it was a reference to a combination of Watergate/Mario Party and that she just wanted attention, by that logic the guy in charge of one of the websites they trust is also stupid (worse actually, since he knew the entire context, had no reason for an emotional response, and went on to talk about how the whole in game situation was a reference not just those two lines) or that he intentionally created controversy where there was none in order to write a clickbait article for attention which could easily have been what she was sent the pictures from in the first place. But that was last week, only the people who thought that this week are idiots that wanted attention apparently.


The Best Games Patrick Played At E3 2016



Though I didn’t get a chance to play that newfangled Legend of Zelda that everyone was raving about, there was plenty to get excited about at E3.

Based on scribbles into a notebook, here’s the games that stood out to me.


WWE's Xavier Woods Credits Games With His Own Human Development


WWE superstar Xavier Woods is known for his affinity for gaming. He hosts the UpUpDownDown YouTube channel, and he's even made appearances on Kinda Funny Games and GameSpot sister site Giant Bomb. In an interview with ESPN, Woods credited video games with helping him become the person that he is today.


[SSFF] Resident Evil - Re:Certified Classic


Happy 20th Birthday to Resident Evil! But it's time to put nostalgia aside and really ask ourselves, "is it still good"?

Also a look at the creation of the game and who was involved in its creation.


Why You Need To Play The Zero Escape Series



On Tuesday, publisher Aksys Games will release Zero Time Dilemma, the third and perhaps final entry in the Zero Escape series. You probably fall into one of two camps: Either you’re breathlessly counting down the days until then, or you’ve never played Zero Escape.

Definitely a series people should try out.


Guns, games and violence: The real questions you should be asking



We often played the game together, and I firmly believe that the violence inherent in that game never had any negative impact on his ability to understand right from wrong or feel empathy, or that it made him want to act out those matches of gunplay in real life.

But what it did do, absolutely did, was make him an expert in firearms, or at least how these real-world weapons performed in a virtual setting.

Good to bring up with how Call of Duty developers work with the military, how military movies and games advertise for the military, people looking to hire gamers to operate drones, or just based on how many people I've known or heard of who wanted to join the military because Call of Duty/Metal Gear was fun (not really sure how Metal Gear makes you want to join the military, you would think it would make you want to do the opposite, but most people have never really been good at understanding story or narrative themes in games).


DOOM 2016: Action vs. Traction


Cyberpunk Bartending Game Mixes Waifus With Great Storytelling



It’s a brilliant experiment in storytelling that, somehow, developer Sukeban Games (“delinquent girl” in Japanese) seriously undersells. Billed as a “waifu bartending” point-and-click, perhaps a desperate appeal to the otaku community, VA-11 Hall-A is less akin to a moe harem anime than it is comparable to a self-mocking William Gibson novel.

Lot of people I know have been saying positive things about this game and I've been looking forward to it.





Initially we worked together at 2K Marin and that was a luck of the draw thing in a lot of ways. We were both people who wanted to continue working on [the Minerva’s Den] DLC on BioShock 2 (2010) instead of moving on to the next project. We started working together in the way we do now which is collaborating on story stuff, Steve doing the writing and then a back and forth with editing passes and stuff like that. Like Nina was saying, it was an example of a small team within a larger structure, and it was a tight-knit little group where you got to make a lot of difference to the project yourself. Then Steve went off to work on BioShock: Infinite (2013) and when he was finished with his part of that he called me up and was like do you want to move back to Portland with us and make something? I said sure; it was a time in my life where I could pick up and leave.


Inside The Grim World of Minecraft's Prison Servers



I wanted to try to get a handle on what made these servers so popular, but when I reached out to the admins and mods of several popular servers, I was thoroughly rebuffed. At first I thought that the mods and admins—generally teenagers with superiority complexes—were just being rude (one representative told me they had “more important things to worry about.”) But the more likely situation is that they didn’t want to draw attention to themselves. If you don’t remember, Mojang issued an infamous rule change back in 2014 to crack down on servers that were cashing in with microtransactions and “donations”. Certain segments of the community revolted pretty aggressively against this, but it’s generally been seen as good for the game, as a lot of these servers were predatory and exploitative.


TWO NEW OVERWATCH HEROES?!?! | Sombra | Ana Amari

Theories on future Overwatch heroes.


Something to remember when it comes to game marketing


What does Brexit mean for the UK video games industry?


Andy Payne, founder of AppyNation and former UK Interactive Entertainment chairman, told Eurogamer that Brexit could spark a talent deficit.

"We are in uncertain and tough times anyway," he said. "Leaving the EU just pours a load more uncertainty into the pot and that is not good for anyone really.

"Add in the free movement of skilled labour, which EU residents have enjoyed for years, and that could mean we will have a talent deficit until we can train our talent up."

Piers Harding-Rolls, director at analyst IHS Technology, told Eurogamer that it's unlikely that game companies could see talent issues in the short term, but long term there could be a real problem.

Harding-Rolls said any change will probably affect hardware more than software, which may mean Microsoft's upcoming Project Scorpio and Sony's PlayStation Neo will be more expensive in the UK than they would otherwise.

"Generally gaming tends to be fairly resilient to a financial downturn, especially at the enthusiast end of the market, but the games market has demographically broadened substantially since 2008, which suggests it may be more exposed to a recession than previously

Devs Answer: How will the Brexit decision impact your business?


We're still preparing a longer analysis on the impact of Brexit on the game development community, but for our weekly Devs Answer column we've decided to ask our Twitter followers how they feel "Brexit" will impact their lives.

The results have not been heartening.


Guest Column: Visibility is Not Enough


While guest contributor Heather Alexandra is thrilled with the diverse casts of some recent games, she argues that diversity should extend beyond the realm of the fictional.

Other mediums are managing this feat as we speak. When the time came to choose the next writer for the new Black Panther comics series, Marvel didn’t hand it off to an in house writer like Brian Michael Bendis. Instead, they sought out the voice of Ta-Nehisi Coates. The result was one of the best selling comics of the year. And while a films might still cast Eddie Redmayne or Jared Leto to play transwomen, Netflix’s decision to cast Laverne Cox in Orange is the New Black proved to be revelatory, bringing the transgender experience, as presented by a transwoman, into thousands of homes. It is unacceptable that games continue to lag behind.


Gamer named Jihad banned for using name as PSN handle


As the story spread, PlayStation UK contacted Al-Mofadda and offered to let him change his username, an option that is not available to any other PlayStation Network user. Still, Al-Mofadda says, that "has its costs." His trophies are still not syncing properly and his friends list and social interactions are gone. He may also have to contact some publishers directly in order to reactivate certain games.

You can't change your PSN name? After 10 years? I was amazed over how poorly the PSN is run by what was added in their recent updates but damn that is unforgivably lazy. That's an impressive amount of not giving a fuck about your platform.


Marvel's Cancelled Daredevil Game - Unseen64

Video doesn't show up right, so click the link to watch it.


Unseen64 is an independent, non-profit online archive dedicated to the preservation of videogame history. Unseen64 contributors help document prototype and cancelled videogames by archiving information, images, and videos for future reference. The organization is led by a collective of gamers from all around the world. If you would like to contribute, please read more at: www.unseen64.net/help

Daredevil: The Man Without Fear was developed by 5000ft inc, and started out as a rather small third person action game for the PlayStation 2. After the team became aware that a Daredevil movie was in the works, the game became open-world. Knowing that the game would have more brand recognition at launch, the game's publication was expanded to the Xbox and PC as well as the PS2. Liam Robertson is a video game researcher and archiver. In his spare time, Liam creates videos and articles for Unseen64, but will also be contributing to the DidYouKnowGaming channel from here on out.


Pillars of Eternity and Proper Attribute Tuning

Video also not linking correctly so use the above link.


While designing the Kickstarter-backed Pillars of Eternity, Obsidian Entertainment promised to stay true to a classic RPG trope: the 6-attribute spread. In this GDC 2016 talk, Obsidian's Josh Sawyer explains both the history of this RPG design constraint, and how they evolved its concepts to make a functional RPG for the modern era.


Months Later, Players Finally Solve GTA V's Bigfoot Mystery



Last year, fans found a golden peyote plant in GTA V that could transform players into Sasquatch. This discovery was actually the tip of the iceberg of a much larger, way more ridiculous mystery.


Things I found funny or entertaining throughout the week relating to video games


Don't Lie to Blizzard's Customer Support People


The Super Mario 64 Goomba Nobody Has Ever Killed



Goombas are pretty much at the bottom of the food chain in the Mushroom Kingdom—it never takes much to kill them in a Mario game. But there’s one particular Goomba in Super Mario 64 that can’t be defeated, no matter how good your platforming skills are.

A repost from 2014 but still entertaining.

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As a League player for 3 years, I'm glad that something has taken down LoL at least somewhere, tho I don't know if Overwatch will reign for too long there. I got my doubts about it .

Also I like how Blizzard is handling their report system. Riot could learn so much from it.



And Endreal looks so good!

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Win 10 fucked up her PC? Well she could have reverted the last Win 7 patch like I did to avoid It, cause my PC doesn't support Win 10 64-bit, and I'd be fucked.

TellTale Batman game..? :D 

Dialogue Options: 

1) I'm BATMAN! * Bale * 2) I'm BATMAN! * Keaton * 3) I AM VENGEANCE. I AM THE NIGHT. I, AM, BATMAN! * Conroy * 4) I'm BATMAN! * Possibly Affleck? :D *

Conroy for me please. :angryjoe:

Much Bat-choice, such Bat-tastic. :dwijoe:

Overwatch has silence...? Uhh I remember I got 40 Games in LoL at first, which means I get 3/5 Messages at start, and I get one every 4 minutes. Right after those initial 40, I got 70, like instantly the next game I entered I thought I'd have a free chat and bam 70. After the 70 I think It was 200? Right after those I think I recieved 700 or so. And I can honestly say this is the worst penalty, I'm not saying I didn't deserve them, but we're talking about a Team Game here, what am I supposed to give info every 4 minutes in carefully written sentances? Or get flamed because I don't say SS and they completely ignore pings? Communication is key in Team Games, I don't care If someone swears or whatever, they are just words. Sure no one likes flamers, or toxic players but let's not forget that you can press TAB and MUTE THEM. If someone is offended by my cursing or my writing ( I usually flamed at the enemy team, not my own as that was counter productive ) they can just MUTE me, or not pay attention at all. Why the fuck should I get Chat Ban for 1000s of games just cause some guy can't press Tab and Click? 

As for the diversity, I'm all for that, but for me It's be a double edged sword. Like in comics for example we have Miles Morales, an Afro-American Teen who in a issue had part of his mask pulled and a girl photographed the moment. ''OMG A BLACK SPIDERMAN!'' Was everywhere around the internet, I really like how he reacted to It tho, he doesn't want to be known as Black Spiderman or whatever, just Spiderman. As I said I'm all for the diversity here, but I don't understand how ''race'' has to do anything with how you like a character? I don't know why some people would relate more with a character just because of skin color? Or look up to them more because of It? Of course in certain situations that's the case like John Stewart ( Green Lantern ) and how he was subject to prejudice based on his skin color. But how about Cyborg ( Victor Stone )? I'm not black but I can surely relate to how his Father rarely has time to go to his Football matches, and ignores his Achievements because of his work, I think a huge amount of people can relate to that. Anyway what I'm trying to say that this push for Diversity just makes things worse, instead of having to relate with a character's situation, and motives it seems like the whole point is to go like this ''Oh look a black Superhero! Finally someone I can relate/look up to!'' and due to the push itself it would result in a poor execution most of the time, I think that diversity shouldn't be pushed, just let it come naturally, don't say it's unacceptable. However I think diversity in sexuallity could play a bigger part in Relating/Looking up to a character, maybe because in my experience with people homophobes are more common than racists or maybe because skin color and sex are mainly physical attributes, something I feel shouldn't account into Relating/Looking up to characters, for example John Constantine I'm not blonde, I don't have blue eyes, I'm not tall, I'm not muscular, but I sure as hell can relate to him and look up to him, not because he is white or male tho.

Anyway sorry for the wall of text, that's just my two cents on the whole thing. :ouijajoe:

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