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Star ocean 5

2 posts in this topic

Oh my god, what happened? Has anyone else played it yet? Being a HUGE fan of the series (played and beat all of them to date) I feel Squenix took the biggest dump they could on the franchise in this attempt to "Save" it. I won't post any spoilers here, but I will say if you're a fan, you will be severely disappointed. The environments are weak, the characters are worse than any I've seen in a series entry (yes, even worse than Lymle.) The whole experience seems so limp. I was so excited to see square was going to be bringing the series back, but I'm afraid this game is going to put it right back in the ground. I haven't beat the game in its entirety yet, but by what I've read it doesn't get any better. This is a sad day for a franchise that flat out diserves more time and effort. And that's the problem, it seems they put so little effort in this game. I hope to god this isn't what we can expect from future JRPG titles. I understand that JRPGs really are a thing of the past now, but if they are going to be spending time and money developing one, why the hell couldn't they have at least tried to make it worth while? This experience makes me fearful for any other JRPG franchises that try to make a comeback. I mean, if this is what I can expect, maybe I don't want to see another Suikoden or Wild Arms. Sad day for any of you Star Ocean fans. Lol I hope I'm not the last of a dying breed.

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