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Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord

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Peoples that currently plays it.









Type of events





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At this Point I would rather wait till the launch of Bannerlord (like BF1) because that were all the hype is at right now and it will not flop, while we had fun with Warband and its modules/mods I think it's time to move on. That game freaking 6 years old and it's still rocking, impressive. Don't forget to pm me or add me on Steam if you wish to play!

Remember BL still doesn't have release date, the only thing we know soo far is that it has planned a Q1 2017 date of it fully release. Soo in the meantime im playing Warband. 

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I'm gonna agree with qwik. Don't get me wrong I fucking love warband. (fire and sword not so much... sorry less features and gameplay = less of a game) and I play M&B all the time. but with bannerlord coming out with a far better combat system which will include sieges. and  not to mention the talk of co-op or a multiplayer like campaign? (or at least there was..) Bannerlord will be the one to bring everyone in on. warband is kinda on a niche crowd at the moment

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