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SMITE Code of Conduct (Xbox One)

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Please Click Here and Read This As Well : AJSA Code of Conduct

It's only fitting that with new recruitment and long after the first SMITE CoC that we renew it and bring it up to date.


      In-Game Conduct Breakdown


        Please be advised that your behavior reflects us as a clan and the AJSA as a whole. In-Game conduct does extend outside of an event. Be respectful to your fellow players. Any player in the game should be treated with respect and general kindness. If someone needs a hand be friendly and help them out. This also means keeping harsh language limited.


“Chat spamming” during games to randoms is not very respectful. We don't want to be hyper-competitive. SMITE is
a MOBA and is inherently competitive but we don't want that nature to drive our experience. Everyone wants to win but if people aren't having fun winning there's no point. Win or lose, do it with honor. Under this same reasoning, we don't want to surrender unless in serious conditions. A serious condition would be a 15+ minute game with a total KDR of .5 and no push on either team/full push on your team. Do not surrender in an event unless specified otherwise by a host.


If someone needs help in-game just give them a hand. There's no point in getting upset or telling them they need to figure out how to play a character themselves when you could obviously help. Don't be discouraged in suggesting someone to try a new character either. If you think they'll enjoy playing some new class or build and they're a new player open your mouth and give them the idea. Worst response you'll get is "no."


Do not leave members you're playing with behind. Ever. At all. If you lag out of a game or your console crashes and you just quit because you were getting off anyway that's fine. Abandoning a member because they're "bad" or other members don't want to play with them is unjustified. Help them out if they aren't playing to par and give them tips on getting better. Being mean to people who aren't going positive every game is wrong.

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