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Getting your viewers involved in single player games (suggestions)?

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Hi there!

I've been streaming for about a year and a half, and have an awesome community. We do Multiplayer Monday every Monday, where I play games with my viewers and followers.

I also have playthrough weeks, where I play single player games. For example, I'm currently playing through Mass Effect 3. What I am looking for are ways to get my community involved whenever I am playing a single player game (voting on major decisions, etc.). I was wondering what my fellow Twitch streamers do when it comes to getting their communities involved during single player games.

Thank you! :)

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Are you asking, how to get your viewers to interact with you while you play ME3 so they can be apart of your decision making in the game? If that's so and if I understood right, I think the best way to do it is when you reach a certain decision, you stop and then you ask your viewers to spam in the chat what decision you should do and the most "spammed" decision in the chat, you do that decision.


Another way to do it is to use votepoll (google it), type in the decisions offered, make the poll and post it in your chat for your viewers to vote and once enough have voted, you go for the most voted decisions. You can also use the votepoll for other things like listing several games you have and then asking your chat and viewers to vote for which game you should play.



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Yep, I do the polls asking what viewers want to play with me every Monday, and sometimes I do the "choose my decisions". I should do that a little more often. :)

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