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2 posts in this topic

This game has potential in every corner. Even tough i'm pretty sure it's not going to be either Official or Unofficial, it's worth pointing why it could.


Brawlhalla is a 2D Platform Fighting game made bu Blue Mammoth Games, an indie studio that also made Dungeon Blitz, an online MMORPG. It has certain similarities with Smash Bros, but stands out on its own with it's original mechanics. It has a F2P model with no P2W aspects or paywalls, as the only thing players can get with money are purely cosmetic. It has a fine variety of Casual and Ranked gamemodes to choose from, alongisde a Singleplayer mode and Public or Private Custom lobbies for friends to join and play together. The game also has a Clan system, although is pretty barebones as of now. It's currently in Open Beta, but it has already a fair amount of content. Supports a currently expanding list of controllers from XBOX to PS4 and others. The game has a very strong community, hosting tournaments and streams on Twitch almost weekly. The developers have a devstream every Tuesday and Thursday at  3:00 PM. They are currently preparing it's first official tournament in Atlanta, BCS(Brawlhalla Championship Series) and also the game's own expo, BCX (Brawlhalla Championship Expo). A PS4 version is also planned for release.


The kick of this game is it's incredible accessiblity. It weighs around 800 mb and doens't require a very powerful PC to run. The character roster is varied and very balanced, allowing people to main whoever they want. The gameplay and mechanics are simple enough for new players to jump in and learn the basics in mere seconds, while also provinding advanced movements to provide enough depth. It has a weekly character rotation and daily missions, but the characters can be easily unlocked with either in-game money or paid money without farming for weeks. The colors, skins and taunts provide a decent amount of customization, as most of the items are usable among all the characters.


It doesn't matter if Brawlhalla doesn't end up being a game to talk in the AJSA, but the least i could do is to show this game to you. The devs are working really hard to make it as fun and appealing as they can, while keeping an eye on the community and listening to their opinions and suggestions for it. It's really worth checking out.


Steam store page:


Brawlhalla website:


BMG website:



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I do respect your passion for Brawlhalla, as it is a solid game. This section is for making official requests for the AJSA to support games for internal events and such. Obviously anyone can play anything they want but in cases like this we would make a month long event structure with the EF, which is upto that team, or create a community channel for those interested in playing the game in their free time. Otherwise, this is more of a general forum post for information purposes. Thank you for your time put into this and I do hope you find people interested in checking it out to play with.

I will move this post later this week.

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