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AJSA LoL Player Information Thread

12 posts in this topic

This thread is for you to post your League of Legends key player information about yourself. This will help us better understand our demographic and help tailor events and potentially help you grow and improve as a League of Legends player. Laconic simplicity is greatly appreciated; please no life stories. My info:

LoL IGN: TheDycer; Rank: SIlver; LoL exp.: 1 year

Role(s)/Mains: Currently I am carrying myself with mid and ADC; I use whatever champion(s) I feel comfortable with in the meta.

What I know/can teach: Wave/lane control, warding, objective decision making, and economic management.

What I would like to learn: AP Kog'Maw  

Other MOBA exp: Infinite Crisis where I made way too many community guides for that game; Smite 1yr; DotA 2 3/5 career PvP games won; various alphas/betas

I look forward to seeing your responses.

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LoL IGN: Lazyboon, Rank: Plat 5, LoL exp: Beta

Role(s)/Mains:Nothing i do whatever comes up.

What I know/can Teach: Nothing all the people i taught can explain themself beter then i do. I only do sparta training.

What I would like to learn: Nothing.

Other Moba exp: Meh too many to count. Same results, Adept and play.


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Lol IGN: LadyPurpleHeart  Rank: Gold 2  Lol exp: since season 4 

Roles/mains: Roles: Mid, top, jungle, adc, support.  Mains:  top gang plank, lulu, lissandra. Jungle zac, elise, kindred. ADC Ashe, varsus, Ez, Corki. Support Thresh, Blitz, Annie. Mid Ahri TF, Orianna, Lulu, Lissandra, Gangplank 

What I know /can teach: Conceptual builds, thought process, reasoning, mechanics, farming, rotations, jungles clears. If it involves conceptual planning i'm your pick. 

What I would like to learn: Simply how to improve and be a better player. 

Other moba XP: None. 

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LOL IGN: Renn22,    Rank: Silver 5,    Exp: Since Late Season 3

Roles/Mains: Jungle with a bit of Top. Right now I am playing a lot of Rengar (I guess I am now a Rengar main) though for about 2 years I was a Vi main.

What I know/can teach: Conceptual builds, reasoning, jungle clears, Theory-crafting (Any conceptual stuff I can usually do/teach)

What I would like to learn: Untilting myself, getting my mechanics better (I have always been more about strategy than mechanics), diversifying my champion pool, learning about counters for my main champions, better decision making,

Other MOBA exp: I have played 3 games  of DotA.

Edited by adpop
forgot theory-crafting, and added more things I want to learn

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Is this only for NA or for EUW as well? Well I'll give it a shot anyway...tho I'm on EUW



LOL IGN: Worthy Prey

Rank: Gold 5

Experience: Season 2 I played for a few months then quit. I came back around end of Season 3 with a new account and since then played till now.

Roles / mains: My biggest issue. I always had main roles, but also I always  changed them from support to ADC, to mid to top and sometimes jungle. Right now I mostly stick to top and ADC. Tho top lane I only play fighters/bruisers (Irelia, Fiora, Darius)

What I know / can teach: I can teach all basics and some advanced stuff on top lane and bot lane. Of course, I have enough experience to teach players to get good around gold level, but that's about it.

What I would like to learn: Not much. Since DQ I lost competitive interest in this game and I just pretty much play for fun, don't care about learning or getting more better. I just try to improve my late game when I feel like it and farming.

Other MOBA experience: A bit of DOTA 2, Heroes of the Storm and SMITE


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LOL IGN: SpoopiShipoopi 

Rank: Bronze II

Exp: Started early season 4 (when Vel'koz was released) technically only played ranked since season 5

Roles / Mains: I have always generally been a support / adc main although I have been around and tried everything out with the champs I enjoyed.

What I know / Can teach: Laning phases, Efficient match ups, counters, scalings, what champs do and don't synergize well together. Stuff like that.

What I Need to Learn: I would like to be better at map awareness / map checking and over all map predictions. I wouldn't say I have bad map awareness but I would like to be checking the map more often and thinking about where enemies could be in the fog. I am also currently trying to learn kindred as an adc. (choose off meta picks some times too btw)

Champion pool / Common picks: Jhin, Leona, Tristana, Kalista, Caitlyn, Twisted Fate, Sivir, Nidalee, Lux, Annie, Miss Fortune, Varus, Vi, Jax, Ezreal, Vayne, Nautilus, Ahri, Tryndamere, Fiddlesticks.

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LOL IGN: NamelessPric

Rank: Bronze

Experience: Over 1 and a half years

Roles / Mains: I'm a fill, but I mostly play Support. I usually play Sona, Nautilus, Ashe, Lux, Singed, Poppy, Tahm Kench, Soraka and Veigar.

What I Know / Can Teach: The basics and some advance tactics

What I Want To Learn: How to play more champs and how to play the ones I know better 

Other MOBA Experience: None

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LoL IGN: Azure Titan; Rank: SIlver 5; LoL exp.: less than a year


What I know/can teach: Basic Basic Basic stuff.

What I would like to learn: Everything 

Other MOBA exp: Infinite Crisis T_T, Arena Smite, HOTS for a short while, 

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LoL IGN: wolfenstein247; Rank: Plat II NA; LoL exp.: Since beginning of Season 5

Role(s)/Mains: I carry with mid and adc as well, though I have stuck mostly to meta chmapions such as Viktor and Sivir. I can still play anything from Ahri to Syndra to Cassio mid though.

What I know/can teach: Wave/lane control, item builds and theoretical builds, in game decision making, and all the life advice you could want. Trust.

What I would like to learn: Zilean mid and Kalista adc

Other MOBA exp: League is my first MOBA, haven't played anything else before or since

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LOL LVL 30 IGN: goobs18, jebusrocks, best lebronze na, pieok kruh ken, summonerzenosuck, voynich codex. Rank: Gold 5, Gold 5, Silver 3, Gold 5, Bronze 2/3, Silver 4

Roles/Mains: Mid, Top, Sup, JG, and I have a weak adc. Mostly play mages plus varus and random tanks

What I know/Can teach: Not much cause I do things as I please and not because they're smart or good decisions. Can only give general tips as we play together because of my fun over smart type of plays. I play a lot of trolly champs like AP MF, AP GP, AP Nasus, and such.

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I play only on EUW now because the ping on NA is too high.

LoL IGN: ll Nova ll  (The 'll' are actually small 'L's)

Rank: None. (I didn't play ranked last season)

LoL exp.: I've been playing LoL since mid-season 2.

Role(s)/Mains: I'm not maining any roles at the moment. I simply play whichever role I get for now.

What I know/can teach: I can teach basic things since I'm not that good at explaining things.

What I would like to learn: I'm open to everything.

Other MOBA exp: Smite and HOTS

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Lol IGN: DemonicDeus

Rank:bronze 2 (currently) sil 3 last year.

Lol exp: season 4

roles/mains: Top, Mid mages. Mains: garen, graves, velkoz, nautilus, viktor, jayce.

What i know/can teach: i can teach cs, positioning, how to build properly, how to prioritize one champion over another.

What i want to learn: maintaining map awareness, broadening my champion pool, how to communicate with teammates 

other moba exp: hots, smite 1year, battlerite.

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