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AJSA Valkyrie

What is your best game you ever played

12 posts in this topic

Based of my most popular post I made, " the worst game you ever played", this is the direct opposite, what was your best game you ever played. Just like the opposite post of this post, it's opinion based and you must respect others opinions. To answer say your best game and give an short explanation why 

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Having being playing games for 25 years and given advancements in time, it's hard to say and pick one, so here's a short list of ones that could be (in no particular order)...



Atari 2600




One of my earliest experiences of a video game, combat should, in terms of modern standers should, be on of the worst. However, for such a primitive system, it offered a competitive multiplayer experience with balance and fun that allot of modern games don't match. There were so many maps and alternate craft to control you could play this game for hours, and at the time, that was new.


Final Fantasy X




This is a game that got me addicted in a way that it wasn't even good form me. It's visuals, it's character progression, turn based strategic combat and characters may not have been considered to be that great overall, but to me, I can't believe it's been better before or since in this franchise. It's huge, it's interesting and it's got more content than it's even aware of itself. What a game. Play this game with the expert sphere grid or forever regret.


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time




Are you surprised? is there anything to even say?


This is a legend for a damb good reason. All of your favorite open world RGS's exist because of this game. The exploration, the hidden goodies, the combat, the genius level design, the story, for 1998, this re-defined what was possible. Not a flaw in sight. You could explore Hyrule searching for the clues to the Biggoron Sword, or go fishing, as well as everything in between, either way, your time wasn't wasted. What more to say.


The Last of Us




This game was not the revelation that Zelda was, but it was equally impressive by taking already established ideas and doing them so much better than anyone had ever done in a uniuqe and intelligent setting. Man, what a game!


The last of us is simply more than a game, it's an examination of our culture and how we really would fall apart in disaster. It really would take "The Last of Us",  not in population, but in humanity and morality to survive, and the game leaves the player to decide what that actually means with no guide of any guide or measuring stick. The ending the so open to interpretation, the story so engaging and the gameplay so well crafted it's a game that will be remembered forever.




This image perfectly illiterates the perfect word to describe this game....epic!


This is an open world with such diversity and conflict that you are engrossed and invested in every place, person and situation yo come across. If Zelda OOT created the open world game, Skyrim perfected it. It's huge, its' beautiful, it's complicated and with far better leveling and combat mechanics that it's predecessors, this is a masterpiece, no question.


And, my most recent addiction...




I'm just gonna link my review here to explain, but I'm now on my third play-though and I just can't get enough of this game. I loved the 2013 reboot, but this is so much better that it exposes flaws in that game I didn't even notice. It's more challenging, better looking, more dynamically controlled, more rewarding and just better than was was already one of the very best games at the time. It's that not worthy of being on a toplist of mine, then fuck knows what is.


That's my list. it might change in five minutes, but there. If it does, it'll be with one of these...


Honorable Mentions



Mario 64

Banjo Kazooie

Dungeon Keeper

Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2


Magic Carpet 2

Shadow of the Colossus

Metal Gear Solid 2

Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag

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Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings



Great combat, at least in Enhanced Edition (which is free), great, detailed and beautiful world and most important: some of the most memorable characters I ever cared about.

I put around 80-90h in my first playthrough to finish it and then I played it 2 more times, each time different. Each ending different and each story path different. At one point in the game, you can choose one person out of 2 who you will accompany with in adventures of political and war struggle and each of the 2 you choose, take you on whole SEPERATE quest lines and locations. It's AMAZING!

One of the rare games, rare trilogies where each ending was just perfect.

If you like Game of Thrones show, then Witcher 2 is one of the closest games you can play, sometimes it's even more grimmer.


Witcher 3: Wild Hunt



What else to say? Witcher 2 in open world. Open world where they kept the same amount of detail as in their not open world game which not many developers can do right. Every single piece of the map master crafted by hand. The characters even better and even more branching storyline. Beautiful locations and awesome music.


One of the best monster hunting mechanics I've seen in a game, many choices during quests and many different locations to explore.







Fallout 2



Many people would look at it now and say, "Dafuq are these graphics?"




But outside these graphics,  this game is more deeper in story line, questing, RPG system, levelling and almost everything else than any Bethesda Fallout game.

Multiple endings, multiple ways to finish most side quests and main quests. Multiple ways to finish the entire game: Kill everyone, talk your way out, sneak etc etc


Be a bad guy, be a good guy, be a child killer, be a grave digger, be a good guy with asshole attitude, cheat with other people's wives/husbands, become a famous boxer, own your car, blow up a sewage cave and make all the shit from the explosion cover the town and when I say shit, I mean literal poop, sheriff's deputy, be slaver, bounty hunter etc etc


One of the best karma/reputation systems I've experienced in almost any game. Whatever your actions are in just one town or to a few people, other people across the Wasteland will learn of you and if you are bad or good, it all has it's ups and downs.


And also one of the most fun features of  the game. You can hack into a computer for fun and contact the US Goverment and troll them


I don't think there will ever be a Fallout game detailed as this.




Spec Ops: The Line



One of the more better character and story driven war games and third person shooters I've played. Not much to say about it, people just gotta experience it.



Metro series



I'm a huge fan of atmospheric games, specially when it comes to apocalyptic settings. METRO is one of the best first person shooters. It isn't your ordinary FPS where you are stopping communists from attacking the USA, but a lot better, a lot deeper and more mature.


When it comes ot atmosphere and ambiences, eastern European developers make some of the best ones: Witcher, Stalker and Metro. At least from what I experienced. Specially if it's post-apocalyptic settings. They really focus on the grim parts, the darkness and it just makes you feel so alone and sometimes it's even depressing.




Few more worthy mentions:

Fallout New Vegas


Tomb Raider 2013

STALKER: Call of Pripyat


And there is more which I can't remember atm.



Some of my favorite multiplayer games:

Battlefield 2

Battlefield Bad Company 2

Battlefield 3

Counter Strike Source

League of Legends


Guild Wars 2



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I think so far the best games I have played are Bioware games.  Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Dragon Age 2, Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3...

So far I nejoyed all of them and when I get to playing Dragon Age Inquisition (probably tonight) and Jade Empire (probably in a few months after I have a cooldown period from playing a gargantuan 100+ hour game, plus DLC), I fully expect the pattern to resume.

Although, now that I think about it, I think the best game I ever played was Monster Hunter Tri.  100+ hours solid of hunting monsters over and over again.  I refused to move on from one monster to another until I was able to complete an armor set/weapon.

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Ah yes, the inevitable best games ever played list. We meet again old friend!


Its really hard to pick a "best game ever played" because as the years passes, the previous favorite will be overtaken by the newer games. There was a similar list last year, and the games I listed back then are different from today. So these are my top 10 favorite games ever, which will probably change next year.


These 10 - 6 are interchangeable, because I can't pinpoint their spot:


10) Dangan Ronpa series

9) The Last of Us

8) Killer 7

7) DOOM 4 beyatch!!

6) The 999 series, like Virtue's Last Reward and recently, Zero Time Dilemma



Luckily for 5 - 1, I can pinpoint them.

5) The Resident Evil/ Biohazard series. Because everytime there's a new RE game, it overtakes the previous games of the series. Currently RE6 is my favorite of the series. Please don't kill me.


4) Sharin no Kuni: the Sunflower Country. Till this day, still the best visual novel game I have ever played. Great characters, fantastic music, and insanely great story that took my feeling like it's a roller coaster ride. 



3) Shadow of the Colossus. My previous number 1 game ever, until these next games took over.


2) Witcher 3 the Wild Hunt. Oh hell. Freaking. Yes. 150 hours spent with this game, playing the original, and then the expansion packs.  This game made me cry sad tears, and also makes me happy looking at the great payoff after the shit that Geralt has to go through since the novel days and the previous 2 games of the series. Blood and Wine: one of the best expansion packs EVER!!



And finally, the current number 1 game I have ever played:

This game took me by complete surprise last year. I have no idea what I am in for when I saw this game on Steam. I expected a throwback to Earthbound, but what I found is the most amazing, and the most "you will never forget what you have just played for the rest of your life" game ever. And I haven't played this game again since the last time I beat it! I can still remember the great characters, the exciting and awesome boss fights that I wish I can keep on fight forever, the lore and world of this game, and the plethora of brilliant soundtracks. And the most amazing thing about this game? Almost the entire game, and the entire soundtrack, are made by 1 guy. 1 GUY. Toby Fox, you have an amazing talent man.



Why does this game get my number 1 spot even though other games in my list have the better graphics or much more elaborate game mechanics, with giant open world to visit and plenty of content? Because it's like this: those games are 5 star course meals. They taste delicious, and everytime you eat it, you will love it. And you can still eat them if you want until you had enough. Undertale is a "once in a lifetime meal", where once you eat it, you can't eat it anymore. But you will never forget that taste for the rest of your life. 



Also because this game makes me feel like a child again. And it made me cry happy tears. As in I'm crying because I'm so happy. No other games can make me do that. Usually when games make me cry, they make me cry because it's depressing and sad. But a happy cry? That's a rarity!


Honorable mentions, only some because there's just too many good games over the years:

Asura's Wrath

Dark Souls series

Ninja Blade

The Ace Attorney series

Persona 4

GTA series

Uncharted series

Red Dead Revolver & Redemption

Elder Scrolls Oblivion & Skyrim

Double Dragon Neon

Deadly Preminition

Sorcery! 1 - 3

Joe Dever's Lone Wolf

And Ride to Hell. Because it's so bad it's hillarious. The Room or Birdemic of gaming.







Just kidding. That game is average at best. If it's from 2002.


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Oh wow, where do I start?

Number 1 on the list will always be Half-Life 2. The combination of storytelling through gameplay, fantastic soundtrack, dystopian environment, solid design...yeah, the game is just brilliant! ...even if the graphics are getting pretty dated.


After that there are too many great games to count. Tomb Raider 2, Commander Keen, Duke Nukem 3D, Unreal Tournament, Borderlands 2, The Last of Us, Uncharted, Crusader: No Remorse

Just to name a few.

It's hard for me to categorize them because a lot of them I'll play over and over again even after their graphics have gotten hard to look at.

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Maybe I'm a bit late but here goes!


Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos AND It's expansion The Frozen Throne

I am TERRIBLE at RTS games like really bad, even worse, It that's possible, in Strategy games but this game introduced little me to the vast, amazing World... Of Warcraft!

You have the choice between 4 Races - Human Alliance ( along with Dwarves, High Elves and Gnomes ) Orcish Horde ( along with Tauren and Trolls ) Night Elves and Undead.

Each race has 4 types of Heroes which you can level up, buy/loot items for and they have 3 basic spells with an Ultimate Spell they get on Level 6, they are also fully voice acted. Along with 5 Race Campaigns ( 1 is prologue ) the Expansion has also 4 More ( 1 is prologue ) with fully Voice Acted Heroes who are part of the Lore and great Story with in-game Cinematics and CGI Cinematics at the end.

One of the most famous In-Game Cinematics which is even recreated in World of Warcraft as part of a 5 man Dungeon in which you help Arthas murder all the people/undead.

Not only does this game have incredible Singleplayer for It's Multiplayer It has a TON of Mods, a good portion of which are INCREDIBLE on par with the Campaigns the most famous one probably being Defense of the Ancients ( DOTA ) there are so much mods in fact that there are actually genres, RPG in a RTS , Tower Defense, Zombie Survival , Racing really there are tons of really cool mods.

I love this game both from Nostalgia and because of how good it is and I would totally recommend It to anyone who likes RTS doesn't mind dated graphics and would enjoy seeing the Lore of World of Warcraft.

For those of you who have seen the Warcraft Movie that shitty clay thing is NOT an infernal and NOT a golem, however within this trailer you can see a ''real'' one.

World of Warcraft ( All expansions ) achieved what no other MMO in my eyes could, It made a perfect blend of Gameplay Depth while retaining a Decent Story and It came packed with so much to learn, so much races and so much Cultures, each of them having their own unique Architecture, Lore and Incredible OST which I cannot listen to because I'd full on GooseBumps mode all of which made this Immersive World filled with Socializing and Player Interaction. 

Observe -

Sure 40 Man Raiding is gone for better or worse but 10 Man and 25 Man can be just as rewarding. To summarize quickly World of Warcraft has tons of content and tons of ways to play through said content, you like PvP? You've got Battlegrounds ( 10v10 15v15 40v40 on multiple maps ) Rated Battlegrounds ( Competitive ) Arenas ( 1v1 2v2 3v3 5v5 again on mulitple maps ) World PvP and tons of Classes with Different Specs and Different Builds for said Specs, you want PvE? You've got 5 Man Dungeons 5 Man Mythic Dungeons 10-25 Man Raids Class Order Hall quest progression and Daily End Level content and even for people who enjoy Stories Legion is introducing Lore Raids.


BioShock 1 and 2 to me are everything an FPS should be, I absolutely love all of the BioShock games although for me BioShock Infinite was definitely a Step Down in terms of Combat, but maybe that's just me since I preferred to Wrench/Drill my way out of BioShock 1 and 2. The Level design is so intricate and with a unique instantly recognizable style with so much ways to finish the level and so much of the level to explore for parts of the Lore and hidden goodies. It's basically like the opposite of Modern Military FPS like Call of Duty and that god awful piece of shit Modern Warfare 3, the levels aren't a straightforward line with a dead end to the left containing some ''''ENEMY INTEL'''' the level design doesn't make you want to puke, the enemies aren't braindead ( Well they are lunatics but at least they are entertaining ) and they don't look and act the same, you don't have the absolute worst missions of ''DEFEND THIS'' or ''GET THIS TURRET AND MASSACRE HUNDREDS OF SOLDIERS DESTROYING ANY SEMBLANCE OF NARRATIVE'' there's no generic,bland and forgettable Story and the Guns are ACTUALLY DIFFERENT! Also there is a lot of combat depth in 1 and 2 with tons of ways to customize how you play. The games have excellent writing all 3 of them having tons of excellent quotes with each introducing you to a certain philosophy, If there's one thing I love It's Entertainment helping me learn, Andrew Ryan about Objectivism, Sophia Lamb about Liberitarianism and Comstock about... I don't know how Religions are awful? :D 

I absolutely love how even the DLC to BioShock 2 Had this gut wrenching Finale, making you feel so sad and... If Video Games are Art these games to me are the Mona Lisa the Citizen Kane the Beethoven Symphonies the MegadetH - Rust in Peace album just the best.

To keep the post shorter I'll just mention: 

Witcher 3

DOOM 1,2 and 3

Heroes of Might and Magic 3 ( Especially in The Wake of Gods )

Phew almost forgot Batman Arkham City and Asylum :joegasm:

Metro 2033

Metro: Last Light

Thief 1 The Dark Project

Thief 2 The Metal Age

Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines

Counter Strike 1.6 and Global Offensive

Fallout New Vegas

I absolutely love those games just as much as the previous.

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Here a 2 of my favorite games



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Aight here is my list:

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic and Knights of the Old Republic 2

These two games are, for me anyway, some of the best games that were ever made under the Star Wars license. The Stories of "the Jedi turned Sith and back to Jedi again-Revan" and the Jedi Exile are still awesome to this day. Okay, the fighting system may not be up to date anymore and the graphics are lacking, which is to be expected, but story-wise? Still worth a play and Steam throws these two games out for such low prices, that everyone should try it.
I even liked the MMO, but it's not as good as these two gems.


Fallout New Vegas

Alright, I'm a little biased here, alright. Not only my first Fallout game, but also my first Steam game right here. 
Storywise it's no Fallout or Fallout 2, but it has all these little details, easter eggs and stuff. Sure, the mojave desert may be not as "beautiful" as the Capital Wasteland in Fallout 3... but unlike FO3 New Vegas feels like a RPG again. The story was more immersive for me, because I could see me trying to find the guy who wanted to see me dead...not like Fallout 3 where I search for a guy I know how long? 15 minutes? Anyway, I loved New Vegas (okay, the city could have been a little bit bigger, ain't gonna lie) and the DLCs? God these Story DLC were the shit. We got Dead Money, which was kinda hard for me (as someone who runs around in Heavy Armor and with the LMG or Minigun) with an interesting plot, Honest Hearts...okay that was kinda lackluster,  OWB and it's 1950's B-Movie crazyness and Lonesome Road. God Lonesome Road was so epic. 


Spec Ops: The Line

There isn't really much I can say, without spoiling it entirely. The gameplay is the Third Person Cover Shooter standard and the story? Just play it already! 

Honourable Mentions:

Need for Speed Underground 2
Need for Speed Most Wanted 2
Battlefield 2
Battlefield Bad Company 2
Battlefield 3 
Warframe (Best Free2Play Game I played so far)
The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

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On 8/5/2016 at 4:53 AM, Ranisel said:


Arkham City and Asylum :joegasm:


What is that.. a Joe-gasem? :)

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My top three games of all time.



^ I imagine many of you have not even heard of this RPG masterpiece which is a shame. I advise you go on ebay and pay the crazy going price for this and play it (its also on Dreamcast). Yes it's that good. Your welcome. 


^ Need I explain myself?


^ Need I explain myself? 

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14 hours ago, Seirex said:

What is that.. a Joe-gasem? :)

I included It as a ''Phew!'' :D But otherwise yeah It's some Joe-gasm :D

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