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Sup people as you've most likely guessed im joining the angry army so i decided to introduce myself to the community. i mainly play on Xbox but i do have a steam id that play some particular games on like Civ5, Chivalry or Gmod.

Game interests

Right now im looking for people interested in the same games as me to play with and discuss one of which is the Dark souls which is probably my favourite game series\[T]/ (Xbox), another is Overwatch(Xbox) Edge lord main myself btw, and the final game i mainly interested in finding more people for is Civ5(PC).

User Information

Xbox live Gamertag: Burningled  Steam ID: sumguy9631

Anyway thanks to everyone who was willing to take to time to read this mess off an introduction. Im looking forward to interacting with the community.


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Welcome to the AJSA. Lots of goings on on both XBox One and PC so please look around and let me know if you have questions.

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Welcome to the AJSA Gaming Community!


I see you've already signed up to receive messages about upcoming Xbox events. Nice work!! I'll add you as a friend today on Xbox Live and we'll see about getting together to play some games.

For AJSA on the PC, there are plenty of opportunities to get yourself involved as well. MechWarrior Online, Planetside 2, Payday 2 etc...Don't forget to head on over to Discord as well where you can additionally meet fellow AJSA and chat more about games.

I've never played Dark Souls myself. I have played Civilization before, though. Very fun game. I enjoy the history. Civilization 6 looks pretty epic.

Enjoy your time here! Thanks for introducing yourself :)


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