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Apex Spartan

Lost Ark CBT Gameplay 2016

2 posts in this topic


I've been waiting for new gameplay for this forever and now they finally releases some gameplay from CBT. I've been following this game since it's announcment. It's a open world action MMORPG with a combat style of Diablo 3 / POE, but deeper and better looking. There was some new info released like that each class at certain point "evolves" to a better version of that class among some other things. Also what sets it apart from other ARPGs is that this has jobs like fishing, astrology, mining and other sandbox shit, you have a karma / reputation system, you can help or harm NPCs which affects your reputation, you can eavesdrop NPC in middle of conversations for secret quests and information and many other things and it's an open world you can explore.

From last information I remember, the game will have almost 18 classes and 7 startable ones.


No exact date has been released on Western Beta, but some sources said that there was lots of english material released for the game at some chinese gaming convention or whatever which could indicate that the western Beta could be coming soon, maybe near the end of this year. Asian MMOs are popular for coming back like after 2 years since they've been available in Asia and then by the time they come to west, they are outdated. I really hope that doesn't happen to this game.


Of course nothing has been confirmed if it will be F2P, or have a cashshop etc

While I personally think it looks stunning and gameplay looks great, I'm worried about the bussines model and if the game will be P2W or have expensive cashshop, for which Asian MMOs again are popular for.

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Dang I thought this was forgotten or something.  It's been so long since I heard anything about it (haven't really been following though).

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