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Gamescom Star Citizen demo.

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OH, it's beautiful. Still annoyed that this game's not finished yet even though I kickstarted it a long time ago but OH, IT'S GLORIOUS.


After the fucking piece of shit that is No Man's Sky, this game has put in a bunch of things that piece of crap never does: actual multiplayer, actual NPCs with factions, actual base that's like a base and not just a stupid 1 floor room with doors, a story, a car while in a planet, other enemies that are also human and not fucking annoying flying robots, and another ship in outer space that you can destroy and get in. And you can use your weapon while inside a building! OH GOD it's so good to see these gameplay mechanics in this game!



Fuck No Man's Sky, THIS is the game that I fucking want. Damn it, why is it still in Alpha?? It's supposed to come out years ago damn it! Ah well, patience, is virtue.

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As far as I'm concerned the developers of this are just getting shadier and shadier.  Their making money hand over fist by keeping the game in Alpha with that storefront (which means it's not really an Alpha at all) where some items cost thousands of dollars.  They even cancelled their refund policy recently.


I hope this delivers a good product in the end but I don't trust them.

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Looks fine so far. Don't like having to shoot someone that many times.



After the fucking piece of shit that is No Man's Sky, this game has put in a bunch of things that piece of crap never does

Probably helps that SC isn't made by a team of 12-15 people.

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I'll keep my dong in my pants with this one.


This game isn't any less hyped than NMS and after everyone believing that indie companies like Hello Games are too innocent to fuck up their customers, then Sean and his lies happen. A man promises a 1000 things, shows us a game that isn't even the real game, builds up hype, gets his money and who the fuck knows what will happen now and how long it will take the game to be even near what it was advertised.


SC has also been in development for ages, they have so much money, like amount a triple A company probably uses on their games and they got a decent sized team or at least they should because then I wonder what did they spend all that money on and the game is still in some kind of alpha. Now this is good and bad. It might mean the game is gonna be HUGE and there is still lots of work to be done or it might also mean the team is behind and not working on full steam.


I won't judge anything, it might turn to be a good game, but it might also turn out to be another No Man's Sky. I rarley believe demos anymore. Yes it looks great now, but will it really be like that on launch? Also if the game is already so huge and if the developers will be just a little sloppy, the whole launch might get fucked up. Also some ships and shit that they sell for this game have OUTRAGEOUS prices, like legit 1000s of dollars for a ship. The current business model for this game is so weird with their supports like from 50 to a 1000 dollars. I don't follow this game much so I don't wanna sound like a smart ass and just shit words out of my mouth, but as I said, I ain't and don't plan to be too hyped for  this. When the full game is ready to launch and when reviews are launched, we will see.


Once again, let's see how overhyped NMS was and how much everyone was saying it won't get fucked cauze it's a indie developer bla bla...turns out they are as greedy as any other major triple A developer. SC might turn out the same or better or worse, but for now, I say it looks great and it has promise, but many games had promise...

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I like to sit back and watch game play videos of this game. Its a big part of why I'm building such a monster rig. I want to play it already. 

Part of me is sure though that its going to be in perpetual bata. Im waiting for this whole thing to blow up in our collective faces

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The demo looked really good but i'm containing the hype.

When they did their kickstarter i got carried away and bought a couple of ships. 
But these last few years I've learned to expect disappointment from overhyped games so i'm just patiently waiting, hoping that the money wasn't all a waste.
Also, i got way less time to play games these days then i did 4 years ago.

I'd also would love it if they'd spend some time into fixing their performance issues, i don't have a bad computer but i barely reach 60FPS when trying out the alpha.

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Those who are unsure about the project I recommend to test it when it is available for free (week/weekend). I guess the next change to try out the project for free could be during Citizencon 2016 (9th of October). Hopefully Star Citizen Alpha 2.6 would be playable then. It will be a huge release.

The project is enormous and still in early stage so no balancing or optimizations has been done yet and most likely not going to happen anytime soon for Star Citizen PU.

I posted here some recent news about the project: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/topic/36474-news-and-shows/

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