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3 posts in this topic

Gamescom trailers, announcements, and interviews. Nintendo once published a game featuring nazis, baby Jesus, and the KKK. Article on the No Man's Sky reddit thread, why the original poster deleted it and doesn't want any part of it, and developers talk about why it shows a need for tightly controlled PR or more transparency. Jim Sterling continues from his last video talking about hype culture and a recent wave of hideous behavior that causes gamer to be associated with negativity. PS Now coming to PC, For Honor is a game that took almost 15 years for the developer to be allowed to create, Twitch highlighting disabled gamers, John Carmack accused of theft, Star Citizen demo, Allison Road revived, how female characters and protagonists often move through the world differently than male characters, comeback of the immersive sim, a developer is creating his autobiography through Doom 2, and more.




Gaming News


PlayStation 4 slim images leak on auction site



Images purporting to show a redesigned PlayStation 4 with a slimmer case design have surfaced from an online auction listing.

Two New PS4 Models To Be Revealed In September - Report


Sony will be unveiling a new PlayStation 4 standard model in September alongside a new, upgraded PlayStation 4, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal. Citing sources "familiar with the matter," the report alleges that the two new consoles will be introduced in a bid to "maintain demand" for the PlayStation 4.

New PS4 ‘Slim’ console may come with a new DualShock 4


Sony’s smaller PlayStation 4 model, which was outed this weekend but remains unannounced, may come with a new version of the DualShock 4 controller. A YouTube video posted by user ZRZ today appears to show that new controller, which comes with a few minor revisions.

PlayStation Plus Subscription Price Increasing


Sony has announced PlayStation Plus membership prices will rise to $59.99 for 12 months and $24.99 for three months. The price of the monthly plan will remain at $9.99. The new pricing will go into effect on September 22.

Disgruntled No Man's Sky players thrust Sony's PS4 refund policy back into the spotlight


Sony's digital video game refund policy has been the subject of investigation on more than one occasion. Now, it's come under fire again from angry customers after the release of No Man's Sky.

Over the course of this week, Eurogamer has been contacted by a raft of disgruntled No Man's Sky players who have tried - and failed - to get a refund from Sony after buying Hello Games' space title from the PlayStation Store.

Sony confirms PS Now is coming to the PC


“This will bring a wide selection of PlayStation exclusive titles to Windows PC for the very first time, including entries in the Uncharted, God of War, and Ratchet & Clank franchises, as well as beloved PS3 games like The Last of Us and Journey,” Sony said. “Current subscribers have a new way to access PS Now’s library of over 400 games, and the PC app provides a new way for even more gamers to discover and play the service.”


Twitch Will Highlight Disabled Gamers This Week


Right now, I’m watching speedrunner HalfCoordinated blast through Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight on “Insane difficulty” using just one hand. HalfCoordinated has hemiparesis, so the whole right half of his body is severely weak, a disability that hasn’t stopped him from speedruning Momodora: RUtM in under 25 minutes. Today, HalfCoordinated is on the front page of Twitch as a part of advocacy group AbleGamers’ 5-day streaming event showcasing disabled gamers.


ZeniMax accuses John Carmack of theft in amended Oculus Rift lawsuit filing



Bethesda Softworks and id Software parent company ZeniMax Media filed a lawsuit against Oculus VR in May 2014, accusing it of misappropriating trade secrets that were central to the development of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. The gist of the complaint is that technology used in the Rift was actually developed by Oculus CTO John Carmack while he was still at id, and that makes it the property of ZeniMax.


For Honor – How New Heroes Play Different Roles on the Battlefield [US]

For Honor Collector's Edition Content Revealed - GS News Update

For Honor - How Teamwork & Swordplay Combine Gameplay

For Honor's Director On The Game That Took Over a Decade to Make


After a recent hands-on session with the game, we sat down with director Jason VandenBerghe to talk about the work that went into creating the game. For more than a decade he's been working on For Honor in some capacity, pitching it to teams and refining his central ideas, slowly moving forward on the title that he refers to as his "bucket-list game." VandenBerghe opened up to us about the challenges of balancing For Honor's intricate combat, as well as his thoughts on playable female characters and his hopes for his audience.

It's really refreshing to see a developer make use of actual fighting techniques and cultural information while at the same time not living in a deluded fantasy land where they believe their game is realistic. The game's alpha was enjoyable, when the servers worked, and having 12 characters should give people a lot of options and playstyles to learn.


Watch Dogs 2 - Creating Cooperative and Competitive Chaos in a Seamless Open World [US]

Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay Interview - IGN Live: Gamescom 2016


Tom Clancy's Ghost Recond: Wildlands - Character and Weapon Customization Gamescom 2016 Trailer


Battlefield 1 - 78 Minutes Sinai Desert Map Multiplayer Gameplay at gamescom 2016

Battlefield 1 - Horseback Combat from Gamescom 2016

Battlefield 1 - Armored Train Behemoth from Gamescom 2016

Every Battlefield 1 Map Has Dynamic Weather, Here's How It Affects Gameplay


DICE continues to share more details about its upcoming World War I shooter, Battlefield 1. Today, the developer published a blog post that covers the game's use of dynamic weather. Changing weather is not completely new for the Battlefield franchise, but as DICE reminds us, there were no infrared scopes or GPS tools in the Great War. Real-world battles could be won or lost depending on the weather and Battlefield 1 aims to capture this.


Nier: Automata is coming to Steam


In Nier: Automata, humanity has been forced to flee the Earth by invading aliens and their devastating secret weapon, “the machines.” From a base on the moon, the surviving humans tried to stem the machine tide with their own army of androids, but were only able to slow the advance; now, in an effort to turn things around, a “new breed of android infantry” known as the YoRHa Squad is sent into the battle.


Final Fantasy XV - 50 Minutes of Gameplay

English gameplay this time.

Final Fantasy 15 Director Answers Tough Questions Following Delay


Of course, this tumultuous development cycle has resulted in multiple delays. On August 15, Square Enix confirmed Final Fantasy XV required an extra two months of development time. At Gamescom 2016, we spoke to Tabata about what this extra time affords the development team, as well as whether Square Enix intends to follow up with further games set in the same universe--as it did with Final Fantasy XIII--and more.


15 Minutes of South Park: Fractured But Whole Gameplay - Gamescom 2016

South Park: The Fractured But Whole Developer Interview - IGN Live: Gamescom 2016


Oceanhorn - Gamescom 2016 Trailer


New Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord gameplay surfaces in "Siege Defense" video


We got our first look at Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord sieges at the PC Gaming Show in June, and it looked like the sort of fun that only hordes of angry, illterate men attacking a well-defended outpost with all manner of medieval weapons and machines can deliver.

Apparently they were being attacked by a comment section.


Nioh - Beta Demo Trailer


Get Even Official Announcement Trailer - Gamescom 2016


Attack on Titan Launch Trailer - Gamescom 2016


Forza Horizon 3 Continues to Look Incredible in New Footage


Microsoft has released some new footage for the upcoming Xbox One and PC racing game Forza Horizon 3 and it looks very impressive. The video, shot at Gamescom this week, comes from the Xbox UK YouTube channel and shows off some new sequences and races from the Australia-set racer.


Metal Gear Survive is a co-op stealth game set in an alternate timeline to Ground Zeroes


By virtue of unexplained wormholes, players are planted in a “distorted desert landscape” in an alternate timeline that picks up from the ending of Phantom Pain introductory chapter Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. As can be seen above, the disruption of the space-time continuum appears to have thrown angry hordes of otherworldly foes into the mix, which requires dealing with in order to survive. This translates to four-player online co-op play with new weapons and manipulable environments in-game.

Wouldn't be the first odd Metal Gear spin off (or alternate timeline) but probably the least original.

Metal Gear Survive won't cost $60


Konami promises that there will be stealth involved, despite the lack of that classic Metal Gear-style play in the reveal trailer. That's about all the company is saying, however; it told us to expect more information about the possibility of single-player, how it fits into the rest of the series and what other features it includes at some point in the future.


Disgaea 2 is coming to Steam early next year



Disgaea 2, the tactical JRPG which originally released for PS2 and PSP in 2006, is coming to PC in January. The news comes via Steam, where a listing for the port appeared unceremoniously, announcing that content from both the PS2 and PSP versions (Cursed Memories and Dark Hero Days) will be combined for the package.


Dishonored 2 Gameplay Interview - IGN Live: Gamescom 2016

You can finish Dishonored 2 "without killing a single person"


Ghosting the game will dovetail nicely with the option to play without any of the powers offered by the Outsider, an aspect of Dishonored 2 that Smith revealed in June. “Some subset of gamers felt the game was too easy. They wanted a bigger challenge,” he said. “And so this time, if you play without killing a single person, or even alerting a single person, and you play with no powers mode, on the highest difficulty setting, it is quite a challenge. We don't recommend that for everybody.”


The Surge - Gamescom 2016 Gameplay


Blackwood Crossing Official Reveal Trailer - Gamescom 2016


Star Trek Bridge Crew Gameplay Interview - IGN Live: Gamescom 2016


FIFA 17 Gameplay Interview - IGN LIVE: Gamescom 2016


PES 2017 Live Demo - IGN Live: Gamescom 2016


NHL 17 Official World Cup of Hockey Trailer - Gamescom 2016

NHL 17 Gameplay Demo - IGN Live: Gamescom 2016


Madden NFL 17 Livestream


Gwent: The Witcher Card Game Gameplay Demo - IGN Live: Gamescom 2016


Gears of War 4 Developer Interview - IGN Live: Gamescom 2016

Gears of War 4 'Lift' Multiplayer Map Gameplay 1080p 60fps - IGN First

‘Gears of War 4’ Isn’t Taking Many Risks, But That Might Be OK


Chuck Osieja is saying things that I'm certain, usually, nobody in his position should ever be announcing to a room full of journalists. As creative director at The Coalition, the Canadian studio charged with bringing a new Gears of War to current-gen Microsoft platforms, you'd expect bold statements about fresh features, never-before-experienced action and unexpected twists to be spilling forth from his mouth. Instead, we get the opposite, sort of.


10 Cute & Creepy Minutes of Little Nightmares Gameplay - Gamescom 2016

Little Nightmares Might Be The Best Thing We Saw At GamesCom


South Park: The Fractured but Whole Gameplay Trailer - Gamescom 2016


Playable Dragons In Scalebound

With Dragon Link, Platinum’s ‘Scalebound’ Just Got a Whole Lot More Interesting


Having now sat down with director Hideki Kamiya – whose past credits include the original Resident Evil, Devil May Cry and Ōkami – and producer Jean-Pierre Kellams at Gamescom 2016, however, I can feel my doubts about Scalebound being able to meet its makers' precedent of excellence subsiding. I'm not about to call it a classic in waiting, or anything so reckless as that; but having learned a little more about the customisation options available to the player, and that Thuban isn't simply an AI-controlled lump unable to be directly influenced, I'm more optimistic for what's to come sometime in 2017.





If you love androgyny, BDSM, and dating sims, you’re in for some good news. Love Conquers All Games has announced that its upcoming erotic visual novel, Ladykiller in a Bind, will be coming out September 23rd. People may remember Love Conquers All Games from the queer transhumanist sci-fi visual novel, Analogue: A Hate Story (2012). Although Ladykiller in a Bind is a far cry from that game, many of the key themes shine through in the little segment being shown so far. Like Analogue: A Hate Story, Ladykiller in a Bind is interested in issues of gender and sexuality, the complexities of relationship building, social stature, and truth.


Fighter-Inspired RPG Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Coming to PS4 (also One and PC)


Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare: Zombies In Spaceland - Gameplay Interview - IGN LIVE: Gamescom 2016





The brave elegance of ships at sea has fascinated artists since humans first took to the waves. The “Age of Sail” from the 16th to mid-19th century lifted maritime art to new heights, when sea battles, storms and huge, proud ships made naval painting its own genre. Collections like the National Maritime Museum have hundreds of such paintings, many of which were commissioned by naval officers or by private collectors with an affection for the subject.


Mafia III Gameplay Interview - IGN LIVE: Gamescom 2016

Mafia 3 Official The Marcanos: The Italian Mafia Trailer

2K Lines Up More Than 100 Licensed 1960s Songs For Mafia III


Another major piece of the puzzle falls into place today. You can’t have a 60s crime drama without some of that decade’s most memorable music.

Why 'Mafia III' Should Tackle Race Head On


As I move with violence down that back alley, I realize that the feeling I had wasn't frustration or offense, it was the nervous energy that comes whenever you spot someone taking a risk. All I wanted, suddenly, was for the team at Hangar 13 to tackle race head on, and with a lot more care than I had while plotting this small mission.

I also desperately hoped that they wouldn't fuck it up.

Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War 3 Eldar Wraith Knight Reveal - IGN Live: Gamescom 2016


[Gamescom 2016] Space Hulk: Deathwing - Gamescom


Sea of Thieves Gameplay Interview - IGN LIVE: Gamescom 2016


The Inner World - The Last Wind Monk Teaser Trailer


Divinity: Original Sin 2 Early Access Announced - 15th September!

Divinity: Original Sin II preview: Choose your own reactive, gloriously chaotic adventure


As you might’ve inferred from that intro, it packs the same bloodlust as the first Original Sin, one of the best PC games of 2014. I created my character (a battlemage—my first mistake) and picked a backstory for him, deciding on “The Red Prince,” a fallen lizard-prince who’s been betrayed by his family and exiled to distant lands.





With as little hyperbole as possible, Oneachanchan is one of the coolest, craziest fighting games ever seen. Created by manga artist “daromeon,” known for his Kengan Ashua series (2012), Oneachanchan has been in development in one way or another for nine years. “I started drawing the sprites back in 2007 to make a fighting game together with my friends,” daromeon tells me, though explains that project fell dormant for a bit. Three years ago, he decided to pick it back up.


Batman Arkham VR Dev on Doing Justice to Being a Detective


Over the course of three Arkham titles, Rocksteady faithfully realised numerous facets of being Batman, from combat to navigation, and--depending on who you ask--driving the Batmobile. The obvious exception, however, is the detective part of the character.


10 Minutes of Sniping in Sniper Elite 4 - Gamescom 2016


Indie Zelda-Like Oceanhorn Is Getting A Sequel


With Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas soon spreading its Windwaker vibe to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, indie developer Cornfox & Bros. reveals its next project, Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm, taking the series from top-down to third-person action RPG.


Lost Ember’s teaser trailer is gorgeous


Mooneye Studios is a small Hamburg-based independent outfit who, after having previously worked on mobile games, is now developing its first “first big project.” That’s Lost Ember—a beautiful-looking adventure game the studio showed off at Gamescom last week—and it now has its own teaser trailer


Yooka-Laylee Gameplay Interview - IGN Live: Gamescom 2016

‘Yooka-Laylee’ Wants to Reward the Curiosity of Gamers Old and New


Yooka-Laylee isn't out for a good few months yet – Spring 2017 is the current vague release date, but we all know how these things can move. But at every expo event I've seen it previewed at in 2016, most notably at E3 and, now, Cologne's annual Gamescom get-together, it's always struck me as one of the few titles on show that I just can't wait to play more of. And that feeling has only intensified now that I've actually played a pre-alpha build of the game, in the company of two of the guys building it.

Yooka-Laylee is a love letter to your best N64 memories


If you have ever played Banjo-Kazooie, you have played Yooka-Laylee.

This is not at all a bad thing, especially for Kickstarter campaign backers who are making Playtonic Games’ first title, out early next year, possible. In fact, that Nintendo 64-era Rare connection is a major part of Yooka-Laylee’s crowdfunding pitch; Playtonic is comprised of several key members who worked on classic adventure games from the iconic studio.


7 Minutes of Exclusive Gameplay: Escape From Tarkov




I have never attended a fancy socialite soirée before. On the chance occasion that my mind wanders as to what such experience would be like, my imagination inevitably concocts a scenario not unlike Edgar Allan Poe’s The Masque of the Red Death (1842) mixed with a particularly fiendish round of Clue. A grand celebratory occasion equal parts bacchanalian and cockamamie. A new puzzle adventure announced by Tequila Works, called The Sexy Brutale, does little to disabuse me of this admittedly far-fetched fantasy, instead choosing to go all in on the inherent absurdity that permeates the glossy allure of high society.


Watch nine minutes of Risen devs’ open world sci-fi RPG Elex


As you may already know, Piranha Bytes—the studio behind both the Gothic and Risen series—has teamed up with Nordic Games/THQ Nordic to create Elex, a similarly ambitious fantasy-themed action RPG. Up to now, information has been thin on the ground however new in-game footage has emerged from Gamescom.


Sleeping Dogs studio reveals new team-based online brawler, Smash + Grab


United Front Games, the studio behind Sleeping Dogs and Triad Wars, revealed its next project today: Smash + Grab, a team-based, third-person online multiplayer brawler set in a corporate dystopian future. The Windows PC game will go into Steam Early Access in September.




It’s supercharged to Hotline Miami (2012) levels of violence, and set against the backdrop of the former U.S.S.R. We’ve come a long way from Streets of Rage (1991): Mother Russia Bleeds is all about bloody glory, and this time, we’ve got enough pixels to see it.





After news of its cancellation made the rounds back in June, the Silent Hills-inspired first-person horror game Allison Road has been revived.


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will not support DirectX 12 at launch, but it's coming



When Deus Ex: Mankind Divided was announced in April 2015, Eidos Montreal said the PC version would support, among other things, DirectX 12. And so it will—but not when it comes out.

Earn Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Skill Points by Playing Deus Ex Go


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided releases next week, but you can play puzzle game Deus Ex Go right now. Completing certain tasks in the mobile game earns you Praxis kits that you can use in the Xbox One and PC versions of Mankind Divided.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided season pass contents and unlock times announced


Eidos has finally revealed what's included in the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided season pass we wondered about a couple of weeks ago when a reminder of its existence was quietly slipped into the system requirements. The pass will cover two “story DLCs” entitled System Rift and A Criminal Pass, set to come out in the fall and winter respectively, and a wack of in-game items that will be available when the game goes live on August 23.


Deus Ex Go Is A Satisfying And Complex Puzzle Game


Deus Ex Go follows in the step-by-step footsteps of Square Enix’s other mobile puzzle titles, Hitman Go and Lara Croft Go. Like those games, you move from node to node to complete single-level puzzles that grow steadily more challenging. Deus Ex Go, however, takes the stellar formula of these games and adds new complications.


Shadow Warrior 2 Gameplay Demo - IGN LIVE: Gamescom 2016


Pokemon Sun and Moon: 5 Minutes of Battle Royal - Gamescom 2016


Civilization 6 Gameplay Demo - IGN Live: Gamescom 2016

Civilization 6's Spain Civ Will Make You Want to Take to the Seas Quickly


Tekken 7 Official Lee Chaolan/Violet Reveal Trailer - Gamescom 2016


Agony gameplay trailer showcases a first-person crawl through the bowels of Hell


Agony is a first-person horror game being developed by Polish studio Madmind. It was announced in May, and will see players take a tour of the depths of hell, as experienced by a tormented soul with no memory of the crimes that led to him landing in the burny basement.


Brut@l is a co-op dungeon crawler, with an interesting look


The @ symbol contains a lowercase a, you see, hence the title, and indeed the aesthetic, of third-person action-RPG-dungeon-crawling-roguelike-thingy Brut@l. The following trailer contains a nice bit of history, tieing the game into the ascii-based Rogue, before an impressive spot of editing suggests Brut@l as a successor of sorts to that historic game.


Resident Evil 7 Continues to Break from Tradition With Its New Demo


If Resident Evil VII: Biohazard's Beginning Hour demo showcased the game's focus on a grim atmosphere, the new Lantern demo reveals another layer: a narrative structure driven by sinister characters and set-piece moments.

Resident Evil 7 Gameplay Interview - IGN Live: Gamescom 2016


17 Minutes of Injustice 2 Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman and Blue Beetle Gameplay - Gamescom 2016




This is Lost Words. It’s a story-driven platformer being created by UK-based studio Sketchbook Games. Led by Mark Backler, a veteran designer who previously worked at EA and Lionhead Studios, the game explores the story of a young girl as she copes with life’s struggles including the illness of her grandmother.


Steep - Gamescom 2016 Trailer


Thimbleweed Park trailer explores the character of Delores


Thimbleweed Park, the point-and-click adventure from some of the people behind Maniac Mansion, continues to impress, not least because of the extraordinary pixel art of Mark Ferrari and Octavi Navarro.


Capy Games delays Below indefinitely



Below developer Capybara Games has pushed back the release of the roguelike-like dungeon-crawler, this time for an unspecified amount of time, the studio announced today.


Death Stranding looks to co-star Mads Mikkelsen - rumour


Hannibal actor Mads Mikkelsen appears to have a role alongside Norman Reedus in Hideo Kojima's mysterious PS4-exclusive Death Stranding.





The Witness is coming to Xbox One, creator Jonathan Blow has exclusively revealed to IGN.


Black Desert Online - Developer Diary #1

Black Desert Online - Developer Diary #2

Black Desert Online Gameplay Interview - IGN Live: Gamescom 2016





The high-definition re-release of classic musical shooter Rez, Enhance Games' Rez Infinite, is getting a physical release on PlayStation 4 and a deluxe vinyl soundtrack featuring its memorable collection of electronic music, thanks to Los Angeles-based iam8bit.


Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers - Announcement Trailer


Why Dead Rising 4's Campaign Ditches the Series' Most Divisive Mechanic


But the latest installment of the long-running open world beat-em-up series, Dead Rising 4, does not currently contain an option to impose a time limit on the story campaign. When asked why, Capcom Vancouver studio head Joe Nickolls responded, "We did a ton of user research on it, and the majority of the people said they didn't really love the timer--they wanted to explore. There's so much hidden side content that when we did it with a timer, people were just getting pissed off because they couldn't finish half of what they wanted to finish."

Don't worry, Dead Rising 4 will 'still be stupid'


"It's still Dead Rising," Nickolls said. "It's gotta be stupid. We have to make sure the things we do in the game are still stupid."

Dead Rising 4’s pre-order details, price revealed



Yesterday, new screens and a snippet of in-game footage for Dead Rising 4 made their way out of Gamescom, and I must admit I was suitably impressed. Fast forward one day and the game’s pre-order details—including how much Capcom Vancouver’s zombie slaughter fest will cost on the Microsoft Store—have left me slightly less enamoured. 


Stealing, stabbing, choking: a first look at stealth in Kingdom Come Deliverance


The presentation also shows combat with polearm weapons, which can reach up and push people off of horses, as well as of course clobber them on foot.


12 Minutes of Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 - Developer Commentary - Gamescom 2016


Star Citizen version 3.0 looks set to liven up the galaxy


The next big update to Star Citizen’s persistent universe module won’t arrive for some time, but when version 3.0 of the ongoing alpha becomes available, it will make the game far more dynamic. Lead designer Chris Roberts walked us through the new features — like detailed missions and more space stations to explore — in a private demo during Gamescom 2016, ahead of tonight’s official announcement.

Landing on a planet in Star Citizen looks spectacular


Goodness me the live Star Citizen Gamescom presentation is exciting. A planetary landing demonstrated live! Sounds so simple but... watch it. Listen to those cheers as the Freelancer spaceship burns on entry to the planet's atmosphere, and as we see it from the multiple viewpoints of the players inside.

How Star Citizen Plans to do Much of What No Man's Sky Doesn't


To some, this meticulous attention to detail might seem excessive. But to Roberts, it's a necessity. It demonstrates Star Citizen's core tenet: the small things are important, even in a massive open world.


Platinum Games collaborating on Granblue Fantasy: Project Re:Link


Platinum Games' latest project is handling development for Cygames in the latter's newly announced Granblue Fantasy: Project Re:Link, a follow up to the 2014 role-playing game for mobile devices.


Norse adventure game Jotun comes to consoles in September



Jotun, the hand-drawn Norse mythology adventure that launched last year on PC, is coming to consoles in early September with a "Valhalla Edition," Thunder Lotus Games announced.


Halo Wars 2 Developer Interview - IGN Live: Gamescom 2016

Prey Developer Interview - IGN Live: Gamescom 2016

Prey Gameplay Impressions

The New Prey Is Dishonored Meets Dead Space


"When you emerge from the experiment, the disaster that's overtaking the space station just happened. It didn't happen months or years ago, it's happening right now," says lead designer Ricardo Bare. Though Bare won't reveal the exact nature of Prey's central disaster, its effects can be felt throughout the world. Even the game's opening area utilizes the same jarring juxtaposition of decadence and ruin that makes games like BioShock such unsettling experiences.


Why BioWare Hasn't Shown Much Mass Effect Andromeda Footage Yet



The developer hasn't shown much yet because the timing isn't right, he said. Right now, EA's focus is understandably on its holiday titles like Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2. Looking forward, you can expect to see some new Andromeda gameplay.


Titanfall 2's multiplayer tech test hides big single-player spoilers down deep


Titanfall 2's multiplayer tech test hides big single-player spoilers doWindows PC players digging through Titanfall 2 for spoilers is "a very real problem," executive producer Drew McCoy told Polygon. That’s just one of the main reasons Respawn Entertainment is keeping them out of the game’s multiplayer test, which begins this weekend.n deep

Our Biggest Titanfall 2 Questions and Concerns


The Titanfall 2 pre-alpha tech test is now open to the public, letting PS4 and Xbox One players (but not PC players) try out the next installment in Respawn's first-person shooter series. We've spent a lot of time with the tech test already, running on walls, grappling around, and blowing stuff up with our Titans, and we've been impressed with many of the changes and additions.

However, after several days playing the tech test, we aksi have some concerns and questions about the game. The test is very limited--only two maps, three modes, and a handful of weapons are in it--so it's hard to say at the moment how the full game will turn out. However, there are some parts of the game that we hope are improved or changed before its final release.


Star Wars Battlefront: Death Star DLC Includes Space Battles - IGN News


Total War: Warhammer’s The Grim & The Grave DLC due next month


What’s more, a coinciding update, available to all players, will add five new maps and a new legendary lord—one Vlad Von Carstein—free of charge. Here’s Sega on that:


NEW OVERWATCH MAP!!! Eichenwalde Exclusive Gameplay!

IGN has a 20 minute video but it seems that they had some recording issues or the system they used at the show did.

Overwatch’s New Map Is Easy To Defend, Hard To Attack


Overwatch’s new map, Eichenwalde, is now live on the game’s public test server. It’s set in a village next to a big ol’ German castle. The map, however, is smaller than it looks.

New Overwatch emotes - Season 2

Overwatch interview - New maps & the future of competitive play

Overwatch Animated Short | "The Last Bastion"

After Yesterday's Overwatch Video, People Hate Bastion A Little Less


The new cinematic, however, imbues Bastion with qualities that make him—dare I say it—almost likable. Our own Cecilia wasn’t sold, but many other people got broadsided by feelings while watching Blizzard’s abridged take on The Iron Giant.

Overwatch Test Patch Nerfs Genji, Buffs Mei And Mercy


Balance changes, however, are the real order of the day, and some of them stand to have craterous impacts. Here are the biggies:

Blizzard changes Overwatch "gg ez" messages into something very different


Nobody likes a sore loser, but a sore winner is even worse. It's one thing to fail in a match of Overwatch, but it takes out all the good sportsmanship when your opponent messages you a mocking "gg ez" (lingo for "Good game. Easy", as in easily won).

The Future of Overwatch


The question now becomes: will Blizzard continue to deliver free, high-quality DLC to its fans? And if so, what comes next? To find out, we sat down assistant game director Aaron Keller during Gamescom and picked his brain about Eichenwalde, Lucioball, and everything coming to Overwatch in the foreseeable future.


Mortal Kombat XL could be coming to PC after all


At the end of last month, Mortal Kombat’s co-creator Ed Boon held a Twitter poll which returned over 10,000 votes—48 percent of which asked for MKXL to feature on PC. “Over 10,000 of you voted,” said Boon. “Looks like you guys really want a PC MKXL and some character love/buffs! We hear ya!”


Former Fez programmer quietly releases one last patch



A final update has been released for the Steam version of the highly acclaimed 2012 platformer Fez by its programmer Renaud Bédard — the first in over two years. Bédard dropped the patch yesterday after commencing work on the update in secret a year ago.

Destiny: Rise of Iron The Wretched Eye Strike Gameplay


New Europa Universalis IV expansion will bring the Rights of Man to Renaissance Europe



“This expansion to Paradox Development Studio’s best-selling historical strategy game introduces a number of small changes that add up to a deeper and more dynamic experience,” the studio wrote.


Cities Skylines, It's Time To Burn


Cities Skylines is an amazing city building game, but destroying them? That’s a SimCity thing. Or it was, until the announcement of Skylines’ Natural Disasters expansion.


Brace Yourself: Crypt of the NecroDancer studio recruits Duskers devs


The team at Crypt of the NecroDancer studio Brace Yourself Games is growing a bit bigger this week with the addition of Duskers (pictured) developers Tim Keenan and Jeremy Phillips.


EA's Patrick Soderlund Discusses Project Scorpio, Nintendo, Fan Projects, And More



Lucasfilm stepped in and informed Frontwire that the nascent studio would not be permitted to use the Star Wars license. The result was that EA took heat for an alleged role in forcing the Galaxy in Turmoil team to move away from AT-ATs and Y-Wings.

The situation is far more complex than that, with EA having paid an undisclosed large sum to Lucasfilm parent Disney for exclusive rights to create core audience games based on Star Wars. While Soderlund had no involvement with the Frontwire situation, he did share his thoughts on fan projects and why this one couldn't continue.


Telltale Explains Why Its Gameplay Format Doesn't Need to Change



Telltale Games has established itself as the go-to studio for adapting recognisable properties into video games. Its focus on memorable characters and narratives driven by player decisions has earned it the kind of reputation that allows it to work with Marvel, DC, and HBO. Over the years, however, the framework in which it delivers its stories has become well worn.


How Square Enix Montreal acts like an indie to make its mobile games



"And then I had to [learn to] do everything. We can’t have experts anymore. We can’t have people who are experts in something and work in silos. Because we’re so small we need people who have one or two [areas of expertise], and wide breadths of interests and skills."


After 15 years, a cancelled Game Boy RPG finds life on PC


Fifteen years is a long time, but I'm happy that Justin Karneges and Mathew Valente, two of the developers, decided to not let sleeping dogs lie. Earlier this week, they posted to several subreddits sharing the ROM and source code, inviting anyone to play their RPG that never escaped publishing hell. Even if you're not interested in the game itself, their comments are worth a read for the rare insight of what it's like being a young indie developer trying to catch the eye of big publishers.


XCOM 2 modders release update video for ambitious co-op mod


The team’s latest mod plans to add co-op to XCOM 2, which it says is “on track” to coincide with the game's console launch next month. The latest video update demos the mod in the character selection screen and looks pretty neat


Fans Building New Halo Game On PC


A group of over 30 Halo fans from around the world, fed up with the limited options available to them on the PC, have decided to make their own multiplayer Halo experience.


Esports News


Valve Forbids Coaches From Helping Out During Pro Counter-Strike Matches


As time has passed, coaches have become increasingly invaluable parts of pro Counter-Strike teams. During matches, some keep track of strategies, monitor the in-game economy, and call plays. Valve has decided this doesn’t gel with their goals for Counter-Strike.

Performance coaching in the world of esports


A performance coach can assist your team by creating a safe, learning environment whereby any emotional, physical, or mental stress is taken care of immediately. A sports therapist will not only support your players, but provide services like massages, diet assistance, nutrition plans, fitness advice, and an overall healthy environment that will be suitable to breed success and set a great foundation for the team’s future.

For example, Immortals, a top League of Legends team, is the gold star example in this regard. Robert Yip, the team’s psychologist, gaming coach, and strength and conditioning coach, has had a drastic impact on the team. Just a quick scan of their Twitter and you can see the improvements of mental and physical health with additions like wrist classes and post-scrim wrist massages.

Valve explains why it's restricted coaches at CS:GO tournaments


Valve clarified its position on the ruling in a follow-up statement in which it said that it has spoken with pro teams about their coaches at past Majors, and had been assured that their focus was "on activities traditionally associated with coaching, such as preparation, support, opponent study, etc.”   


Overwatch's First Big Tournament Gives Out $100,000 In Prize Money


Overwatch’s first major international tournament was held over the weekend in Cologne, Germany. Hosted at Gamescom, Europe’s largest games trade show, the ESL Overwatch Atlanta Showdown saw competition from eight pro teams. With a prize pool of $100,000 in the balance, professional players busted out their best Tracers and most bad ass Genjis and fought for glory.


Esports and the UK Gambling Commission – First Impressions



European esports lawyers Isabel Davies, Pete Lewin, and Jas Purewal from Purewal & Partners break down the UK Gambling Commission’s recent discussion paper on esports gambling and give their first impressions on what this could mean for the esports industry.


‘Mario Kart 8’ Is an Amazing eSport, If Only eSports Would Take It Seriously



The Mario Kart 8 Ultimate Challenge, hosted on August the 6th by the Esports Gamers League in Adelaide, South Australia, was billed as "the first ever major eSport event" to hit the city. When I speak to Tom Radmonski, the event's organiser, he acknowledged the potential debate around his terminology.


Crowdfunding News


Astro Boy: Edge of Time



A Digital CCG based on the work of the Godfather of Manga, Osamu Tezuka's universe, featuring world famous creatives.


Other content I found interesting this week


Inside the Nasty Backlash Against 'No Man's Sky'



That hyperbolic energy can be directed in different directions, and Alex had no control. It backfired.

" dozens of messages from people who congratulated me for really sticking it to these 'dirtbag' devs, when that wasn't my intention at all," he said. "People were taking the post and using it to fuel their own indignant anger. The final straw was when a YouTuber sent me a link to a video he'd made with the information in my post, and it was like 'Sean Murray Lies For X Minutes' or something... People were crediting me in their take-downs, and I stopped wanting any part in it."

Alex's thread, and what it seemed to represent, became a lightning rod in the developer community as well. It seemed to scare some developers off from wanting to speak honestly with fans. If this is the reaction you get from saying what's really going on, what's the point?

About the reddit thread created about the game's features, why the user deleted it, and developers talking about how they handle transparency or why their companies are very controlling of the PR around their games.

'Redshirts' Author John Scalzi's Suicidal Journey Through 'No Man's Sky'


Then someone on Twitter informed me that when they died in No Man's Sky, a quote from me briefly appeared on their computer before they were resurrected. Well, this was news to me – the folks at Hello Games, who made No Man's Sky, never contacted me for permission to use a quote. This was an opportunity to become a raging trashfire of a human being and smack the game makers with a DMCA notice just for shits and giggles, but instead, I used it as an excuse to play the game – with the specific goal of dying over and over again until the game popped up whichever quote of mine it was using to usher players off into the virtual beyond.

John Scalzi is the author of Old Man's War and the Hugo-winning novel Redshirts.

The Broken Promise Of No Man’s Sky And Why It Matters


For many, the sense of disappointment people are feeling is simply due to public expectation spiraling out of control. The hype grew too great, the story goes, and no game could live up to it. Or: people didn’t understand what the game was. While it’s true a lot of people invented a game in their heads called No Man’s Sky and then were baffled when that game didn’t appear, it’s also true that the game we were shown is not the same as the one we got. Much of what was shown or described in the hype years is wildly unrepresentative of what’s there now. Not just the inability to meet other players, even when you are within a few feet of each other. Or the landscape fizzling in around you (far from the seamless surface-to-space-and-back-to-surface demonstrations of early trailers). The entire atmosphere of the game seems to have changed. What once looked like a bracing adventure was now being described by many, often in the tone of apology, as a “quiet” game, a “relaxed” game.

Promising the Earth: No Man’s Sky


I am convinced that Sean Murray, to the best of his ability, thought that the light multiplayer features he had planned (such as players being able to see each other in passing) would make it into the final version of the game. That might seem deluded to you; however, the guy envisaged an infinite universe where every planet looks like a sci-fi book cover, so perhaps you shouldn’t talk to him about plausibility and actuality.

For one thing, it makes absolutely no sense to lie: there’s no benefit. If you were going to make up multiplayer features, why wouldn’t you claim the game had full combat? What would be the point of inventing these small subtle enigmatic things which were liable to disappoint people? It’s vastly more likely that a man who spends his life trying to reach the stars has slightly over-reached.

No Man's Sky: The Best Game Ever


Revisiting Deus Ex: Invisible War, one of PC gaming's biggest disappointments



As a new Deus Ex sequel arrives, we look back at the failed ambition of 2003's Deus Ex 2.


As the SNES turns 25, devs weigh in on the console's 11 best games



25 years ago this month, the SNES arrived in North America. And more than the techno-jargon and 90s marketing buzzwords, what mattered were the games. We still feel the repercussions two and half decades on, with developers new and old leaning on classics from Nintendo’s 16-bit system for inspiration. For players, these places were like nothing we’d seen or imagined before. For those that would go on to make games, these experiences were seminal: the foundation on which a generation would base their future.





The similarities between these games are striking. All three take place in mostly white, sterile-like environments, fully controlled and fully observed by the antagonists—vicious AI in case of the Portal games and equally vicious authorities in Mirror’s Edge. The only uncontrollable force in these otherwise totally-ordered worlds is the main character, and the only weapon that this character has is her ability to move in unpredictable ways. It’s a significant deviation from most first-person action games, which typically follow male characters who overcome their surroundings by force. Instead, we have these women using creativity, agility, and an ability to see the paths and doors where, for everyone else, there are walls and barriers. All three games are about striving to survive and succeeding at it against all odds—this is reinforced by the fact that the ending songs in Portal and Mirror’s Edge both have the same title, “Still alive.” It’s not the usual brawny triumph sung out at the end of most games, once everything has been conquered. And that difference is significant, with the title of these songs communicating ideas of how we perceive femininity.

The notion that women can move in ways that are unavailable to men is quite common, especially in videogames, in which they are often supplied as an alternate character to the muscular male hero.


Nintendo Once Published A Game Featuring Nazis, Baby Jesus And The KKK


In 1991, Nintendo published an adventure game (developed by Pax Softnica) in Japan for the Famicom Disk System called Time Twist. It is not the kind of game Nintendo would publish in 2016.

Kotaku article collects his tweets, here is Hardcoregaming101's full article.





There’s an unlikely thread of domesticity that runs through the heart of Uncharted 4, alongside the exoticism of its adventuring and the breezy violence of its combat. On three separate occasions the game puts us in a house, and asks us about its occupants, casting the player as an archaeologist not of rare antiquities, but the artefacts that tie a place to a person.

The first of these houses, the marital home of Nathan and Elena Fisher, might be imagined as an ideal one; our heroes resting place, their happy ever after. Yet like most homes it reveals itself to be an uneasy compromise, a many layered thing. We begin in the attic; Drake’s “office” and the space he has set aside for the re-staging of past glories. Littered with artefacts, the game encourages us to wallow in nostalgia, as Drake does, recalling the “good times.”


Delayed Reaction (The Jimquisition)


Well here we are again. No Man's Sky isn't even cold yet and we've got Final Fantasy XV filling in with the unreal hype and ludicrous "fan" outrage.

Yet more messengers have been shot as a delay news story became another example of what happens when hype culture rots people's brains away.





Your plane has crashed in the wilderness of the Canadian North West. The houses are empty, the cars won’t start, the radios are silent. If you seek shelter or answers in the nearby Hydro dam you are greeted by neither. Instead, a rabid wolf is likely to tear you in half. This is The Long Dark, a Canadian survival game where you play as bush pilot Will Mackenzie. In this otherwise realistic game, wolves—who normally avoid humans—have become Will’s top concern. The mysterious geomagnetic disaster that the game depicts has disturbed the minds of all the wolves. Okay, but that doesn’t explain why one wolf, dubbed “Fluffy” by the game’s community, has decided to live in the Hydro Plant. Yet, Fluffy’s choice of home isn’t a mistake, it’s genius, and it’s worth going through the game’s Canadian cultural influences to explain why.


Why Video Games Love Special Forces Heroes



The clear, uncomplicated storied preferred by video games are echoed by special forces units and operations themselves. Modern Warfare opens with the SAS, on base at Credenhill, repeatedly drilling their infiltration of a cargo ship. Throughout that series, and also Battlefield and Medal of Honor, the special forces characters can repeatedly call on satellite imagery, aerial bombardments, robots and gadgets. They mark targets using lasers, and destroy them entirely. They scan their surroundings using remote-controlled cameras and hack computers with automatic, unfailing devices. Their equipment, occasionally embellished by video games, makes these games' leading men, in comparison to regular infantry, appear superheroes. They possesses almost magical abilities – as veritable deities, it follows that the moral quests they follow are absolute. In fact, even the title Call of Duty: Ghosts connotes precision, silence, deftness on a supernatural level. These people do their jobs, perfectly and discretely, and their stories are similarly wonderful and unambiguous.


The Developer of ‘Moon Hunters’ Explains How Diversity Shaped the Game



I know that the mythology in Moon Hunters was pulled from many sources, but was there anything in particular that influenced the world design of the game?

If there's one thing I feel nervous about, it's the number of sources I pulled from. Ancient Assyria doesn't actually have much recorded beyond Gilgamesh and some creation myths—so I started casting my net around Sumeria, but their stories very quickly get trampled by Greek and Roman retellings, which I mostly avoided. I do confess that I tended to pick the variant of a myth (or make my own variant) that reflects modern egalitarian values, rather than reinforcing sexist stereotypes. We deserve stories that make us question and think, even if it makes them slightly less familiar. For example, in one of the rare Greek-inspired encounters, I decided to gender-swap the Apple of Discord myth, which added a refreshing element of masculinity to an old story about vanity.

In retrospect, I really wish we had hired a Sumerian expert (ideally who was of Mesopotamian descent themselves) to consult and maybe help us find more myths. I bought a dozen books and read thousands of internet articles, but that's not the same as expertise.


Cities: Skylines used by Swedish city planners to design new city district


Intuitive Cities: Skylines players have recreated real life locations within the city-builder in the past, however the Swedish Building Service Svensk Byggtjänst is now using the game to plan the development of a new city district.


Errant Signal - Firewatch (Spoilers!)


Firewatch is a neat game about going into a forest and looking out for fires. Oh, and it's about other stuff too.


Devs answer: Where do you make your games?


A few weeks ago, we ran an intriguing look at the various places and spaces that veteran game developers make their games. Some were big, some were small, some had cats, some had babies! It was a reminder that the art of making games sometimes is as much about the space games are made in as it is what the games are about.




It does not surprise me when LeBreton tells me “Doom is this thread running through most of my life.” It’s exactly what I expect him to say. This is why his latest project, Autobiographical Architecture, makes a lot of sense. It’s to be a multi-part interactive story about LeBreton’s life, all of it made inside Doom II with its modding tools. It was born out of LeBreton’s realization that he “could talk about [his] life experiences from within the game itself and let the two resonate meaningfully.”


Power Fantasy, Male Objectification and Lady-Fanservice


In this video, I explore the treatment of male characters and their equivalent female counterparts, and the way things one audience happens not to like are often confused with objective mistakes.


I Am Setsuna's Charm Is Also Its Weakness



My lukewarm reactions come from some things that Setsuna does, which surprisingly, I should technically be appreciative of. For example, things move relatively rapidly in Setsuna, with character introductions and story arcs proceeding without overstaying their welcome. It’s a fairly short outing that doesn’t get bogged down with unnecessary plot points or long dungeons. Those are good things for its smart approach to some JRPGs’ useless padding, but its brevity also felt that its characters suffered for it.


In the Army Now: The Making of ‘Full Spectrum Warrior’



More than spacemen, gangsters and sword and shield wielding heroes, video games love soldiers. But rarely do they attempt to understand, or fully appreciate, the soldier's work.


I’m Breaking Up With Telltale Games



Yet, this change in direction didn’t really bother me as a whole. Plenty of other developers have stepped up when it comes to delivering classic adventure games, and in the last couple of years, Telltale Games has grown, and is now handling adaptations for much more popular franchises, such as Game of Thrones, Minecraft, and more recently, Batman. My main issue with Telltale, and what has now led me to stop playing their products altogether, is the lack of support they show for their games and their customers.


Understanding the Fantasy - How to Shape a Game's Design - Extra Credits


The most important skill for a game designer is understanding the fantasy or player experience their game wants to deliver. Dig deep into the genre of the game, study both the best and worst examples from all media to understand why people love that genre, and then design visuals, story, and mechanics that make the most of that understanding.


Meeting the Real People of Gamescom 2016



Last year, I got drunk with pretty much everyone at Gamescom. This time, I went to Cologne's annual super-expo with the goal to actually get to know the people there, my thinking being: maybe I should talk with the gamers, not only about them for a change. That's why I asked some very different players in the gaming world about their favourite characters, if their ideal partners could be non-gamers, and how to explain the allure of playing video games to complete noobs.


Magic and Mushrooms: What Happens When Video Games Take Drugs Seriously?



All this isn't to say that Epstein and the rest of Compulsion Games are craven capitalists trying to Frankenstein together the perfect indie hit in a lab somewhere. But segments of my conversation with Epstein seem to echo the same set of stale assumptions about games and the gaming audience that so many big-name developers like to parrot. And these assumptions are the same ones that kept games like Epstein's hypothetical alcoholic simulator from getting made. Luckily, that seems to be changing.

Talking about drug use in games with the developers of We Happy Few and LISA.


The Comeback of the Immersive Sim | Game Maker's Toolkit


New games in the System Shock, Ultima Underworld, and Deus Ex franchises are here, marking the surprise comeback of the "immersive sim". But what are these games, and why should we care that they're making a triumphant return?


Shadow of the Colossus - Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Jacksepticeye

Overwatch - Did You Know Gaming? Feat. MatPat of Game Theory


Things I found entertaining throughout the week relating to video games


You won't go pro playing Overwatch with voice commands, but it's a ton of fun


Now that Overwatch has been out for a little while, I wouldn't blame you for getting a little bored of the same old song and dance of capturing points or escorting payloads. You might spice things up once in awhile with the classic 'everyone pick the same character and see if we can win' shtick, but if you're really looking to breathe life back into Overwatch you should download some voice recognition software and talk your way to victory.


Missed this last week

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@Carmack Oculus theft: I really doubt Carmack would do this, perhaps Zenimax is just being a baby and wants a sliver of the profits.

@PS Now to PC: This is completely unnecessary and redundant, it's just as unwanted as UPlay and GFWL. We don't need yet another frontend to bog down systems.

@Twitch disabled gamers: Good for them, it's always nice to do this for a boost in subscriptions/watchers. Now only if Youtube would highlight smaller channels and not just their little money makers..

@For Honor: Sorry, but Chivalry: Medieval Warfare beat you to the punch there, Ubisoft..

@Watch Dogs 2 co-op/competitive stuff: This intrigues me since it opens an opportunity to play this with one of my friends.

@Battlefield1: Meh, did you guys know they're adding a $49.99 season pass to this crap?

@Final Fantasy 15: This also intrigues me BUT it's not coming to PC (AFAIK) so forget it.

@South Park: I like this, even tho I never finished the Stick of Truth. Will wait for a price decrease on Steam.

@MGS Survive: Looks ehhh but still, not really MGS style. Co-op is interesting BUT Konami FUBARed things up so this will be a pass.

@FIFA '17/Madden '17: Who gives a crap about the next yearly installment? I surely don't.

@Gears of War 4: Not interested in this.

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I like stopping in and reading these as much as I can. There is a lot of content for each 'article' better than IGN. xD

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