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Hello, new here, sad with joe's youtube community :(

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So Ive been watching angryjoe for a couple monthsnow, watch every single video lately, and im really sad to see so much hate in the comments, almost every single video gets hate comments it's really sad, people demanding from him, and calling his friends fat and other stuff, i think ive never seen a worse community than his on youtube. I think angryjoe would be sad to read all those hate comments..why are people so mean :(

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If you're speaking about legitimate criticism, Joe can handle himself and doesn't need white knights to defend him. he can defend himself. Hell, some of the comments I can tell aren't even fans but again, not all "hate" is real hate.

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Nearly every youtuber with 100k+ subs have shit comments. 

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People can't accept change. When he decided to change content or release it fewer times, people get butthurt and need to complain. Some are legit complaints and it's fine, but many are bullshit. People offending him need to get a life and I assure you, if they saw him IRL they would lick his boots. I guarantee you none of them would have the balls to walk up to his face and tell them the shit they write.


All in all, it's the internet. People get butthurt over nothing and a stranger they never met. Surprise!


Welcome to AJSA!

Here mostly all opinion is welcome as long as you know how to put it. If you gonna make your opinion in an offensive stance, then better look for another community. If not, welcome once again!

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Welcome new person :) and I find that the case with most youtuber's videos, especially if they have a differing opinion then x person or group. Don't let it get to you :)

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Well that's Youtube...no, the internet for ya.
Everyone is anonymous in the internet so they do what they would never do in real life. Just ignore it, they will never stop. 

Also, welcome new comrade. 

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