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Destiny: Rise of Iron Coming Out Soon and What I Do/Don't Wanna See

3 posts in this topic

So the new expansion for Destiny, called Rise of Iron, is coming out soon and I must say, I'm looking forward to it. I had my doubts when Destiny first launched as to whether or not it was going to survive past Year One and, surprisingly, it did. I had several issues with the vanilla version (some of which were fixed with patches and expansions, others not so much) but I can honestly say that I have enjoyed the game enough that I will purchase the latest expansion when I get the chance. That being said, there are a couple of things I do/don't want to see in future Destiny expansions and sequels (if there are any). Here's a few things on my list. And please keep in mind that this is my opinion, although if you have a differing one, I'd be glad to hear it!

1.) Your Grimoire - I understand what Bungie was trying to go for. They were giving us the opportunity to delve deep into the lore of the Destiny universe, to allow us to plunge into the RPG aspects of the game at our leisure to simply treat the game as an MMOFPS. And I'm not faulting them for this. What I AM faulting them on, however, is creating a game where if I want to have any f****** idea what in God's name is going on in this post-apocalypse wasteland, I have to stop playing, use either my phone or PC to log on to the Bungie website using the log in information linked to my character in the game to read up on PAGES of lore that I may or may not have unlocked depending on how many kills I've achieved against specific enemies, locations I've visited, missions I've completed, etc. I should NEVER have to go to a supplement page just to learn what the main storyline of the game is. I'm still unsure as to whether or not I was a Guardian before Ghost found me at the beginning of the game. He calls me 'Guardian', but offers no explanation as to why he was looking for me specifically or if I had another Ghost that was destroyed, nothing. Vanilla Destiny left me confused and lost as to what was happening or what I was doing 90% of the time. Mostly, it was just a standard formula of go here, activate this, kill those, good job! But I never felt immersed in the story. Speaking of which...

2.) Dialogue - Ever get into a conversation with someone but it felt like neither of you was really invested and you were just talking to have filler instead of awkward silence? Every. Character. In. Destiny. Now, to be fair, not every character felt this way, but even the characters who seemed somewhat interesting just ended up being background noise in the end. Even the voice acting talents of Nathan Fillion made a difference to me. Yes, he injected life and humor into the game, but it was nearly overshadowed by the rest of the cast who, even when they DID convey information about what was happening in the game, spoke to you as if everything they were talking to you about should be common knowledge or that you should already have a very basic understanding of whatever subject they were talking to you about. But if you didn't read the Grimoire entries, you were left looking dazed and confused as the character you were speaking to droned on about Light and Darkness. If you're going to include dialogue, great. But please make it serve a purpose other than to provide filler. On a side note, I will also say that the two expansions already out did a great job of having some real meaningful dialogue that kept you somewhat in the know as far as what was happening in the game.

3.) Rewards - This is probably my biggest issue with the game at the moment. I understand the randomly generated drops and how they work and what they're supposed to do, blah blah blah. BUT, and this is a huge BUT, when I'm down in the trenches, working my a** off to make sure that my Fireteam makes it through the mission/strike as one, defeating hordes of enemies and generally looking like FPS gods in the process, and I get to the mission end screen and see the stats of everyone I played with or against and I see Legendaries and Exotics dropping for players I out performed by MILES.......and all I get are five Motes of Light, I LOSE MY S***! The rewards system needs reworked something awful. I will get over not getting high-level gear, but when it happens almost everytime or when I see it happen to other players who really worked hard at the mission we just completed, it's discouraging. Granted, when I DO get Legendary or Exotic gear, it's well worth the effort I put in to the strike, but it also sucks for the guy who just got a Rare piece of crap pistol even though he was the top dog in that firefight. Grinding for gear is a Hell unto itself. Grinding for gear with no clear system on how to obtain said gear is eternal damnation and is one of the primary reasons all of my friends stopped playing.

4.) "Let me guess; you brought a five-man crew this time?" - Riddick references aside, this is really just me being kinda picky, but if we can do 5-6 man Crucible matches and 5-man REQUIRED Strike missions, can we please allow more than 3 Guardians to team together for normal gameplay? I'm not asking for a lot, but if I DO have friends playing with me, I'd like to not have to pick and choose who I'm playing with. Just saying.

These are the things that strike the top of my list. What do you guys think? I'd love to see some dialogue on this.

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I see people complain about 3 alot like it's a thing specific to destiny when it's really not. Pretty much any random loot drop game, and that's most that has loot at all, drops them randomly for each player. I don't understand why only destiny has people complaining about it.


Furthermore I don't understand how people can think they outperformed the other players in a strike or whatever in destiny. it only shows you kills, deaths, and assists.. that's it. Just because you killed 200 enemies and your buddy killed 50 doesn't mean you did 'better' than them. For example, if you're focusing on killing thralls and goblins, you're naturally going to get WAY more kills than someone who is focusing on yellows, the boss, minotaurs, etc.

I'm not saying I'm opposed to performance based rewards, just that there's not enough information to really be critical about it in an accurate fashion IMO. It would be better if there was a score system where you got like 5 points for killing a thrall, 10 for an acolyte, 25 for a knight, 1 for every 100 points of damage to a miniboss, 2 for every 100 points of damage to a boss (I'm not trying to 'balance' these numbers here, just throwing examples).

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I think the reason people complain is because with games like Diablo 3, for example, we know tat if we go and run a rift we're going to either get important crafting ingredients or, depending on the difficulty setting, a couple legendary drops. No, they may not always be what we're looking for or they may not be useful to the specific character/build, but we know we're going to get SOMETHING. THAT'S what frustrates me, especially when you get to the rewards screen and you get low-level crap or, worse, you get absolutely nothing. That's been my experience.

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