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Jayson's Rage

Commander Jayson and the Philosophers Stone

7 posts in this topic


Hello friends of the AJSA! I have now been appointed as Commander here in this wonderful community as the "Community Content Manager" which is fancy speak for "He does the YouTubes" as well as dabbling in other areas.


It has been a fun ride since I joined back in February of 2015 and I don't see myself slowing down anytime soon! It all started when Commander Withastick took me under his wing and showed me how I could use my talents to not only further my progression in the community, but also how those talents could help the community in areas that lacked direction. 


If ya got any questions about me or what I do, shoot! Until then, this is Jayson signing off.


Also, you beautiful bastards stay sexy out there.

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Congratulations Jason. If you have any need of me, sir, I am but a humble arce hole.

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Thank ye

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13 hours ago, Jayson's Rage said:

Thank ye

When i got my promotion to Sergeant in Feb 2015, i shiat my pant on how lucky and fourtunate enough i was, but that because i did something most peoples cant, 1 week later BAM! Demotion......out of nowhere but i was explained why, i did nothing wrong just its was an issue on the experience i had for that game. About a year and 2 months later, i step up as BF Leader because i felt the PC side of thing were dying slowy so well here i am....waiting for the full release of BF1, hoping its gonna be the next big thing...like BF4 back in the day....the cycle repeat! But its great to be that man that get promoted for doing great and bring values to the community. 

Meanwhile i am just standing around and...

Battlefield promoted

Now if you excuse me ill go do my own things. Secret Things :metaloj:

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