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Suggested MMO's for Combat depth

6 posts in this topic

This forum is an attempt to see what type of MMO's you guys would recommend that has a combat system with the most depth. 

I've so far tried my very first attempt at an MMO in a while with Guild Wars 2 with a free-to-play account as a Thief Profession. So far the game has introduces a dense amount of abilities, skills, and mechanics within the first 10 levels. This pertains to weapon skills, ability skills, weapon swapping, skill combos, and indirect synergy with other skills and professions. 

However I am somewhat afraid that the progression might loose the density of variety over-time. I've also heard that there's not much weapon and item variety, supposedly only having a small subset of statistical differences. I've heard comparisons with Elder Scrolls Online that it has more skill sets and more variety in weapons and items. Yet, they mentioned combat movements are a bit more clunky and has a larger progression grind.

Anyways, what MMO, RPG, or game do you guys think has the most in-depth combat system?

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If combat is the only thing you are considering let me name a few. Black Desert Online, Blade and Soul, and Wildstar.

BDO has a fairly unique combat style where the abilities you use are based on the key combinations rather than the standard hotkeys you normally see in MMORPGs. The game is buy to play and is fairly grindy.


Blade and Soul has my favorite arena pvp in any MMORPG. The combat in this game has hotkeys that change based on conditions such as air attacks, ground attacks, attacks from your back. You customize your skills by selecting from a skill tree, which will change some skills so significantly that it becomes a completely different skill.


Wildstar offers, in my opinion, the best instanced pve content in any MMORPG and this is due to its combat which is completely free targeting. You are only able to have 8 skills on your hotbar at a time so your make builds for different types of encounters.


That some one buy to play and 2 free to play games for you to consider.

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The ones Seph suggested.


Also TERA has pretty good in depth combat, very similar to Blade and Soul. However Blade and Soul and TERA...have a specific artstyle. You might hate it or love it.  It's free to play.



This guy does very good first impressions of many MMORPGs so watch these if you wanna get a quick glimpse of the games





His BDO video is a little outdated. I think this is from the open beta, so try to find someone else.





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Combat centric MMOs eh? That's a tricky subject to cover. Well there's only a few I know that are decent (and F2P) so lemme know what you think.


First off: Warframe. Obviously I don't have to explain what this is since it's a supported game in the community, but it is combat centric nonetheless, with an elaborate parkour system, -- that basically allows you to FLY around the maps -- extensive arsenal at your disposal, and endless hordes of enemies you dispose of with a gunshot, plasma ball, rift in space time, hammer, or freeze laser to the face, just to name a few.


Secondly: Vindictus. Heard of it? Great. Haven't heard of it? Also great.

THIS GAME IS BORING... but also fun as hell, and what I mean by that is just how much fun you can have in the short area you're given to fight in. The combat animations are brilliant, the graphics amazing, the blood and gore PHENOMENAL... but again it all showcases it in an endless stream of similar looking dungeon tiles backed up by a boring storyline. But...

and it was fun again. Honestly the things you can do to your enemies with literally everything littered on the dungeon floor is hilarious. Plus you can combo until there's no tomorrow.


Third and Finally I have to start by positing a question... do you want to be A. A badass mage blowing shit up and raining fire down on your enemies? B. A mighty warrior with a greatsword you use to break dance like a boss while dozens of enemys fall down dead before your sick moves? C. A crackshot marksman taking names and shots while camping like a tool? or D. A bare knuckled brawling drop kicking people IN THE FACE and look super kawaii while you do it?


The answer? It's a trick question, because you can be all of the above and more in Mabinogi that "omg super kawaii desu" MMO from Nexon (the same company behind Vindictus) that allows you to be anything and everything. Though the animations can be choppy at times (and I mean really choppy) they are enjoyable nonetheless and the combat is similar enough to standard MMO players to be familiar but just slightly different enough to be it's own thing. I really mean it when I say this game is fun, and the combat is pretty damn good for a game as old as it is


With Fighter you have a combo system where your moves are set up by the next attack. With Magic you can swap your time between party healing and defense to "omg you just fucking rekt them" with skills like Blaze and Fireball capable of doing more than 20k base and 100k crit, or Alchemists (which I didn't mention earlier) that can literally drain your life force and trust me it is by no means a small percentage; Life Drain at max rank can drain an enemy to 10% of their health if yours is the same, so trust me when I say it's OP.


Sorry if I went on for a bit too long with this but I have to say, these games are really good and the combat shines through in all of them. In the case of Mabi/Vindictus it's nothing to break the mold but it's at least something to loosen it a little.


Sidenote - This is a lance according to Mabinogi:



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I know Warframe is a decent one to consider, as well as TERA, though the only MMO I have experience with is SWTOR so I am just basically giving secondhand info.

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From what I've seen, Revelations online looks to be the next big thing. It's not a theme park open world, you can fly, and the combat looks pretty legit. Think it's worth a look.



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