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Apex Spartan

Thoughts on Legion?

1 post in this topic

So, those of who you play WoW, what do you think of the expansion?


I'm new to game and I didn't plan to get the expansion until I level up one toon to a 100 at least, so I get experience, but a friend recommended I should get it and just jump on the hype train and that it's a good way to learn the game...so I did. Actually he got it for me because I had troubles with payment <.<


Started a DH and I fuckin' love it. I gotta say, I hate melee classes, specially in tab-targeted MMORPGs because reasons. The reason I love DH is mostly because I love the overall look of the class, I'm a huge fan of dark characters and they are very fast paced and the damage is just INSANSE!


Anyway I'm only 3h into the expansion and mostly questin for now and will do a dungeon or 2 today, but so far from a new player perspective, I'm enjoying the game in general and the expansion specially. I played previous Warcrafts so I'm familiar with the lore mostly and most characters and the story so far is pretty good. I NEVER care for stories and lore in MMORPGs, but here I actually read most quests, follow all cinematics and so on.



However, I'm more interested on opinions of more veteran players or experienced and what you guys think of it? Also of course, if anyone is new, feel free to jump in :D


I know that you can't create a full opinion yet, but as first impressions so far.

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