Gigantic First Impressions with Kiwi Dragn

By Guest,
Alright guys so I just got my hands on Gigantic, a game coming out for Windows 10 and Xbox One, and I'm getting my first impressions. I'm going to share them with you all.

I'm sure many of you remember me saying I would constantly mix up Overwatch and Gigantic because they have a similar art style. I wasn't joking. This game looks like SMITE and Overwatch had a love child and what popped out was this game. I like that, it doesn't borrow from either as much as make its own flare and resemble them slightly.

I haven't tested combat much but every attack is an ability and has one of two upgrades (X and A). These upgrades seem to be X: Combat/solo oriented and A: Team support. Speaking of support this game does an AMAZING job seperating support from damage dealers. I've played as a support and a semi-support damage summoner and they both had very obvious strengths and weaknesses.

So let's touch base on balance then. There is no item system. What you see is what you get and your character only gets stronger with level and personal skill. Unlike SMITE there is no requirement to learn simple item building, you jump in and play with no strings attached. Max level cap is 10.

Those are all wonderful things, Gigantic gets a recommendation in my book which goes without saying. The open beta should release soon, so anyone here who wants something new should definitely try it out. It's free.

I still have some gripes about it even with all my praise. The camera angle is weird and hard to get used to, even if you can swap it to left or right for better orientation to your personal play style. Another issue is an obvious learning curve, which will make it hard for new players to learn which is similar to some other f2p games. You can't change characters in-game either; you pick it you play it end of story.

My final verdict will probably come out in a little while, but as of right now based on my first impressions I'm excited to see where it goes from here. It's definitely an interesting concept with many characters fitting nearly any playstyle with all kinds of zany looks and abilities. I recommend checking out their site [ ] and keeping an eye on it. Another AJSA member and I both have Closed Beta codes so we're currently testing it out together and forming a general consensus on our final opinions.