Gigantic General Explanation and Basic Tutorial

By Guest,
Alright so I recently posted my "first impressions" of the game. As I play and as it works into a full release I'll keep you guys updated on what's really going on with Gigantic as I know from being a beta tester. I've played a few matches and I've gotten a general idea of how the game works, even if just a general idea. The whole point of this is to educate people who have NO IDEA what Gigantic is and need an intro to how to play it and an idea of what to expect in-game. For all intensive purposes I'm going to use general terms. Without further ado, I'll begin with the very basics.

In Gigantic there are two teams. One friendly and one enemy. You have a pretty nice selection of 16 characters with varying abilities, strengths and weaknesses. If you like support, there are a few of those, same for hunter, warrior, etc. Make sure you pick a character you want to play before you start the game because you can not change later. There is a level system with a cap of ten, allowing you to upgrade most of your abilities fully (two levels per ability, and they have trees. Many ways to play the same character.)

There is also only one game mode as of right now (with multiple maps) but I'm sure this will change and we'll have more variety as the game develops. The main objective in our current mode is to kill the enemy boss. Pretty simple, all you need to do is get past the enemies, kill their defenses and tank it a little right? Very wrong. Gigantic has a unique way of balancing and padding the gameplay to make it less like your generic, typical MMO and more like their own brand of it.

You see, when you start the game your boss creatures are separated by most of the map and there's just a big empty space. "But Kiwi, where are the towers? What about the defenses? Are we just to defend it on our own?" Nope, we get something even more badass than pre-determined structures. We get pre-determined points where we can BUILD OUR OWN STRUCTURES. They're not even structures, they're creatures.

So to elaborate on those creatures, there are currently three. There's a healing tree, a guarding Cerberus, a cyclops, and an offensive drake. All of these start out as a weak, almost insignificant mini-boss creature and must be upgraded. Every character earns and starts with an amount of "Focus" to be used soley for these little guys whether you be placing them or making them big titans of destruction. Usually you'll see your team rush around to these pre-determined areas and start summoning your defense creatures. Be a sport and hang around in one, it helps summon them faster [apparently].
  So you've got your defenses, right? But we don't know how to hurt that boss creature yet. Here's how it works: You have to get kills, collect energy orbs from the defenses your team placed, kill their defense creatures.. all of those give you points which make your boss creature SUPER STRONG. The first boss creature to 100 points weakens the enemy boss creature and allows the team a chance to hurt it. Any remaining points for the enemy creature become a shield and you have to eat through that before hurting it. Each boss creature has three health bars, and if your boss creature gets mega pissed it attacks the enemy creature attempting to kill it by its lonesome which gives your team an opportunity to really beat on the enemy boss. The defenses do not have to be down to be able to win. You can have an enemy will full defenses but still kill their boss.

"Wow Kiwi, that sounds really long and boring. Does it ever spice up?" It does! After a time limit the boss creatures think they've both gotten strong and really start trying to kill one-another, it's advertised that they're supposed to meet in the middle but I never get to see that happen. All that usually happens to me personally is the boss creatures going out of their corner to beat on one-another occasionally while coming closer to the center over time.