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Apex Spartan

10 years of Riot Games and evolution of their one and only game...

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They make one fuckin' video game, keep it alive and one of the most popular PC games for 5 years now and earn billions off of it and make it one of the biggest E-sports.




Riot Games are celebrating 10 years






It's been 10 years since the foundation of Riot Games. They created one of the biggest PC games ever, that reached the population that no game has ever:  About 2 years ago, the game had a population of 12 million PER DAY and 32 million unique players per month and now has around 70 million players. The game grew in immense speed and broke many records and became the most popular PC game of all time. (current popularity wise)


I spent 1,200 hours in it myself and I must say, me and League have a love and hate relationship. I don't play it anymore. I got tired of playing it. I think 1000h is too much for me and I've had my share of fun. I would recommend this game to anyone! There is a reason I spent a 1000h in it and I rarely do that with any game. I think I met more friends in this game than I met in any other video game ever, combined even. Hell my friend list used to be max around 35-40, but I used to play actively every day with at least 10 people.


It's a game that made rise to the MOBA genre and first standalone MOBA game, inspired by original DOTA, a Warcraft 3 mod. Before I played the game myself, I was just one of those haters that always thought, "Why the fuck is this game so popular?" Honestly, it's just a fun video game. That's it...

And it offers so much content and good competitive system for people who are into that.



But as time passed on, Riot made many great, but also tons of bad decisions. In last year or 2, specially since season 5, Riot took the game into a direction that stopped pleasing and giving me fun. With release of Dynamic Queue, I thought I would have even more fun in ranked, but it turns out I just stopped caring, specially after seeing most of my friendlist who used to stuck in silver or gold are now plat-diamond in just a few months, due to everyone getting boosted. Solo Q returned to Diamond and above, but i have no desire to put that much effort to get there. Nonetheless, it's still a great game and I would recommend it to anyone.


Not only  that, but it's a video game that inspired me for some reason to try out other genres like MMORPGs, ARPGs and such.


I think you can see how much Riot Games and the game evolved visually alone, from trailers to screenshots

2010 Launch Trailer


And the 2014 cinematic trailer above^^^^

 Hell, it's been 2 years since release of  that cinematic and it looked so damn good.



The game 2010



The game now








Splasharts 2010 vs 2016 (Katarina for example)






Old client




Current client




Up coming client (removal of Launcher too apparently)







And to this day, game is getting reworks of old splash arts and old champions, new effect changes, balancing, patches, new champions and is still going super strong. Hasn't slowed down a bit.


I'm glad I was part of the experience and I had my huge share of fun in this game, but it's time to turn a new page. I might play it ocassioaly, but I have no more interest in it competitively as I used to






If you've been playing the game actively lately, you will get Kayle and Riot Kayle skin for free. If you own both of these, you will get a mystery gift instead and players who for some reason can't recieve mystery gifts, will recieve RP that's worth as much as a mystery gift. Also you will get a special icon.





Thank you Riot for putting me through a 100 different emotions with just one game. It was a thrilling and a fun ride!



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Damm, I think this is refreshing to see, as many of the LoL players are not happy with the game (in it's current state). Thank you for reminding me of the amount of time and effort I have put into this game, and the friends it has made me. I think my life would be 10 times worse than it is right now, if league had not been in it. Thank you Riot Games.

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