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Total War Games?

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Hello Forum, I am recently getting into Total War games. I have a pretty powerful PC too. I beg the question to ask, What is your guys' favorite Total War Games and Why?


Thanks so much,


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I never played any of the ones before Empire, though I do own them. So far I've liked Shogun 2 and Warhammer the most and it had some good extra conent like the Rise and Fall of the samurai expansions. Napoleon felt like a better version of Empire but it was always easy to win due to artillery and poor AI. I played Rome 2 earlier on when their was more problems with the game, apparently a lot has been fixed and some good improvements were made but I never played it after that as I don't own the game. I've been enjoying the varied armies and units of Warhammer and I'm a fan of the setting, but the game does put a lot more importance on your generals who can potentially do massive damage to enemy armies alone, and then there is the magic, so if you want something more realistic it isn't the one to get.

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its already 1 month since i buy the shogun 2 and ilove the game.I have nobunaga ambition on steam and unlock al the achievements but where i see and play shogun 2,i really feel immersed in the era,too bad i alway lost after my territory become biger.

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I've been playing since Medieval 2 though I never actually got Shogun 2 and didn't really play Attila. I had an absolute blast playing Empire Divided on Rome 2 (especially since the game has been largely fixed) and I played the hell out of Sparta back then. Warhammer 2 has to be my favorite one in the series so far now that it has Mortal Empires and I can take my Skaven Vermintide to a whole other level from my seat in Skavenblight. Also I just really love Warhammer Fantasy too, I've just been going on a giant power trip killing things with all kinds of Warhammer monsters and machines and I just love it so so much. But as far as historical games go Rome 2 is my favorite as of late since its fixes and new content additions but we'll see if that remains after Three Kingdoms releases. 

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 Empire TW is my favorite in terms of settings (I'm a big fan of post renaissance history), although I think they stripped off all the good meat in the game and left us with a pile of bones. Medieval 2 and Attila are my 2 favorite games in terms of features (I really liked Medieval's RPG-like settlement building and its POW system, but like all early TW faction variety and diplomacy was lackluster. I think Attila made some great improvements in the family politics and campaign special effects features among other things, but the warscape engine is just slaughtering the fun out of battles).

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